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Eshtaol, a town of Judah, S.e. of Asca-

lon. Eshtemoa (Ashtemoh), a town of Judah, s.

Sema. Esiongeber. (Asiongeber), the Scriptural

name of Berenice jElanitica. Eskol fl., a r. of Judaea, falling into the

Mediterranean near Ascalon, s. In the

cognominal valley through which it ran,

the large bunch of grapes was cut by the

scouts of Moses. Esopis, I. a r. of Bruttium, falling into

Locrensis sin., near Lonri. II. a summit

of the Apennines, at Locri, on which stood

the citadel of that city. Esrom, i. q. Hezroii. Essedones, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., N.

of the Napitse. Essui (Sagii, Sail), a people of Lugdu-

nensis II., bet. the Aulerci Cenomanni s.

and the Aulerci Eburovices N. About

Suez. Esthemoa, a sacerdotal city of Juda, S.E. of

Lachis. Estia lacus, a lake of Germania Magna.

Dammersee. Estia prom., a pr. of Bithynia, on Bospo-

rusThracius, E.of Argyronium prom. Here

was the Hieron, a temple of Jupiter Urius,

and an Altar of the Twelve Gods, conse­crated by Jason. Esti.cotis, a district of Thessaly, on the

confines of Athamania, >*. of Dolopia ; the

territory principally of Medon. Originally

the country of the Dorians. Estioxes, a tribe of Vindelici, Rhoet., bet.

the Danube, N., the Focunates, s., the Li-

cates, E., and the Lentienses, w. Estobara, a town of Bactriana, near the

source of Ochus fl. Estjbiani, a people of the Alps, contiguous

to the Edenates. On the Vesubia. Esuris, a maritime town of the Turtetani,

Baetica, at the mouth of the Anas. Cas-

tromaria. Etanna, I. a town of the Allobroges, Vien-

nensis, on Rhodanus fl., bet. Condate and

Augusta. II. (Catenna, Atmenia), of Pi-

sidia, E. of Selge. Etaxalos ins., an isl. of the Omanitse,

Arabiae. Eteocretes, " true Cretans," the primitive

occupants of the s. coast of Crete. Eteonus, posted Scarphe, a town of Boeotia,

on Asopus fl., R., bet. Siolus and Ery-

thrae. Etera, a town of Crete, in Didymi sinus,

bet. Camaia (3) and Cetia prom. Leo-

petro. Etham, I. a desert of Egypt and Arabia, at

the head of the Red Sea. II. a town of Lower Egypt, near the w. branch of Ama-rus lacus, N.w. of Arsinoe, bet. Suchoth and Hiroth. The second stage of the Israelites after their departure from Raem-sis (Heroopolis). III. a town of Judah, 1J m. s. from Bethlehem. Built by Re-hoboam. Elitash.

Ethopa, a hill fortress of Athamania, in ^Etolia, near Argithea, towards the con-hnes of Thessaly.

Etia, a town of Crete, w. of Itanus. The birth-place of the sage Miso.

Etis, Etia, a town of Laconia, near Aphro-clisias. Founded by ^Eneas.

Etoblma (Etobesa, Honosca), a town of the Edetani, Tarraconensis, N.w. of Sego-briga. Oropesa,

Etocetcm, a town of the Cornavii, Brit. Rom., S.e. of Penocrucium. Wall, near Lichfield.

Etone, postea Lemone, a town of Perrhse-bia, N. of Elatia.

Etone a , Tonia, a town of the Trocmi, Galatia, bet. Tavium (IX) and Carissa.

Etoxissa (Etobema, Etovesa), a maritime town of the Ilercaones, Tarracouensis, bet. Caprasia prom. N.e. and Sepelaci s.w. Seyorbe.

Etosca, Tarracon. optuiVell. Paterc., i. q. Osca.

Etruria, a region of Italy, bounded N.w. by Liguria, at Macra fl., N.e. by Gallia Cis-padana, at the Apennines, w. by Tyrrhe-num mare, E. by Umbria, at the Apen­nines and Tiberis fl., s. by Latium and Sabinium at Tiberis fl. For Etruria, in its larger signification, see Tyrrheni.

Etrusci, Tusci, i. q. Tyrrheni.

Etymandrus fl., a r. of Aria, rising in Parapomisus m., andfalling into Aria Palus. Hilmend.

Euaspla fl., Indiae, i. q. Cophen.

Eubosa, I. " fine oxen" (Ellopia, Asopis, Abantia, prius ilacris), an isl. of the ^Egean, extending along the coasts of Phocis, Bneotia, and Attica. In breadth from 2 to 17 m., in length 150, in circuit HG5. It was supposed to have been torn from the continent by an earthquake. Settled originally by Phoenicians, under Cadmus, and afterwards by Dryopes, and by Abantes from Abae, in Phocis. The name is fabulously derived from the visit here of lo in her metamorphosis. Egripo; Negropont. II. m., a m. of Argolis, 2 m. from Mycenae. III. a town of Sicily, on Simaethus fl., towards Mylse.

Eunois, a town of Eubosa, swallowed up by an earthquake.

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