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Palm Trees" (Thamarus), a town of Si­meon, on the s. confines of Judsea. Hazob, I. (Haza, Hadata, Hazor Kaine), a town of Judah, Judtea, N.e. of Ascalon. II. (Aza, Azorus), a city of Naphthali, near the sources of the Jordan, s.w. of Laish, "the capital of all the kingdoms N. of Palestine." Destroyed by Joshua. There was a Hazor in Arabia, identified by some with Petra.

Heba, a town of Commagene, on the Eu­phrates, bet. Barzula and Cholmadara. Hebrides ins., i. q. Ebudse. Hebron (prius Kirjath Arba, Mamre), a city of Judah, 20 m. s. from Jerusalem. Founded circa 2204 B.C. The locality where Abraham received the angels. El K/ialil, Hebroun.

Hebrus fl., a r. rising in Heemus m., at the intersection of Rhodopo m., in the N.w. angle of Thrace, and falling into the /Egean at Stentoris palus, and also by another mouth, w. of that estuary. Maritza. Hecale, a demus of Attica, of the tribo

Leontis. Hecatomb^um, a town of Achaia, near


Hecatompedon, a fortress of Chaonia, on the confines of Illyria, w. of Fauces Anti-gonere.

Hecatompylon (Parthyene), capital of Par-thia. Named by some geographers Heca. tompylan, from the number of roads meet­ing there. The capital of Arsaces. Hecatonnesi, " hundred islands," a group of islands (Strabo reckons twenty) bet. the N.e. of Lesbos ins. and Pyrrha prom., in jEolis Asiat. Here Hecatus (Apollo) was peculiarly venerated, a circumstance whence Strabo derives the name. Musco-nisi. HECTonunuM, a town of Vindelicia. Hedaphtha, a town of Syrtis, Afrirae, N. of


Hedonacon, a town of Bceotia, on Per-messus fl., s.w. of Thespia, where was the fountain of Narcissus. Neochorio. Hedylium, a town of Bceotia, under He-

dylius m, Hedylius m., a ra. of Boeotia, near Chffi-


Hedyphar (Hedypnus) fl., a r. of Susiana, rising in Parachoatras m., and falling into Pasitigris li.

Hegonium prom., a pr. of Chalcidicc, Macedonia, N. of ./Eneum prom. Cara Bourun. Hegitmatia, a town of the Diduni, Germ.,

N.w. of Buclorgis. Near Ratibar. Helcebcs, a town of the Tribocci, Gaul. Elle.

Heldua, a maritime town of Phcewicia, bet.

Berytus and Platanon.

Helellum (Helvctum), a town of the Tri­bocci, Gallia. Schlestaddt. Helena (Macris) ins., an island of Attica, in the vEgean, over against Thoricus. The Cranse of Homer. Macronisi. Helena, a town of the Atrebates,Be!gica II., bet. Origiacum w.N.w. and Nemetacum S.e. Helenopolis, a later name of Drepanes,


Heles (Hales, Elees, "boggy") fl., a r. of Lucania, falling into Iriferum mare, 3 m. N. from Helia (Velia), to which it gave name. Alenlo.

Helgas (Booscsete), postea Germanicopolis and Ceesarea, a town of Bithynia, on Gelbes fl., towards Prusa. Helia (llyele), Lucanise, the Greek name of


Helyce (Ilice), I. one of tho twelve cities of Achaia, on Corinthiacus sin., bet. Leue-trum and Cerynia. The early capital of Achaia. It was swallowed up by an earth­quake 373 B.c. II. palus, an inlet of the Mediterranean, near the mouth of Atax fl. Elantf d'Helice; Etang de Bobine d'Ande. III. a town of the Treres, Mces., near Sardica. Helisices (Elysices, Elysii), a tribe of Be-

bryces, Narbonensis, about Helice palus. Helicon, I. a r. of Pieria, Macedonian, rising in Olympus m., and, after a course of !)£ rn., disappearing under ground for the space of 3 miles; on its reappearance, it assumes the name of Baphyrus, and, navi­gable thence for small vessels, falls into Thermaicus sin. below Dium. Nero. II. of Sicily, falling into the Tyr­rhenian sea at Tyndaris. Olivero. III. a rn. of Boeotia, N. of Thisbse. Sacred to Apollo and the Muses, the worship of whom was brought hither by some Pierian emigrants from Macedonia. Zugora or Palteovouni. Helicranium, a town of Chaonia, S.e. of

Phcenice. Crania. Helioscope ins., an isl. of Lycia. Heliopolis, I. (On, Bethsemcs),pn'K»Re-ei, a city of Lower Egypt, on the Nile, R., bet. Babylon and Tlion, N.e. of Memphis. Famous for the temple of the sun, and as the seat of one of the three sacerdotal colleges of Egypt. Moses was educated here. Near Matareh. II. (Baalbek), a city of Phoenicia, N.w. of Damascus. Sacred to Baal (the sun). Balbec. Heliotropium, a village of Phthiotis, Thes-saly, near Thebse.

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