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Edlandunium, a town of the Belgae, w. of

Sorbiodunum. Wilton. Edom (Idumsea, Idume), a region extend­ing from the s. extremity of the Dead Sea,

L., to jElanites sin. Named from Edom

(Esau). Sherath. Edon m., a m. of Thrace, Bessica, with a

temple of Bacchus, whence the priestesses

of that god were named Edonidse. Edones, a people of Thrace, in its s.w.

angle. Bounded N. by the Odomanti, s.

by the Pieres, w. by Strymon fl., and E.

by the Sapsei. At one period extending

beyond the Strymon into Macedonia. The

name is sometimes poetically applied to

the whole Thracian people. Edonis, " pleasant," a name of Thasos ins. Edrixus lacus, a lake of Gallia Transpadana,

bet. Larius lac. and Benacus lac. Lago

d'ldro. Edrum, a town of the Triumpilini, Gallia

Transpadana, at the s. extremity of Edri-

nus lac. A municipium. Idro. Edrcs ins., an isl. of the Eblani, Hibernia,

N. of Eblana. Edulius m., I. a summit of Parnassus. II.

a ridge of the Pyrenees, about Jacca s. Edylium m., a m. of Boeotia. Eetioneia, a fort commanding, with Alcimus

prom., the entrance to the Piraeus at Athens.

Named after Eetion. Trapezona. Egara, a town of the Leeetani, Tarraconen-

sis, near Rubricatus fl., L., above Rubri-

cata. Egdevama, a town of Lycaonia, bet. Veles-

tum (20) and Pegella (20). Egdini, a tribe of Albioeci, Alpes Maritimae,

under the Alpes, N.w. of the Vesubiani.

Val St. Etienne. Egelesta, a town of the Celtiberi, near

Sucro fl., L., N.e. of Libisosa. Noted for

its mineral salts. Fniesta. Egeria fons, a r. of Latium, falling into

Nemorensis lac. Egerije vallis, a valley of Latium, Rome,

near the source of Alnio fl., in which was

Fons Egerise. Both sacred to the nymph

Egeria. The retreat of Numa. Caffa-

rilla ?

Egita, a town of the Moesi, Mcesia Supe­rior, near Pons Trajani. Egitania (Igedita), a town of the Lusitani,

bet. Lancia Oppidana N.x.w. and Norba

Csesarea. Idal/ia Vieja! Egitnapolis (Oxybiorum portus), a port of

the Oxybii, near Agatha. Napoule. Eglon, a town of Judah, on Eskol fl., R.,

10 m. s.w. from Eleutheropolis. Egnatia, a port of Calabria, onViaEgnatia,

bet. Dertum and Ad Decem (10). Here

was found a peculiar sort of fire-stone. Torre d'Agnazzo.

Egosa, a town of the Castellani, Tarraco-nensis, in the Pyrenees, on Alba fl., near its source.

EioNjE, I. the port of Amphipolis, Thrace, at the mouth of Strymon fl. A colony ol Mende. Notable for the gallant defence and heroic death of Boges, Xerxes' general. Contessa. II. a town of Ar-golis, on Saronicus sin., N.w. of Scyllagum prom. Extinct in Strabo's time. Paleo-chorio.

Eiresid^e, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Acamantis.

Ekron, vide Accaron.

El.ea, I. a stream of Bceotia, rising in Delos m. II. an islet of Bithynia, one of the Demonisi group. III. prom., a pr. of Cyprus, s. of Carpasise ins. Chalebemau. IV. a port of Pergaminus, ] | m. s. from Caicus fl. Founded circa 1160 B.c., by Athenians. Clisiakevi. V. a town of Cassiopeia, Epirus, at the mouth of Ache­ron fl. VI. the N. port of the Sabae, jEthio-pia.

El^eatictjs (Cumseus) sinus, a bay of the jEgean, at Elaea, yEolis, bet. Harmatus prom, and Hydra prom. G. di Tchan-deli.

El^eum, a port of Bithynia, on the Euxine, at the mouth of Elseus fl., 8 m. E. from Lilaeum.

Ei«eus (Elatas), I. a r. of Bithynia, rising in Hypius m., and falling into the Euxine at Elaeus. II. an islet of Caria, off Lo-ryma. Barbanicolo. III. a demus of At­tica, of the tribe Hippothoontis. IV. a fortress of yEtolia, near Calydon. V. a town of Chaonia, under Tomarus m., N., bet.Hadrianopolis (24) and Pandosia. Selio. VI. a town of Chersonesus Thracia, on the Hellespont, N. of Mastusium prom. A Tean col. With a temple and shrine of Protesilaus, for defiling which the satrap Artayctes was put to death.

El^eussa ins., I. an isl. of jEolis Asiat, opposite Cane prom. II. of Cilicia Tra­chea, off Sebaste. Now a peninsula. The favourite residence of Archelaus of Cappa-docia.

Elah vallis, a valley of Judah, 11 m. s.w. from Jerusalem. Named from its Tere­binth trees, and noted as the place of en­campment of the Israelites when David slew Goliath.

Elaius (Elasus) m., a N.w. summit of Ly-creus m., in Arcadia, on the bortlors of Triphylia.

Elam, the Scriptural designation of Susiaua.

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