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Ham^e, a place in Campania, bet. Atella and

Cumae (3), where the Capuans assembled

for certain religious celebrations. Hamath, Galilsea, i. q. Emmaus. Hamaxanteia, a demus of Attica, of the

tribe Hippothoontis.

Hamaxia, a town of Cilicia, near Jotape. Hamaxitus, " highway," I. a town of Caria,

on Doridis sin. II. of Troas, on the coast,

above Lectum prom. Hamaxobu, a name of the Agathyrsi, Sar-

matse, from their custom of living in

waggons. Hamirei, a people of Arabia, on the s.

coast, E. of the Toani Gebanitoe. Descend­ants of Hamyar, grandson of Joktan.

About Has Hamier. Hammjjum littus, a portion of the shore of

Arabia Felix, w. of Thamar fl. About

Mahatn. Hammamum, a town of Phazania, S.e. of

Garama. Hammenum, a town of the Triballi, Moesia,

bet. Ad Herculem and Ad Fines. Hanes, a city of Egypt, upon an isl. of the

Nile, s. of Memphis. Hannibalis ins., an islet of Balearis Maj., s.

opposite Palma.

Hapharaim, a town of Galileea. Haran, Mesopotamia, i. q. Charan. Harma, " chariot," I. a demus of Attica, of

the tribe jEgeis, N.w. of Phyle. II. a

town of Boeotia, bet. Thebes and Aulis.

One of the places claiming to be the scene

of Amphiaraus' fate. Harm.kum, the port of Harma, Boeotia, on

the Euripus, s. of Aulis. Harmastis, i. q. Harmozica. Harmatela, a town of the Brachmanes,

India. Harmatotrophi, a people of Bactriana,

near the Oxus. Harmatus prom., a pr. of ^Eolis Asiatica,

the N. entrance of Eleeaticus sin., opposite

Hydra prom. (10.)

Harmonia, a town of Macedonia II. Harmoza, capital of Harmozia, Carmaniae,

on the coast. Near M'mau. Hahmozia, a district of Carmania, on the

coast, about the mouth of Ananis fl. Harmozica (Harmastis, Armatica), capital

of Iberia, near the Cyrus, R., towards

Leumara. Armazi- Tsikhc. Harmozox prom., a pr. of Carmania, bet.

Saganus fl. and Sabis fl., near Ilarmoza.

Cape Kuhestck. Harod, a fountain of Jezreel, under Gilboa

m. Harosheth, a town of Naphthali, near

Hazor. The city of Sisera.

Harpagium (Harphagia), a place in Mysia, E. of Priapus, whence Ganymede was car­ried off.

Harpasa, a town of Caria, or Harpasus fl., near its junction with Meeander fl. Harpaz- Calessi,

Harpasus fl., I. a r. of Caria, falling into Maeander fl. at or near Harpasa. Harpaz.

II. (Harpagus), of Siracene, Armen., fall­ing into the Araxes. Akburean, Arpa.

III. (Harpessus), of Thrace, rising in Rhodope m., N.w. of Nicopolis, and falling into Hebrus fl. at Hadrianopolis. Arda.

Harpii, a people of Dacia, bet. the Tyrus and the Parata, N. of the Britolacae.

Harpinna, a town of Pisatis, Elis, on Al-pheus fl., near its junction with Harpin-nates fl., 1 m. s. from Olympia. Founded by ^Enomaus.

Harpinnates fl., a r. of Pisatis, Elis, falling into Alpheus fl. near Harpinna.

Harpis, a town of Sarmatia, near the N. mouth of the Danube. Near Adschud.

Harplia, a town of Laconia, at the foot of Taygetus m., 2} m. s. from Derrhium.

Harfon.e ins., isl. of Etruria, over against the mouth of Umbro fl. Formiche.

Harpys fl., a later name of Tigrea fl., Elid., from the death in it of one of the Harpies.

Hassi (Bassi), I. a people of Belgica. Placed by D'Anville in the district of Haiz, in the diocese of Beauvais. II. of Germania. In Hesse.

Hasta, I. a town of Etruria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Telamon (8) and Umbro fl. (2). Castel Marino. II. of the Ilvates, Liguria, on the coast, bet. Ad Navalia (7) and Ad Figlinas (3). Voltri.

Hatera, a town of Pieria, Macedonia, 12 m. N.w. from Dium. Hateri.

Hatita, a town of Batanoea, bet. Gadila s.w. and Thantia x.E.

Hatr.e (BethatriE, Bematra), capital of the Atreni, Mesopotamia, towards the Eu­phrates, S.e. of Singara. Sacred to the sun. Hatttcr.

Hatrianus (Tartarus) fl., a r. of Venetia, rising s. of Verona, and falling, with Athesis fl., into Fossa Philistina below Hatria. Tartan. >

Hauran, i. q. Auranitis.

Havilah, land of, I. Colchis. II. the coun­try about the mouth of the Euphrates. Named from Havilah, son of Cush.

Havoth-jair, a district of Gileaditis, with thirty towns, the property of the thirty sons of Jai'r.

Hazarmaveth, a region of Arabia Felix, towards the s. coast; a portion of Aad.

Hazezon-thamaha, " Hazezon of the

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