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Villa del Foro. XVIII. Gallorum, of j Gallia Cispad., near Scultenna fl., R., bet. Victuriolee (5) and Ad Medias (3). The locality of the defeat of Marc Antony by Hirtius and Octavian. Castel Franco. XIX. Gallorum, of the Ilergetes, Tarra­conensis, on Gallicus fl., x. of Gallicum. Garrea. XX. Gigurrorum, of the Gi-gurri, Tarraconensis, w. of Asturica Aug. Cigarossa. XXI. Hadriani, of the Frisii, bet. Lugdunum and Flevium. Voorbury. XXII. Julii, of the Oxybii, Narboncnsis, at the mouth of Argenteus fl., X.e. of Olbia. A Massilian settlement. A colonia of Julius Caesar (C, Octavorum, C. Pa-censis). Frejus. XXIII. Julii, of the Carni, Venetia, on Natiso fl., s.w. of Ad Silanos. Founded by Caesar. A colonia. Friitli. XXIV. Lkpidi, i. q. Regium Lepidum. XXV. Licixii, of the Orobii, Gallia Transpadana, 9 geog. m. x. from Mediolanum. Lifssone. XXVI. Ligneum, of the Osquidates, Novem Populana, in the Pyrenees, s. of Aspaluca. Lcncun. XXVII. Limicorum (Limorum), of the Limici, Tarraconensis, on Limia fl., R., towards its source, S.e. of Bracara. Santiago. XXVIII. Livn, of Gallia Cis-padana, on Vitis fl., R., bet. Faventia (5) and Forum Popilii (C). Forli. XXIX. Neronis, of the Memini, Narbonensis II., E.n.e. of Apta Julia. Moraa.1. XXX. Neroxis, of the Voices Arecomici, Narbonensis I., bet, Condatomagus N.w. and Araura, XXXI. Novum, of the Boii, Gallia Cispadana, on Tarus fl., 10m. above Bononia. A nmnidpium. For nova.

XXXII. NovuM,ofthe Hirpini, Samnium, bet. Beneventum (10) and Equus Tuticus (12), on Via Appia. Bunn Albergo.

XXXIII. Novum, of Sabiuium, w. of Reate, on the Tiber. Ma.yliano. XXXIV. Poipilii, of Gallia Cispad., bet. Forum Livii (6) and Caesena ((»), on Via yEmilia Lepida. Forimpopoli. XXXV. Popilii, of Lucania, on Tanager fi., L., 9 m. s.w. from Acerronia. Polla, XXXVI. Popilii, of the Sidicini. Campania, bet. Teanum and Capua, x. of Appia Via. XXXVII. Sempronii, of Umbria, on Metaurus fl., L., bet. Ad Intercisa and Fanum Fortunes (16), on Via Flaminia. A municipium. The locality of a great battle with Asdrubal. Fossombrone. XXXVIII. Segusiaxo-rum, capital of the Segusiani, Lugdunensis I., N.e. of Aquae Segetee. Fcurs. XXXIX. Trajani, a town of the Celsitani, Sardinia, onTyrsusfl.,L.,bet.Usellisand Ad Medias. A colonia of Trajan. Fordongianus. XL. Tiberii, a fortress built by Tiberius, on

an island of Brigantinus lac. On Vile de Reichnau. XLI. Valextixum, a town of Liguria, to wards Forum Fulvii. Valenza. XLII. Vibii, of the Taurini, in Gallia Transpad., on Cluso fl., s.w. of Augusta Taurinorum. Envic; or Revello. XLIII. Vocoxii, of the Verrucini, Narbonensis, bet. Forum Julii and Matavonium. Le Canct. XLIV. Vulcani, a place in the Campi Phlegrsei of Campania, 1 m. E, of Puteoli, which, from its sulphureous ex­halations, gave rise to the fables connected with the district. Solfatara.

Fosa fl., a r. of the Fosi, Germ., falling into Alara fl.

Fosi, a tribe of Cherusci, Germ., about Fosa fl.

Fossa, I. a name of Gallicum Fretum. II. Augusta, a canal of Latium, bet. Forum Appii and Tarracina, begun by Augustus, and extended by Nero, for draining the Paludes Pomptinee. III. Clodia, a canal from Meduacus Maj. fl., falling into the Adriatic x. of Portus Brundulus. IV. Cltjilia, the camp of Cluilius, 5 m. S.e. of Rome, N.\v. of Bovillae. V. Drusiaxa, vide SalalstEev. VI. Mariana, taphros, a canal or inlet of Narboncnsis, bet. Sto-malimnc and Astromcla. Marais de Mavf/uis. VII. Papirian.e, a maritime town of Etruria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Pisje (11) and Luna (12). Viareffyio. VIII. Philistina. a branch of Padus fl., falling into the Adriatic x. of Carbonaria ost.; hence issued the seven canals constructed by the Tyrrhenians, called Septem Maria, which facilitated the discharge of the waters of the Padus into the sea. Po Grandc. IX. Scytharum, an artificial cut above Theo-dosia, insulating the E. extremity of Taurica Chersonesus from the w. portion of the peninsula.

Foss,*:, a town of Pannonia Inf., on Savus fl., bet. Bassiana and Sirmium.

Foss Way, a Roman road in Britain., bet. Totness and Lincoln.

Fraxci, a German people, who invaded Gaul and gave name to France,

Fratri ins., two islets of Zcugitana, w. of Candidum prom.

Fratuertium, a town of Calabria.

Fraxixus, a town of the Oretani, Tarra­conensis, N.e. of Hactara.

Fregellje, a town of the Volsci, Latium, on Leris fl., R,, bet. Frusino (14) and Fabrateria (3), on Via Latina. A colonia 327 B.c. Destroyed for rebellion by L. Opimius. Ceprano.

Fregex-je, a town of Etruria, at the mouth of Larus fl., S.e. of Alsium (9). A colonia. Torre Maccarese.

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