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ma Sequanorura, on the Rhine, near its ingress into Brigantinus lacus. Eschenz.

Gangs, I. a m. of the Odrysse, Thrace, on the Propontis. Tekir-Dagh. II. a town of Thrace, under the cognominal m. Ex­tinct in Pliny's time.

Gapachi, a people of Meroe.

Gara fl., a r. of the Garoceli, Alpes Pen-ninae. Chiara.

Garama, capital of the Garamantes, Libya Int., s.w. of Saba, towards the source of Cinypa fl. Gherma.

Garam.-ei, a people of Chalonitis, Assyria;, N. of Oricus m.

Garamantes, a people of Africa, E. of the Gsetuli. Fezzan, Tuarick, Tibboo, and parts of Soudan and Bornu.

Gar a phi m., m. of Mauritania Caesar., E. from Siga fl.

Garbata m., m. of Ethiopia, about Asta-pus fl.

Garea, a town of Arcadia, on Gareates fl., s. of Tegea.

Gareates fl., a r. of Arcadia, falling into .££nus fl. near Tegea.

Garendani, Arabia, i. q. Larendani.

Gargantjm prom., a pr. of Daunia, Apul., bet. Urias sin. and Sipontinus sin. Punta di Viesti.

Garganus (Arion) m., a ridge of the Apen­nines, in Apulia, terminating in Garganum prom. Monte Sanf Angelo.

Gargaphia fons, a fountain of Bceotia, on Cithseron m., 1J m. from Plattea. The scene of Actaeon's fate.

Gargara, I. a summit of Ida m., Troas, 30 m. S.e. from Ilium Novum. Kasdagh. II. a headland of JJolis Asiatica, at the N. entrance of Adramyttenus sin. III. a town of Mysia, on Adramyttenus sin., at the cognominal prom. A colonia from Assus, augmented from Miletopolis. Its territory was of peculiar fertility.

Gargarees, a people of Sarmatia, described as contiguous to the Amazons, and in al­liance with them.

Gargarius locus, a town of the Salyes, Narbonensis, towards Arelate. Guar-guiez.

Gargaza, Taurica Chersonesus, i. q. Cim-merium.

Gargettus, a demus of Attica, of the tribe ^igeis, bet. Angele and Cephissus. The birth-place of Epicurus. The burial-place of Eurystheus. Kralato.

Gari, a town of Parapomisus, on Sambara fl., N.e. of Bis. Grisch.

Garianonum, a town of the Iceni, Brit., bet. the Aufona and the Garionus ffl., to­wards their issue. Whetmre-burgh.

Garianus fl., a r. of the Iceni, falling into the sea below Garianonum. Yare.

Garind^ei, a people of Arabia Felix, con­tiguous to the Maranitae.

Gariscus, a town of Orbelia, Pseonia, on the Axius fl., about Astipus. Caratova.

Garites, a people of Aquitania, w. of the Rhone. Diocese de Montaulian.

Garium, a town of Paphlagonia, on the Euxine, E. from Zephyrium prom. 10 m.

Garizim (Grisim) m., a m. of Samaria, over­looking Sichem s., whence the voice of Jotham was heard by the Sichemites. On it was a temple erected by Sanballat, in honour of his son-in-law Manasseh, and destroyed by John Hyrcanus.

Garmias, a town of Morimene, Cappadocia, bet. Aspana and Parnassus.

Garna, a port of Apulia, under Gargarius m.

Garoceh, a tribe of Medulli, Alpes Penninse, bet. the Centrones and the Caturiges, on Gara fl. Val de Vitt.

GARyEAS fl., Indiae, i. q. Gureeus.

Garsacra (Garsabora), Cappadocise, i. q. Orchelais.

Garsauritis, a prefecture of Cappadocia, S.e. of Tattaea lac., above Tyanitis.

Gartia fl., a r. of the Cenomanni, Gallia Cisalpina, running by Brixia. Garza.

Garuli, a maritime tribe of Liguria, E. of the Lapicini. About GastagnanQ.

Garumna fl., a r. of Gaul, rising in the Pyrenees towards Aquae Onesimce and falling into the Atlantic at Novioregum. Garonne.

Garumni, a people of Novem Populana, on the Garumna, R., towards its source. La Riviere.

Garus m., m. of Mauritania Caesar., oru.N.E. continuation of Phrurasus m.

Gasandi, Arabiae, i. q. Cassanitee.

Gath (Gittah Hepher), a town of Dan, Judaea, 32 m, w. from Jerusalem. The -birth-place of Goliath.

Gath-hepher, a town of Zebulun. The birth-place of Jonah.

Gath-rimmon, I. a town of Dan. II. of Ephraim. III. of Manasseh, s.w. of Ti­berias.

Gather, a town of Arcadia, on Gatheates fl., S.e. of Cromi.

Gatheates fl., a r. of Arcadia, rising near Gatheae and falling into Alpheus fl. s. of Megalopolis.

Gathelin street, i. q. Watling Street.

Gaudos ins., an isl. of Crete, near Hiera-pytna.

Aug^ena (Gaursena), a town of Sargarau-sene, Cappadocia.

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