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Feltria, capital of the Feltrini, Venetia, near Plavis fl., bet. Ausugura (30) and Ad Cepasias (28). Feltre.

Fenchis, a town of Heptanomis, on the Nile, L., bet. Tacona and Tamoutum. Fechu.

Ferense, a town of the Taxaudri, Germania II., bet. Taxaudria and Catualium.

Ferentana urbs, a town of the Frentani, on I Sagrus fl., L. Foreto.

Ferentinum, I. a town of Etruria, bet. Castellum Amerinium and Fanuni Vol-tumnje. Noted for its stone quarries. A colonia and municipium. The birth-place of the emperor Otho. Ferenti. II. of the Hernici, and previously of the Volsci, La­tium, on Via Latina, bet. Anagnia (8) and Frusino (7)- A municipiuin. Frentino.

Ferextum, a town of Daunia, Apulia, under Vultur. m., 8 rn. s. of Venusium. Forenza.

Feretrus m., a m. of Umbria, s. of Vicus Titiensis. San Leo.

Feritor fl., a r. of Li^uria, falling into Ligusticus sin. E. of Genua. Bisoyno.

Feroxia (Luquidonis portus), a maritime town of the Carenses, Sardinia, bet. Co-clearia and Forum Carisii. Monte Santo.

Ferrari prom., Tarraconensis, i. q. Arte-misium.

Ferraria, a town of the Siculenses, in Sar­dinia, bet. Sarabus and Caralis (13). Named from its iron works.

Ferratus m., m. on the coast of Mauri­tania Caesar., bet. Rusucurrum and Audum prom.

Fescexnium (Fescennia), a Siculian town of Etruria, towards the Tiber, N.e. of Falerii, taken by the Tyrrheni. Noted for the Carmina Fescennina, or loose nuptial songs, first composed there. Galese.

Fevos fl., a r. of Gallia Cisalpina, falling into the Padus. Vraita.

Fibrexus fl., a r. of Latium, falling into Liris fl., L., below Sora. In it, nearits mouth, was the island, the birth-place of Cicero, and the scene of the Dialogues on Legisla­tion. The island (now called San Dome-nico Abate) subsequently became the pro­perty of Silius Italicus. Fiutnedella Posta.

Ficaxa, a town of the Latini, Latium, near Lanuvium. Destroyed by Ancus Martius, who removed the people to Rome.

Ficaria I. ins., an isl. of Sardinia, at its s.E. extremity. Serpentera. II. a town of Corsica s.w., at the mouth of Ficarius fl. Ficari.

Ficarius fl., a r. of Corsica, falling into the sea at Ficaria.

Ficocl.e, a town of the Lingones, Gallia Cispad., 15 m. s. of Ravenna. Cervia.

Ficulea (Ficulnea), a town of Sabinium, on Via Nomentana, E. of Fidense, 9 m. from Rome. Taken by the elder Tarquin. At Monte Gentile.

Fiden^:, a town of Sabinium, bet. Rome (5) and Eretum (14), on Via Nomentana. An Etruscan colony from Veil. Destroyed by ^milius Mamcrcius 425 B.c. Restored and appointed a municipium. Near Castel Giubileo.

Fidextia, I. a town of the Anamares, Gall. Cisp., on Via ./Emilia, bet. Ad Fonticulos (5) and Ad Tarum (8). A colonia of Augustus. The locality of the defeat of Carbo. Boryo San Donnino. II. His­panic, i. q. Ulia.

Figlinis, a town of the Allobroges, Vien-nensis, on the Rhone, bet Vienna and Ursolis.

Filomusi \cum, a town of the Sequani, Maxima Sequanoru.n, bet. VisontioX.n.w. and Ariolica s.

Firmum, a town of Picenum, 5 m. N.w. from Castellum Firmanorum, bet. Urbs Salvia (18) and Asculum (24), on Via Flaminia. A colonia of Augustus. Fermo.

Fiscellus m., a portion of the Apennines, separating Sabinium from Piceuum. The only district in Ilaly where wild goats were to be found. Monte Sil/illa,

Fissenia (Mas^ice), a town of Babylonia, on the Euphrates, L., bet. Pirisabora (14) and Thelbencane.

Fixtuinum, a town of the Meldi, Celtica. Montbout, near Meaux.

Flacciaxa, a town of Numidia, bet. Sig-nese and Sibus, S.e. of Sicca Venerea.

Flamonia, a town of the Veneti, Venetia. Ftagogna.

Flaxaticus (Polaticus sin.) sin., a gulf of the Adriatic, bet. Histria and Liburnia. Goffo di Quarnaro,

Flavia brigantium (Flaviolambris), a town of the Lucenses, Tarraconensis, at the mouth, R., of Mearus fl. Ferrol.

Flavta c.esariexsis, a province of Bri­tain, extending bet. Abu-* fl. and Belisama aestnar. N. and Tamesis fl. s., bounded w. by Britannia II, at, Sabrina sestuar. and Seteja sestuai'., and E. by Germanicus oc.

Flavia marct, a town of Numidia, on Bagradas fl., L., bet. Vatari and Vasam-pus.

FLAViXiuM (Flavina), a town of Etruria, near the Tiber, s. of Capena. Flauo.

Flaviobriga, prius Amanus portus, a capi­tal of the Autrigones, Tarraconensis, on the coast, X.e. of Virovesca. A colonia. Portugalete.

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