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town of the Brigantes, Brit., bet. \7indo-

mora and Vinovium. Ellenboronyh. Glanum livii, a town of the Desuviates,

Viennensis, bet. Ernagine w. and Pisante

s.E. St. Semi. Glaphyr.e, I. a town of Cilicia Campestris,

on a cognominal stream, 4 m. from Tarsus.

II. of Pelasgiotis, Thessaly, on the w. shore

of Baebe lacus, N. of Baebe. Glari, a people of Arabia Felix, towards

Asaborum prom. About Dyulfar. Glaccanic* (Glausse), a people of India,

towards Acesines fl. Glavce, Glaucia, a port of Ionia, under

Mycale m., over against Posidium prom. Glauci, a demus of Lycia. Named from the

hero Glaucus. Glaucum prom., a pr. of Marmarica, w. of

Cheimo. Glaccus fl., I. a r. of Achaia, rising in Pana-

chaicus mons, and falling into Corinthia-

cus sin., s.s.w. of Patrie. Leuka. II. of

Armenia, rising in Paryadres m., and with

Lycus fl. forming Apsarus fl. Ichorokson.

III. of Caria, falling into Glaucus sin. Meis. IV. (Cludrus), of Phrygia Magna, rising E. of Eucarpia, and falling into Mseander fl., w. of Peltse. V. Sinus, a bay of theMediterranean,atDaedala. Macri.

Glecon, a town of Phocis, near Panopeus.

Glemona, a town of the Carni, Venetia, on Tilavemptus fl. Gemona.

Glessaria (Austravia) ins., one of the Electrides ins., Germ., s.w. of the mouth of Amisia fl. Ameland.

Glessari^ (Glessuin, " amber," from glas, Germ. " transparent") ins., the Roman name of the Electrides ins.

GtEvuM (Clevum, Glebon, Caer Gloew, Gleau ceaster), a town of the Dobuni, Brit., on Sabrina fl., L., N.w. of Duro-cornovium. A colonia (Claudia Castra). Gloucester.

Glissas, a town of Bceotia, under Hypaton m., N.e. of Thebes. In ruins in Pausa-nias' time.

Glykys portus, " port of sweet water," a harbour of Epirus, at the mouth of the Acheron fl. Glyki.

Glympes (Glyppia), a town of Laconia, near the source of Marios fl., above Marios. Cosmopoli.

Glyphia, Lacon., i. q. Glympes.

Gnossus, prius Cseratus and Trilla, the capital of Crete, established as such by Minos, on Cseratus fl., 23 m. N.e. from Gortys. Here was the famous laby­rinth. Ltmga Candia.

Goauis fl., a r. of Arica, India, falling into the sea 15 geog. m. from the Namadus. Tapti.

, a town of Arabia Felix, at Asabo­rum prom. N. Cuscan.

Gob, i. q. Gezer.

Gobannium (Bannio, Abergavenium, Aber-genium), s. town of tbe Silures, Brit., on Gobannius fl., w. of Blestium. Alier-gavenny.

Gobannius fl., a r. of the Silures, Brit., flowing by Gobannium into the sea. Ga-venny.

Gob^um prom., a pr. of the Osismii, Lug-dunensis III., w. of Coriallum. Cap Go-oestan.

Godasa (Gundusa), a town of Armenia Man.,

bet. Eumeis (30) and Zoana (23). Godirtha, a town of Palmyrene, on the Euphrates, bet. Rahaba and Circesium.

Gogana, a town of Persis, near the mouth of Areon fl. Roncun.

Gogarene, a district of Armenia Maj., on the borders of Colchis and Iberia. Noted for its abundant harvests. Gugarkh. Gogari, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, to­wards Cissii m.

Golgi, a Phoenician town of Cyprus, ante­rior to Cyprus. Colonized by Sicyonians, under Golgus.

Gomad^eorum ins., islands of the Troglo-dytse, in the Red Sea, N. of Satyrorum prom. Daradata and Dolcofallar.

Gomf.ra ins., i. q. Capraria.

Gomphi, a city of Estiteotis, Thessaly, on Peneua fl., bet. jEginium and Tricca. Cleisoura.

Gondali, a people of India i. Gangem, under Uxentus in.

Gongylcs fl., a r. of Laconia, falling into JEims fl. at Sellasia.

Gonni a, a town of Marmarica, bet. Mecira and Cardu.

Gonnocondylon (Olympias, Condylon), a fortress of Perrhssbia, Thessaly, near Gon-nus, on Peneus fl., L., one of the four fortresses which guarded the defile of Tempe.

Gonnus (Gonni, Gonussa), a fortress of Per-rhsebia, Thessaly, on Peneus fl., L., one of the four which guarded the defile of Telnpe, 2rt m. N.e. from Larissa. The birth-place of Antigonus Gonatas. Crania.

Gonoessa, Achsea. Vide Donusa.

Gontiana, a town of Mauritania Tingit., N.w. of Babba.

Gophna (Gufna), & town of Benjamin, in Judsea, 15 m. N. of Jerusalem. Jifna.

Gophnitica, a toparchy of Judsea, about Gophna.

Gorda, a town of Arabia Felix, under Zames m. Aamd.

Gorditanum prom., the N.w. extremity of Sardinia. Capa di Munte Fatcone.

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