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falling into the Tigris about Ctesiphon. Cyrus, enraged with the river because one of his favourites was drowned in it, or be­cause it retarded his march, divided it into 360 channels. Kerah.

Gyn^ecopolis, a town of Lower Egypt, on the Canopic branch of the Nile.

Gypsara (Csecili portus), a port of Mauri­tania Csesar., bet. Artisiga and Siga.

Gypsaria, a town of Idumsea, towards Hebron.

Gypsitis ins., an isl. of Ethiopia, s. of Dioscurum portus.

Gyres fl., a r. of Melitene, Cappadocia, running into Euphrates fl. towards Meli­tene.

Gyrine (Tyrine) ins., an isl. of Carmania, s. of Organa ins.

Gyrosene, a town of the Oretani, Tarra-conensis, near Castulo.

Gyrton, prius Phlegya, a city of Perrhsebia, near the junction of Titaresius fl. with Peneus fl.

Gyrtona, a town of Stymphah'a, in Mace­donia, on the confines of Epirus, near Aeas fl. Konitza.

Gytarium, a town of Tyanitis, in Cappa­docia, near Podandus.

Gythium, the port of Sparta, at the head of Laconicus sin., w. bet. Las (5) and Tri-nasus, 30 m. s. from the capital. Founded by Hercules and Apollo. Palaeopoli.

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Habar, a town of Media, near Gozan fl., In the district about it tlie tribes of Israel were located. Abhar.

Habitancum, atown of the Otadcni, Maxima Ctesar., s. of Bremenium.

Hachilab, a fortress of Judsea, s. A retreat of David.

Hactaha, a town of the Oretani, Tarra-conensis, N.e. of Acci.

Hadadrimmon, " garden of pomegranates," a town of Galiltra, bet. Jezreel (101 and Caesarea Patestina (17). The death-place of Josiah.

Hadoram, a district of Aad, Arabia, subse­quently occupied by the AdramitEe.

Hadoramum prom., Arabia, i. q. Coro-damum.

Hadrach, a district of Syria, near Damascus.

Hadria (Hatria), I. a Tyrrhenian city of Picenum, bet. Vomanus fl. and Matrinus fl., 7 miles from the sea, S.e. of Interamna. A colony from Hadria, Veuetia, strengthen-

ed (circa 3!)0 B.c.) by Syracusan immi­grants, fugitives from Diouysius, headed by the historian Philistus. A colonia 290 B.c. Atri. II. of the Veneti, Venetia, on Hadrianus fl., L., at one time near its mouth, at present 18 m. inland. Founded by the Pelasgi, under Diomecl, 1376 B.c. Destroyed 414 B.c., but restored. It gave name to the Adriatic. Hadria. Hadriani, a town of Mysia, on Rhyndacus fl., R., N.e. of Blaundus. The birth-place of Aristides, the rhetorician. Edrenos. Hadriani murus (Vallum), I. a wall of Bri­tain, constructed by Hadrian, bet. Vedra asstuar. and Ituna aestuar. (80), separating, at that period, Britannia Barbara from Britannia Romana. The Plots' Waif'. II. of Germania, constructed by Hadrian, from Mtenus fl., below Locoritum, to the Danube at Artobriga.

Hadrianopolis, I. a town of Bithynia, on Billeeus fl., R., above Clitee. Founded by Hadrian. Soli, \\.postea Justinianopolis, of Chaonia, bet. Amantia (55) and Eleeus (24). Built by Hadrian, restored by Jus­tinian. Drinopoli. III. (Hadriane), of Pentapolis Cyrenaicse, bet. Berenice (28) and Teuchira (1(1). Built or enlarged by Hadrian. IV. of Pisidia. V. prius Ores-tis Uskudama, a town of the Odrysa?, Thrace, at the confluence of Tonskus fl. with Hebrus fl. Rebuilt and renamed by Hadrian. Edrene; Adrianople. VI. a name given, under Hadrian, to Neo-Cse-sarea, in Pontus.

Hadrianorum paludes, marshes at the mouth of Padus fl., about Hadria.

Hadrianother.s, a town of Mysia, bet. Pergamum (8) and Miletopolis. A hunting-retreat of the emperor Hadrian. Trikala.

Hadrianus ager, the district of Hadria, Picenum. It was for some time an inde­pendent state.

Hadriaticum (Hadriaticus sinus) mare, a gulf of the Mediterranean, washing the shores of Macedonia and Illyria E. and of Italy w. In St. Paul's time, the appella­tion was also applied to the sea bet. Crete and Sicily. Named from Hadria, or, ac­cording to some antiquaries, from the Greek adros, " vehement." Adriatic.

Hadrumktum (Adrametum, Adryme, Al-drume), a maritime city of Byzacene, bet. Horrea Cselia and Leptis Min. (18.) A Phoenician settlement. A colonia of Trajan. Named Justiniana by Justinian, and Hera-clea by Heraclius. Herein.

H.emoni^e, a town of Arcadia, E. of Lado-cea. Founded by Hiemon, son of Lycatm.

H.emos, Egypti, i. q. Heroopoiis.

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