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duct. Tchandeli. II. prius Lycormas,

of j^tolia, rising in Callidromus m., near

Bomium, and falling into Corinthiacus sin.

near Chalcis. Celebrated for the story of

Nessus. Fidari.

Evil, a town of the Dassaretae, Illyria. Evonymit^e, a people of Meroe, on the left

bank of the Nile, s. of Dodecaschoenus. Evoras m., a summit of Taygetus m., La-

coniffi. Evorolucum, a town of the Arverni, Aqui-

tania I., S.e. of Aqua; Nerse. Ex, Bsetica, vide Saxetanum. Examp.ei regio, a district of Sarmatia E.,

on Hypanis fl. Excisum, a town of the Nitrobriges, Aqui-

tania II., bet. Trajectus x. and Aginnum

s.s.w, Exobygit^, a people of Sarmatia, bet. the

Roxolani and the Hamaxaboii. Exopolis, Sarmatia, i. q. Gelonus. Exterum mare, the name given, as being

outside Herculis Fretum, to the Atlantic.

Fabaria, i. q. Burchana.

Fabaris fl., i. q. Farfarua.

Fabiraxum, a town of Gerraania, N.w. of Tecelia.

Fabrateria, a town of the Volsci, Latium, on Liris fl., bet. Frcgellae (3) and Aquinum (K), on Via Latina. Falvaterra.

Facelinus fl., Sicilian, i. q. Melas, from Fax, the torch of Diana, to whom the river was sacred. The name is sometimes given Fascelinus, as from fastis, the bundle of brushwood in which her image was secretly conveyed from the Taurica Chersonesus.

F^esul/e (Fsesula), a Tyrrhenian town of Etruria, 3 m. N.e. of Florentia. A colonia of Sylla. The head quarters, in Etruria, of Catiline. Fiesole.

Fagitana, a town of Rhtetia.

Falacrinum (Falacrine), I. a town of Sa-binium, on Via Salaria, N. of Interocrea. The birth-place of Vespasian. Ch. of San Silvestro in Falacrino. II. of Sa-binium, bet. Forum Decii (2) and Vicus Badies (9), on Via Salaria. Falacrino.

Faleria, a town of Picenum, s. of Urbs Salvia. Falleroni.

Falerii (Falerium, Falisca), capital of the Falisci, Etruria, on Via Amerina, bet. Nepete (5) and Castell. Amerinum (12). A Siculian town. A colonia of Augustus. Noted for its fertility, for its sausages, and

for the story of the treacherous school­master. Citta Castellana. Falerii novum, the later capital of the Falisci, at the foot of the hill on which stood Falerii vetus. S. Maria Falari. Falernus ager, a district of Campania, ex­tending from Massici m. to Vulturnus fl. Noted as producing the best wine in the world.

Fanesiorum ins., rideOonx. Fanum carisii, I. a maritime town of the .flSsaronenses, Sardinia, bet. Feronia and Viniola. II. Fortune, a town of Umbria, at the mouth of Metaurus fl., bet. Pisau-rum (8) and Ad Pirum. A colonia of Au­gustus (Julia Fanestris). Fano. III. Fugitivi, of Umbria, on Via Flaminia, bet. TresTabernse (10) and Spoletium (7). Monte Summo. IV. Martis, of the Nervii, Belgica II., E. of Bagacum. V. of the Osismi, Lugdunensis III., w. of Vor-ginum. Sauvagere. VI. Minerva, of the Remi, Belgica II., bet. Basilia x.w. and Ariolas.E. VII. Vacun^e, round aT. of Vacuna,nearCures, Sabinium. OnRocca Giorane. VIII. Voltumn^e, a temple of Voltumna, Etruria, S.e. of Vulsiniensis lac., where the solemn assemblies of the Tyr­rhenian nation were held. Ch. of Santa Maria in Volturno, at Viterbo. Farfarus (Fabaris) fl., a r. of Sabinium, falling into the Tiber S.e. of Soracte m. Farfa.

Fasiaxa, a town of the Boii, Noricum, on the Danube, bet. Trigesamum and Pirum Tortum. Faurus fl., a r. of the Marrucini, falling

into the Adriatic at Angulum. Foro. Faustiancs, a village in Falernus Ager of Campania, C m. S.e. of Sinuessa. Its dis­trict produced the choicest of the Faler-nian wine.

Faustinopolis, a town of Tyanitis, Cappa-docia, S.e. of Tyana (12). Built on the site of Halala, by Marcus Aurelius, in honour of his wife Faustina, who died here.

Faventia, a town of Gallia Cispad., bet. Forum Cornelii (10) and Forum Livii (5). Faenza. Faveria, a town of Histria, on Arsia fl.,

opposite Nesaclium. Peara. F Avi ax a, a town of Noricum, on the Danube,

near Arelate.

Favonis portus, a port of Corsica, E. bet. Aleria and Syracusanorum portus. Porto Favono.

Felsina, the name of Bononia, in Gallia Cispad., until its subjugation by the Gauls, 194 B.c.

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