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Boeotia. It was subject to extraordinary tides and currents. II. a bay of the ^Egean, in Lesbos s.w. III. i. q. Chalcis, Eu-boea.

Euripyd.e, a demus of Attica, of tbe tribe Leontis, near Cropia.

Euromus (Europus),prius Idria and Chry-saoris, a town of Caria, towards the head of Issicus sin. Founded by Idreus, son of Car. Mendelet.

Eup.opa, " land of the evening, the West," one of the three divisions of the world known to the ancients. Bounded N. by Oceanus Borealis, s. by the Mediterranean, \r. by the Atlantic, E. by the Tanais (or, according to Herodotus, &c., the Phasis). the Mzeotis palus, the Euxine, the Propontis, the Hellespont, and the yEgean. ^ The name is traditionally derived from Europa, daughter of Agenor. Its original population, scattered savages, was aug­mented at various periods from the E. (the expedition of the Argonauts up the Danube was in 1350 B.c.) and N.e.

Europus, I. a town of Almopoeia, Pjeonia, w. of Apsalua. II. of Bottiaea, on the Ludias fl., above Ichnae. III. of Cyrrhes-tica, on the Euphrates, bet. Ceciiiana and Zeugma (14). Built by the Macedonians. Jerabis. IV. of Emathia, Macedonia, on the Axius fl. below Almana. V. Mediae, i. q. Rhagse.

Eurotas fl., I. Japygice, i. q. Galsesus. II. a r. of Laconia, rising near Belemina and falling into Laconicus sin. vvr. of Helos. In its course it disappears for a time under ground, reappearing near Belmina. Vide Alpheus fl. fire ; Vasilico - Potamo, " royal river." III. Thessaliffi, i. q. Tita-resius.

Euryampus, a town of Magnesia, Thes-saly.

Eurydicea, a town of Pallene, Mace­donia.

Euryelos prom., a pr. of Sicily, near Syracuse.

Euryle^e, a village of Acliaia, near Olenus.

Eurymedon fl., a r. of Pamphylia, rising on the confines of Phrygia, E. of Sidera, and falling into the sea below Aspendus, Tv. of Side. Memorable for the double defeat, on sea and land, of the Persians by Cimon. Capriaon.

Eurymem^ (Erymnee), I. a town of Mag­nesia, Thessaly, on the coast, bet. Myrce and Rhizus. II. of Molossis, Epirus, to­wards Eursea. Destroyed by Cassander.

Euryxassa ins., an is!, of Chios.

Eurytanes, a people of yEtolia, occupying the country from about Thermus x. to the

borders of Thessaly. A very savage people, reputed to live on raw flesh.

Euschosnus, a maritime town of Cyrenaica w., bet. Hyphali and Csenon.

Eusebia ad arg^eum, the name given to Mazaca, Cappadocia, by Ariobarzanes Eu-sebes.

Eusebia ad, a later name of Izana. Cappadocia.

Eusene, a maritime town of Pontus, bet, Naustathmus (20) and Amisus (8).

Eusp.ena, i. q. Phuphuena.

Euthkxe (Eutane), a town of Caria, on Doridis sin.

Euthymedia, Indise, i. q. Sagala.

Eutresis, a town of Boeotia, bet. Thespise and Platcea, N.e, of Leuctra, where Am-phion and Zethus dwelt before they reigned in Thebes. Extinct in the time of Pausanias. Phria.

Eutresium, a town of Arcadia, towards Man tinea.

Eutretus portus, a port of Alcyonium. mare, near Siphae. Bat/n.

Euxixrs pontus, an inland sea, separating Europe from Asia, bet. Bosporus Thracius and Tanais fl. In circuit 2500 m. It is said to have been first named Asenus, "inhospitable," from its tcmpestuousness, or from the savage character of the popu­lation on its shores. Its form the ancients likened to a Scythian bow, of which the coast of Asia Minor was the chord. By the earlier geographers the Euxine was supposed to communicate with the Adriatic, an error arising from the Argonautic mi­grations up the Danube, iluxine.

Eva, a town of Cynuria, Argolis, under Parnon m., N.w. of Thyrea.

Evagina, a town of the Trocmi, Galatia, bet. Tavium (1C) and Saralium (24). The Phuibagana of Ptolemy.

Evax m., a summit of Ithome m., E. of Messene.

Evandria, a town of the Turtali, Bsetica, on the Beetis, bet. Dipo and Augusta Emerita.

Evarchus (Evechus) fl., a r. of Paphlagonia, running into the Euxine at Cyptasia, the early limit of Paphlagonia and Cappado­cia.

Evaria (Haras), a town of Palrayrene, bet. Palmyra and Adata.

Evas m., a summit of Thoraax ra., Laconia, E. of Sellasia.

Evaz.jb, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica.

Evenus fl., I. a r. of yEolis Asiatica, rising near Lyrnessus and falling into Adramyt-tenus sin., near Pitaue. Adramyttium was supplied hence with water by an aque-

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