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Frentaxi, a tribe of Samnitcs, settled on

the coast of the Adriatic, bet. Frento fl.,

whence their name, and Aternus fl. Frentus n,, a r. of Daunia, Apul., running

into the Adriatic below Teanum. Forlore. Frkscilia, a town of the Marsi, Ital., near

Plestinia. Civitella. Frigid*, Maurit., i. q. Thymiaterium. Frigidarium, a town of the Macrones,

Pontus, bet. Pyte (G) and Patara (8), under

Tekes m. Frigidus fl,, a r. of Venetia, running by

Fluvius Frigidus. Urpacfi. Fb.iniates, a maritime tribe in Gallia Cis-

padana, N. of Letus m., on the confines of

the Apuani. Frisiobones, a tribe of Frisii, about Flevus

lacus. Frisii (Phreisii, Phrisii, Prisiones, "fresh,

new land people"), a tribe of Ingsevones,

on Germanicus oc., below the Chauri.

They were divided into Majores towards

the sea, and Minorca inland. Frusino, a town of the Hernici, Latinm, on

Cosa fl., bet. Ferentinum (7) and Fregellse

(14), on Via Latina. Fnmnone. Fruste.nije, a town of the Vestini, Picenum,

bet. Aveia (2) and Alba Fucentia (18),

on Via Valeria. Ocre. Fccinus lacus, a lake of the Marsi, s.E. of

Tibur, in circuit 40 m. Its superfluous

waters were diverted to Liris fl., by a

canal constructed in the reign of Claudian.

Ijago di Celano: L. di Fitcino. Fulginium, a town of Umbria, on Via Fla-

minia, bet. Trebia (5) and Forum Fla-

minii (3). Foliyno. Fulsinium, a town of Curicta ins. Fulsui^k, a town of the Hirpini, Samnium,

near Cala fl. Montepisco. Fundancs sin., I. i. q. Amyclanns sin. II.

lacus, a lake of Latium, at Fundi. Fundi, a town of the Volsci, in Latium,

near the N.e. extremity of Fundanus lac.,

bet. Tarracina (13) and FormijE (12), on

Via Appia. A colonia of Augustus.

Fondi. Furconium, a town of the Vestini, Picen.,

on Aternus fl., towards the confines of

Sabinium. Forconio.


Gaash m., a hill of Ephraim, near Timnath-

Sera. Gaba, a town of Galilsea, bet. Ptolemais and

Cajsarea (16). Gabachus fl., a r. of Meroe.

Gab.*:, I. a palace of the kings of Persia, in Persis Prop., on Cyrus fl., S.e. of Pasar-gada. II. Gabaza, a town of Sogdiana, N. of Maricanda. Kaibas.

Gabaljs (Giblim), a town of Cassiotis, Sy­ria?, s. of Laodicea. Jibili.

Gaiiali, I, a town of the Gabali, s. of An-deritum, in Aquitania, and tlieir capital after the destruction of that city. Javols. II. a people of Aquitania I., under Ce-venna m. w., bet. the Ruteni and the Helvii. Gevaudan.

Gabalicus pagus, a district of the Gabalir about Lesara m. Noted for its cheese, and for some silver mines.

Gabara, a town of Galilsa Superior, N. of Dio Cajsarea.

Gabaza, i. q. Gabs, Sogdiana.

Gabellus fl., Gall. Cispad. i. q. Secies.

Gabiene, a district of Susiana Elymais, on Coprates fl., above Cissia.

Gabii, I. a town of the Latini, Latium, on Via Praenestina, bet. Rome (12) and Prse-neste (11). A settlement from Alba; sa­cred to Juno. Nearly destroyed in the civil wars, but restored by Antoninus. The nurture-place of Romulus and Remus. The death-place of Tarquinius. The locality of the decisive defeat of the Gauls by Camillus. A colonia and municipium. Here was invented the Cinctus Gabinus, a peculiar mode of arranging the toga. Osteria dello Pantano. II. a town erf Sabinium, N. of Cures, on or near Via Salaria. Grotte di Torn ; Torri.

Gabra, a town of Persis Prop., near Pasar-gada, w.N.w.

Gabrantvici, a tribe of Parisi, Brit., N. of Ocellum prom.

Gabrantvicortjm portus, a haven of the Gabrantvici, Brit. Bridlington Bay.

Gabreta silva, a part of Hercynia Silva, Germanise, s. of Sudeti m. E. Thuringer-walil.

Gabri, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., towards Cissii m.

Gabris, a town of the Bituriges Cubi, Aqni-tania L, on the Ljgcr, bet. Tasciaca and Avaricum.

Gabromagus, a town of the Taurisci, Nori-cum, near Anisus fl., R., bet. Emolatium and Siriate. Windischffratz.

Gabrosentum, a town of the Brigantesf Brit., near the w. termination of Hadriani murus, s. Ih^umburgh.

Gabula, a town of Chalybonitis, S}T., N.e. of Chalcis.

Gabuleds, a town of the Penestse, Illyria, at the junction of Drilo Niger with Drilo Albusfl.

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