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Hippocura, capital of Southern Ariaca, Ind., N.e. of Sarimagula. Hyderabad.

Hippola, a town of Laconia, at Thyrides prom.

Hippoleum prom., a pr. of Sarmatia Europ., near the inner mouth of the Borysthenes.

Hipponensis sin., a bay of the Mediterra­nean, at Hippo Dyarrhitis.

Hipponesus ins., an isl. of Caria, in Cera-micus sin.

Hippoxiates sin. (Vibonensis sin.), a bay of Terinzeus sin., at Hipponium.

Hipponium, postea Vibo Valentia, a city of Bruttium, on Hipponiatcs sin., s. bet. Amnicia (10) and Tauriana (10) on Via Aquilia. A colony from Locri. Destroyed by Dionysius the Elder; restored by Car­thaginian settlers. A colonia (Vibo Va­lentia, 194 B.c.) and municipium. Here was a grove of Proserpine, where the women assembled once a year to gather flowers in her honour. Here also was the Horn of Amalthea, constructed by Gelo. Monte Leone.

Hippophagi, people of Sarmatia and Par-thia, named from their living upon horse­flesh.

Hippopodum ins., i. q. Oonse.

Hippos mons, a pr. of Arabia Felix, on the Red Sea, the s. boundary of the Thamu-dita3. Djebel Hassane.

Hippotamad.b, a demus of Attica, of the tribe ^Eneis.

Hippotes, a village of Boeotia, on Libe-thrius m.

Hippothoontis, a tribe or ward of Attica, named from Hippothoon, son of Neptune and Alope.

Hippuki portus, a port of Taprobane.

Hippuris ins., an isl. of the jEgean, one of the Sporades, Tv. of Tragia. Her-monisi.

Hippurius fl., a r. of Lydia, falling into Macistus fl. below Blaundns.

Hippus, I. a r. of Ecretice, Colchis, falling into Phasis fl. towards Astelephus. Sion. II. m. of the Banubari, in Arabia Felix, above Leucecome. III. (Susitha), a town of Gaulonitis Inferior, on Tiberias lac., over against Tiberias (3). Szammera.

Hirminius fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into the sea at Cam-ana. Fiume di Bagusa.

Hiroth, a town of Lower Egypt, w. of Arsinoe, bet. Etham and Clysma.

Hirpini, a tribe of Samnites, settled in the s. portion of Samnium. Named from their predatory character, hirpus, in their lan­guage signifying a won7.

Hirpis fl., a r. of Mauritania Ting., falling into the Mediterranean, w. of Rusadir.

Hirri, Germanise, i. q. Sclri.

Hispa (Ipsa), a town of Armenia Min., bet. Dascusa (18) and Arangse (18).

Hispalis, capital of the Turtetani, Betica, on the Bsetis, L., 62 m. from its mouth, bet. Italica and Vergentum. Not impro­bably the ancient Tartessus. A colonia (Romulea). Sevilla.

Hispania (Spanjah, Phanician, " rabbits;" Hesperia Ultima, Iberia), a peninsular country of Europe, bounded N. by Canta-bricum mare and by Gaul at the Pyrenees, s. and E. by the Mediterranean, w. by the Atlantic. It was divided by the Romans, upon their conquering it from the Cartha­ginians, into Hispania Citerior (postea Tar-raconensis) and Hispania Ulterior (postea LusitaniaandBsetica). Peopled principally by Iberi, from N.e. Asia, and by Celtse. Espana; Spain.

Hispellum, a town of Umhria, s. of Assi-sium. A colonia (Colonia Julia Hispelium). Spello.

Hispiratis, a district of Armenia Int., on the confines of the Macrones Ponti. Sper.

Histi, a people of Scythia, on Jastus fl.

Histi^ea, a demus of Attica, of the tribe jEgeis.

Histi/ea, a town of Eubcea ins., on the N.w. coast, at the mouth of Callas fl., w. of Dium ; an Athenian colony. On the expulsion by the Athenians of its original inhabitants, who withdrew to Macedonia, it was renamed Oreus. Orecs.

Histonium, a maritime town of the Fren-tani, on Via Frentana, bet. Pallanum (12) and Uscosium (15). At first a pirate's haunt, afterwards a colonia. Vasto d'Am-mone.

Histri, a Thracian migration, settled in the country called from them Histria, bet. Venetia (at Formio fl.) and Illyria (at Arsia fl), bounded w. by the Adriatic. By the poets the name is derived from Hister fl. (the Danube), and the primitive Histri are identified with the Argonauts, and, as later immigrants, with the Col-chians sent by jEtes in pursuit of the ravishers of Medea. Subjugated by Rome 179 B.c. Included within the limits of Italy by Augustus.

Histria, vide Histri.

Hittit^e, a people of Judsea, about Hebron and Bethel. The descendants of Heth, son of Canaan.

Hiclca lacus, a marsh of Pannonia Inf., s.w. of Mursa. It was drained by Probus.

Hobah, a village of Coele-Syria, N.e. of Da-mascus, whither Abraham pursued Che-dorlaomer. Hobah.

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