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Gad, a tribe of Israel, bounded N. by the half-tribe of Manasseh, N. of Argob, s. by Reuben, at Bethlehem, w. by the Jordan, E. by Arabia Deserta.

Gadanopydres, a people of Carmania, on the confines of Parthia, bet. the Isatichse and Modomasticae.

Gadara, capital of Pcrsea, 8 m. S.e. from Tiberias. The locality of the miracle of the swine. Otn-Kcia. Gadaris, Palestinte, i. q. Gath. Gadaum castr.a, a town of Mauritania, bet. Mina (25) and Va3al (1«). El Cal-lah. Gadda (Gadoras), a town of Palestine, bet.

Pella and Philadelphia (13). Gadeni {Celtics " robbers,") a people of Bri­tannia Barbara, N. of the Otadeni. Gades (Cotinussa), I. theisl. on which Gades stood. II. (Greece, Gadeira, Phosnic. Ga-dir, " hedge,") a city of the Turtetani, Bse-tica, on Gades ins., s. of the Beetis, con­nected with Erythea ins. by a causeway, and this again, later, with the mainland, by another causeway. Built by the Ty-rians 530 B.c. A colonia (Augusta Julia). Cadiz. Gadiana (Gadusena), a town of Chamma-

nene, Cappadociae.

Gadilonitis, Pont, i. q. Gazelonitis. Gaditanum fretum, Herculis fretum, so

named from Gades. Gaea, a town of the Thaditae, Arab., N. of


G^iSA, a town of Arabia, towards Persicus sin,, s.w. of Mesanites sin. The seat of Jeusli, son of Esau.

G^esates, a name of the Gauls, bet. the Alps and the Rhone ; so designated, either fromaCelticword,meaning "mercenaries," or from their using a particular sort of missile (Gcesutn).

G-^esox, I. a marsh of Ionia, on Mseander fl., near its mouth, formed by Gaesus fl. II. a village of Ionia, under Mycale m., S.e. of Neapolis, near where the Persians were defeated by the Spartan Leotykides. G^sus (Gessus) fl., a r. of Ionia, rising in ; Mycale m., above Priene, and falling into Gaeson palus. G^tara, a port of Albania, N. of the mouth

of Cyrus fl. Near Baku. G.etulia, the country of the Gaetuli, Libya, occupying the N. portion of Libya Interior, on the borders of Mauritania, Numidia, and Africa Propria. Its population, almost entirely a nomad race, were variously de­signated Geetuli Nigri, or Melanoi (cen­tral), Autololes (w.), Bagi Gsetuli (e.). S. Morocco, Bileldulgcrid, and Sahara w.

Gag.€, Palaeopolis, a maritime village of Ly-

cia, near Menalippe, Alaja-dayh. Gagan.e, a town of the Potulatenses, Da-cia, bet. Mascliana and Ad Pannonias (9). Flom. Gaganda ins., an isl. of Meroe, in the Nile,

below Aboccis. Gagasmira, a town of the Chatrieei, Indiae,

under Apocopa m., s.w. of CHsobra. Galabatha, a town of Mesopotamia, on the Euphrates, bet. Nicephorium and Alama-tha. Galabri, a tribe of Dardani, in Maesia, on

Margus fl., below Naissus. ! Galacum, a town of the Brigantes, Brit., on Ituna fl., bet. Brovonacse and Verterse. Near Kendal. Gal^gia, a town of Germania, on the Albis,

at the confluence of the Sala. i Galaetophagi, apeopleof Scythiai. Imaum, j under Aspisii m. E.

| Galapha, a town of Mauritania Ting., on j Mulacha fl., towards its mouth. Galaria, a town of Sicily, on Gamosurus

fl., R., w. of Adranurn. Gagliano. Galasa, Palestine, i. q. Gerasa. Galata, I. a town of Sicily, w.s.w. of Aba-camum. II. ins., an isl. of Zeugitana, N.e. of Tabraca.

Galatia (Gallo-Graecia), a country of Asia Min., bounded N. by Paphlagonia, s. by Lycaonia and Cappadocia, w. by Bithynia, E. by Pontus. A portion of Phrygia, occupied and named after a body of Gauls, consisting of Tectosages, Tolistoboii, and Trocmi, who, under Leo-norius and Latarius, separated from the army of Brennus, in Thrace, and made then-way by Byzantium, into Asia Minor, 278 B.c. They were subsequently named Gallo-Gnjeci, from their intermixture with the Greeks of Asia Minor.

Galava (Galana, Alauna), a town of the Brigantes, Brit., bet. Corstopitum and Alone. Ke&wick.

Galeotis, a name of Megara Hyblsea, in Si­cily, the people of which, reputed seers, were descended from Galeus, son of Apollo. Galepsus, I. a town of the Pieres, Thrace, on Strymonicus sin. A colony of Pha-sians. II. of Sithonia, Macedonia, on To-ronakus sin., S.e. of Serrnyle. Galesus (Eurotas) n., a r. of Italy, falling

into the harbour of Tarentum. Galeso. Galiba prom., a pr. of Taprobane, over

against Agara. Gambi m., m. of Central Taprobane, N. of

Malea m.

Galil, the Scriptural name of Galilee. Galil^a (Galil), "round or encompassed

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