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Gordium, the early name of Juliopolis in Bithynia.

Gordiutichos, a town of Caria, near Aphro-disias. Founded by Gordius, son of Midas.

Gordus, I. a town of JEolis Asiat., N. of Adramyttium. II. of Lydia, on or near Hyllus fi., 48 m. E. from Thyatira. Sur-named Julia Gorda in compliment to Augustus. Ghiurdiz.

Gordycei m., i. q. Carduchi.

Gordyene (Gordene, Corduene), a district of Armenia Major, on the Tigris, L., ex­tending into Assyria, E. of Gordyaei m.

Gordynesia, a district of Gordyene, Armen., bet. Nymphseus fl. and Centrites fl., about Tigranocerta.

Gorgippia, capital of Sindica, Sarmat., near the Euxine, bet. Sinda and Bate.

Gorguia, a town of Samos.

Gorgodylena, a district of Armenia Maj., under Niphates m.

Gorgus, I. (Delas, Diabas, Zillas), a r. ol Assyria, falling into the Tigris near Ctesi-phon N. Diala. II. a fortress of Arcadia, towards Telphusa.

Gorni^:, a town of Otene, Armenia, N.e. oi Artaxata. Garkni.

Gohtynia, a town of Einathia, Macedonia, s. of Idomene.

Gortynius fl., a r. of Arcadia, rising near Thison, and falling into Alpheus fl. at Rhetese. Remarkable for its excessive coldness. Towards its source it was called laisius, as the stream in which the infant Jupiter was washed. Alc/iicnlo.

Gortys (Gortyna), I. a town of Arcadia, on Gortynius fl., s. of Megalopolis. Its in­habitants removed to Megalopolis. At chicolo Castro. II. prius Larissa, the second city of Crete, on Lethreus fl., 23 m. s.w. from Gnossus, 11J N. from Lebena. A Pelasgic city, enlarged by Gortys, son of Rhadamanthus.

Gorzobila, a town of Taurica Chersonesus, near Chersonesus.

Goshen, I. a district of Egypt, bet. the Pelusiac branch of the Nile and the Red Sea. The land given to his father by Joseph. II. a town of Judah.

Gothixi (Cogni), a tribe of Burii, German., N. of the Visburgii.

Gothones (Guttones), a people of Germania Magna, on the Vistula, R., towards its mouth, x. of the Lygii.

Gottolengi, a people of Gallia Cispadana,

towards Brixia. About Godoiazzo. Gozan, a r. of Media, falling into the Cas­pian. Klzzal Ozan.

Gracurris, prius Illurcis, a town of the Vascones, Tarraconensis, near the Iberus,

above Cascantum. A colonia and muni-cipium. Enlarged and new-named by Sempronius Gracchus, in memory of hi conquest of the Celtiberi. Agredu.

Grades ins., an isl. of Crete.

Gradus, the port of Aquilea, at the mouth of Natisus fl. Porto di Grado., I. the country of the Graasi, in Pseonia, N.e. of Orbelia. II. a name given to Poemandria in Boeotia by its Gephyrean occupants.

Gr.eas-gony prom., a pr. of Marmarica, w. of CalamB2Uin prom.

Gn.cci, a tribe of Pelasgi in Epirus, bet. Dodona and Achelous fi., whose name the Latins applied to the whole of Greece.

Gr^€cia, I. (Hellas, biblicc Javan), a country of Europe, bounded N. by Macedonia, s. by the Mediterranean, w. by the Ionian Sea, E. by the ./Egean. It was divided into Grsecia extra Peloponnesum, s., and Grsecia Propria, N. of the Isthmus of Corinth. II. a name given to the district about Massilia.

Gr.ecia propria, a region of Europe, bounded N. by the limits of Athamania and Thessaly, s. by Corinthiacus sinus and Corinthia, \v. by Arachthus fl. and the Ionium mare, E. by the .Aegean. It com­prehended Thessaly, Acarnania, jEtolia, Doris, Locris, Phocis, Boeotia, Megaris, Attica, Euboea, Athamania.

Grammos m., a m. of Macedonia, at Orestia.

Grampius (Grantzbain) m., m. of Britannia Barbara. Memorable for the defeat of Galgacus by Agricola.

Grandimirum, a town of the Artabri, Tar­raconensis, at the mouth, R., of Ulla fl., 22 m. s. from Ad Duos Pontes.

Grandesia, a town of the Leuci, Gallia?. Grand.

Grandis, a town of Lyncus, Macedonia, bet. Melitonus (14) and Cellie (14), on the Egnatia Via.

Graniacum prom., a pr. of Corsica, S.e. above Rubra. Pttnta S/. Paolo.

Granicus fl., a r. of Mysia, rising in Coty-lus m., and falling into Propontis, 27 m. s. of Priapus. Memorable for the defeat of the Persians by Alexander, n.c. 334, and of Mithridates' army by Lucullus. Dimo-tilca.

Graniriaxa, a town of theTriballi, Moesia, on Margus fl., R., bet. Presidium Pompeii and Naissus. Granis fl., a r. of Persis, falling into Persicus

sin. N. of Padargus fl. Graxnonum, a port of the Bajocasses, Lug-

dunensis II., N. of Augustodurum. Gran'ua fl., a r. of the Quadi, Sarmatia

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