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tract," a district of Palestine, bounded N. by Phoenicia, s. by Samaria, w. by the Me­diterranean, E. by Decapolis, at the Jor­dan. It was divided into two portions, G. Superior, or of the Gentiles, N*. of Ber-sabe, and G. Inferior, or Propria, s.

Galind^e, a tribe of Venedse, E. of the Go-thones.

Galla, a town of the Mardi, Med., on Stra-ton fl. Annul.

Gallaba, a town of Osrhoene, bet. Edessa and Minnocerta.

Gall^ecia. Vide Callsecia.

Gallaice, Thrac., i. q. Creonia.

Gallesus (Gallesium) m., a s.w. ridge of Corax m., above Colophon. Covered with pines. M. Aleman.

Galli, generally, the Latin form of the Cel­tic Ghael; specially, the people of Gaul.

Gallia, I. Cisalpina, Gallia Togata, the northern portion of Italy, including Gallia Transpadana, GalliaCispadana, and, atone time all, or the greater part of, Liguria. Occupied first by the Etruscans, then circa 600 B.c., by the Cenomanni, and other invaders from Gaul (whence the name), then by the Romans, circa 190 B.c. II. Cispadana, the portion of Gallia Cisalpina, s. of Padus fl., separated from Liguria by a line, somewhatw. of Trebia fl., from Etruria by the mountains of the Apuani and Ma-gelli, and from Umbria by Rubico fl. III. Citerior, Gaul on the nearer (to Rome) side of the Alps, i. q. Gallia Cisalpina. IV. Comata, a name given to Gallia Transal-pina, from the long hair worn by its popu­lation. V. Parva, i. q. Galatia; so distin­guished by the Greeks from Gallia Euro-pse. VI. Togata, a name given to Gallia Cisalpina, from its citizens having, under a law of Pompeius Strabo, the right of wearing the Toga. VII. Transpadana, the portion of Gallia Cisalpina, N. of Padus fl., separated from Venetia by Atagis fl. VIII. Transalpina, braccata (" wear­ing trowsers "), Ulterior, Propria, Gaul on the further (from Rome) side of the Alps; bounded s. by the Alps, Mediter­ranean, and the Pyrenees, N. by Britanni-cus oceanus, w. by the Atlantic, E. by the Rhine and Alps. France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Gallica, a town of the Ilergetes, Tarra-conensis, on Anga fl., at its confluence with Sicoris fl. Frayua ?

Gallic anus fl., a r. of Anthemus, Macedonia, falling into Echedorus fl., below Grestone, 16 m. N. from Thessalonica. Gallico.

Gallicum fretum (Taphros, Fossa), I. the strait separating Corsica from Sardinia. II.

the strait separating Britannia from Gal­lia.

GALLrNARiA ins., an isl. of Liguria, s. of Albingaunium. Named from the abund­ance there of the Gallina Rustica, the partridge or rail. Gallinara.

Gallinaria sylva, a forest of Campania, on the coast, above Literni Paludes.

Gallit.s, a tribe of Salyes, Narbonensis, on Varus fl., R., above the Equiturri. About Gillette.

Gallvs fl., I. a r. of Bithynia, rising near Modra, and falling into Sangarius fl., below Leucte. Its water was reported to produce a phrenetic effect, and hence the priests of Cybele were surnamed Galli. Sakaria. II. of Phrygia Parorea, falling into a lake not named, below Philome-lium.

Gamala, " camel," capital of Gaulonitis Inferior, on Tiberias lacus, S.e., bet. Hip-pus X.e. and Bethsan s.w.

Gambola, a district of Tenesis, ^Ethiopia, ?. of Pseboa lacus.

Gambrium (False Gambrium), a town of Ionia N., on the confines of Lydia.

Gambrivii, a tribe of Marsi, Germanise.

Gammusia (Gambria), a town of Phrygia.

Gandarii, a people of Paropamisus, on the confines of Aria.

Gangani, I. a people of Hibernia, s. of the Autiri. II. of India, on both banks of the Ganges, s. of the Nanichae.

Gangarid/e, a port of India, at the mouth of the Ganges.

Gangara, a town of Otene, Armenia, S.E. of Sanora. Gandsak.

Gange, capital of the Gangaridse, India;, on the Ganges.

Ganges fl., I. a r. of India, rising in Imaus m., N. of Catadupa, and after, in a course of 1500 m., separating Hither from Further India, falling into Indicum mare, below Aganagora, by several mouths, ac­cording to Virgil 7 ; according to Ptolemy 5 or 6; but according to Strabo only 1. Ganges, II. of Taprobane, falling into the sea at Solis portus. Motcil-Gonya.

Gangiticus sin., a bay of Indicum mare at the mouths of the Ganges, bet. Tyndis fl. w. and Bessynga fl. E. Bay of Bengal.

Gangra, a town of Paphlagonia, s. of Olgasys m., S.e. of Castamon. The royal seat of Morezus. Noted for its apples. Kangreh.

Gannarium prom., a pr. of Libya, on the Atlantic, bet. Cusarius fl. and Oppiodes fl. C. Nun.

Ganoberom, a town of the Helvetii, Maxi-

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