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Flavionavia, a maritime town of the P0e-

aici, Tarraconensis, bet. Noega E. and

Navilubio fl. w. Flaviofolis, a town of Cilicia, near the

source of Calycadnus fl. Flavium aurgitanum (Gietie), a town of

the Turtuli, Baetica, E, of Tucci Gemella,

N. of Mentesa.

Flavium Solvexse, i. q. Virmram. Fleva (Phlea) ins., an insulated district of

the Frisii, Germ., formed by Flevus fl.,

near its mouth. Flevum, I. mare, a lake or inland sea of the

Frisii, formed by Flevus fl. and other cuts

from the Rhine. Znyderaee (S. sea). II.

castrum, a citadel built by Drusus at the

mouth of Flevus fl., Germanise. Flevus fl., the E. issue of the Rhine. Florentia, I. a town of the Anamares,

Gall. Cisp., on Via JRmil., bet. Placentia

(15) and Ad Fonticulos (5). Fiorenzuola.

II. prius Flucntia, a city of Etruria,

on Arnus fl., R., bet. Sena Julia and

Solaria (y). A colonia of Jul. Ca;sar.

Firenze. Floriana, a town of Pannonia Inf., bet.

Bregetio and Osones (20). Florius fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling

into the Atlantic above Nerium prom. Flusor fl., a r. of Picenum, falling into the

sea N. of Tinna fl. Chiento. Fluvius frigidus, I. a town of the Insu-

bres, in Gall. Transpad., bet. Mediotamim.

(12) and Argentia (10), on Via Emilia.

Lambro. II. of Paunnnia, bet. Aquileia

(36) and Longaticum (22). Focunates, a tribe of Lepontu, in Rhaetia.

About VoffOf/na. Fosniana, a town of Germania Magna, on

the Danube, above Biriciana. Foetibus, a town of the Isarci, Rhaet., under

Alpes Venetaj, N.w. on Athesis fl., L.,

bet. Pods Drusi and Endidaj. Fons, I. Cameiiata, baths of Mauritania

Caesar., bet. Berzio and Nobse Fusciani,

N.w. of Cirta. II. Potamianus, of Nu-

midia, on Ubus fl., bet. Gasaupala and

Magri. III. Solis, vide Ammon. IV.

Tungrorum, of the Condrusii, Celtica.

Spa. Fontes hercuus, baths of the Saltlenses,

on Tierna 11., near Pons Trajani. Forath, a town of Mesene Inf., Babylon.,

on the Tigris, 14 m, N.w. from Charax.

Basra Fcrath ; Perath Maisun? Foretani, a tribe of Curni, Venetia. About

Forforcano. Formic (Hormise), a town of the Ausones,

Latium, on Formiiuius pin., bet. Fundi

(12) and Miuturnse (1*), ou Via Appia. A

Laconian settlement. The capital of the Homeric Lestrigones. A colonia and mu-nicipium. Noted for its wine. The death-place of Cicero. Mold di Gaeta.

Formio fl., a r. of Italy, the boundary, prior to Augustus, of Italy N.e. ; the limit of Histria and Venetia, falling into the Adriatic (at Musa Vecchia).

Forocrinum, Sabinii, i. q. Forum Decii.

Fortia mcenia prom., a pr. of Sarmatia As., on the Euxine, E. of Thessyrius.

Foktunat.*: ins., isl. of Africa, s.w. of GatHtanum Fretum. Named from their abounding with the gifts of nature. Ca­naries.

Foruli, a village of Sabinium, bet. Testrina (3) and Pitinum. Forcella.

Forum, I. Afpii, a town of the Volsci, La­tium, on Via Appia, bet. Tres Tabernse (10) and Ad Medias (9). Mentioned by St. Paul. BorgoLungo. II. Aurelianum (Prastorium), of Latium, bet. the mouths of Numicius fl. and Tiber fl. The landing-place of xEueas. Spiagyia d' O&tia. III. Aur.klii, of Etruria, on Via Aurelia, bet. ilarta fl. (14) and Armenia. Torre Aiirelia. IV. Cassii, of Etruria, on Via Cassia, bet. Sutrium (11) and Aquse Pas-seris. Vetralla. V. Cereai.e, a town of the Vagienni, near Pedona. VI. Cigurrorcm, of the Lucenses, Tarraconensis, on Silisfl., R., E. of Nemetobriga. Near La Rua. VII. Claudii, of Etruria, on Via Claudii, bet. Sabote and Blera (Ifi). The seat of the prefecture of Novem Pagi. Ori-volo. VIII. Clouii, of Gallia Cispa-dana, bet. Bononia and Florentia. Lo-jano. IX. Cornelii, of Daunia in Apulia, on Via Frentana, bet. Larinum (26) and Pons Longus (30). X. Cornelii, of Gallia Cispad., on Saternus fl., L., bet. Claterna (13) and Faventia (10), on Via ^Emilia Le-juda. Founded by Sylla. Imola. XI. Decii, of Sabinium, Oh Velinus fl., R., bet. In-terocrea (1'J) and Falacria (4), on Via Halaria. Santa Croce. XII. Diana, of the Catavellauni, Britain., N.w. of Veru-lamium. Dumtable. XIII. Diugun-Torum (Tuguntormn), of the Insubres, in Gallia Transpadana, E. of Mediolanum. Crema. XIV. Domitii, of the Volcse Arecomici, Narboncnsis, bet. Sextatio N.e. and Mesuo s.w. XV. Druentinorum, vel Truentinorum, vel Britonorum, of the Boii> in Gallia Cispadana, s. of Forum Popilii. A muuicipium. Bertinoro. XVI. Flaminii, of Umbria, bet. fSpoletiam (19) and Helvil-lum (27). S. Giovanniprojiamma. XVII. Fulvii, of the Taurini, in Liguria, on Padus fl., bet. Laumellum and Asta (22).

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