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Eur., falling into the Danube at Anabum. Gran.

Graosgala, a town of Phrygia, near Charax. Grasse, a town of Zeugitana, N.w. of Adru-metum, 10 geog. m. from Carthago. Para­dise.

Grastillus (Prastillus), a town of Mace­donia.

Gratianopolis, Gallise, i. q. Cularo. Graviac.*;, a town of the Taurisci, Noricum, bet. In Muro (17) and Beliandrum. Pridlet. Gravixum, a town of the Caleti, Lugdu-

nensis II., N.e. of Juliobona. Gravis m., a m. of the ^Equi, bet. Vinesc

(G) and Carbonarius m. (10.) Gra vise.K, " unhealthy," the port of Tarquinii, in Etruria, at the mouth of Minio fl., bet. Rapinium and Marta fl. A colonia 183 B.c. Torre di Corneto, Gravionarium (Gravisnarium), a town of the Chatti, Germ., S.e. of Nuresium. Near Bruckenau.

Gridinus fl., Bactriana, i. q. Tearus. Grinario, a town of German. Mag., bet. Samuloccna (22) and Clarenna. Mengen. Grixnes, a town of the Batavi, at the con­fluence of the Vahalis and Mosa. Near Drumel.

Griselum (Aqme Griselicae), a town of the Reii, Narbonensis, on the Druentia, s.w. of Reii Apollinares. Greoul. Grius m., a ridge of hills in Caria, extending from the s. shore of Latmicus sin. to Euromus. Identified by some writers as the Phthira m. of Homer. Groaris ins., one of the Echinades ins. Gronychia campus, a plain of Bithynia, on the shore of Bosporus Thracius, s. of Amy­ous. Grovii, a tribe of Lucenses, Calleecia, bet.

Minius fl, and the Artabri. Grudii, a tribe of Morini, Bclgica II., on the coast, at the mouth, s. of Tabuda ostium. About Groede. Grumbestini, the people of Grumum in


Grumentum, a town of Lucania, on Aciris 11.,- R., bet. Auxia (18) and Nerulum (27). Saponara, Grumum, a town of Feucetia, Apul., near '

Palio. Grumo.

Grun.*u, a tribe of Sncse. ' Grylius fl., a r. of yEolis Asiat., falling into the --Egcan opposite Lesbos. j Gryn.teum (Grynea), one of the twelve cities of JTColts Asiat., on Elaeaticus sin., 5 m. s. from EUea, 5 in. E. from Myrina. Sacred to Apollo Gryiitieus. Calabak-hissar. ' Glissclik.

Gugerxi, a people of Germania II., on the

Rhine, bet. the Batavi and the Ubii. Guiza, a fortress of Mauritania Caesar., 11 m. from Portus Magnus. Giza, near Or an.

Gulus fl., a r. of Mauritania, w. of Amp-sagas fl. Gumathene, a district of Sophene, Arm.,

about Amida. Gunaria campus, a plain of Paphlagonia^

near Castamon. Gundusa, a town of Pontus, s. of Halys fl.

bet. Eumsea and Zoana. Guntia, I. a r. of Vindelicia, falling into the Danube at Guntia. Guntz. II. a town of Vindelicia, on Guntia fl., at its confluence with the Danube, bet. Porno and Piniana Castra. Guntzburg.

Guxugis, a maritime town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Cresarea (12) and Cartilis. A colonia of Augustus. Palomas, Gur^eus (Goraeus) fl., i. q. Choaspes. Gurbita, a town of the Pelagones, Mace­donia, bet. Stobi (8) and Ad Cephalon (13).

Gurgures m., hills of Sabinium, bet. Reate and Tribula Suffena. Noted as sheep pastures. Guriana, a town of Margiana, bet. Susia

and Alexandria Margiana. Gurra, a town of Byzacene, bet. Ulisippira

and Hadrumetum (7).

Gurtiajja, a town of Valeria, Pannon., on Volcea lac., N.e. bet. Corsio and Vallis Carrainiana, 43 m. s. from Bregetio. Gurulis, I. surnamed Nova, a town of Sar­dinia, bet. Cornus and Macopsisa. Padria. II. surnamed Vetus, of the Caracenses, in Sardinia, on Ternus fl., N. of Guruha Nova. Sassari. Gurzubanthon (Orgibate), a maritime town

of Paphlagonia, 18 m. S.e. from Carusa. Gusaupala, a town of Numidia, on Abus

ii., bet. Ad Rubras and Tipasa. Guttaius fl., a r. of Sarmatia Europ., falling

into Sarmaticus oc. Pregel.

Gyaros (Gyr0e) ins., an island of the ^Egean,

one of the Cyclades, bet. Ceos and Tenos,

in circuit 12 m. A place of banishment

for Roman criminals. Ghioura.

Gyg.ea palus, postea Coloe, an artificial lake

of Lydia, bet. Thyatira and Sardes (5).

Near it, towards Sardes, was the celebrated

tomb of Alyattes. L. Merrnere or Gheul.

Gymnasi.e, " skilful with the sling," a name

of Baleares ins. Gymxias, a city of Armenia, near the s.

source of Cyrus fl. Gale. Gyndes (Delas, Dialas) fl., a r. of Assyria, rising in Media, towards Ecbatana ? and

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