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Narbonensis I., bet. Sestomagus w. and Ad Cedros E. ebud^e (Hebrides, Mevaniae) ins., isl. of

Britannia Barbara, N.w. Hebrides. Ebudum prom., a pr. of Britannia Barbara,

N.w. Cape Wrath. Eburi, a town of the Picentini, Campania,

above Picentia. Eboli. Eburi ates, I. a people of Liguria, contiguous to the Statielli. II. their capital. Burio, 6 geoff. m. s. from Asti. Eburobrica, a town of the Senones, Lugdu-nensis IV., bet. Agenticum N.w. and Ban-dritum S.e. Eburobritium, a maritime town of the Lu-

sitani, s. of Collippo fl.

Eburodunum (Epeprodunum), I. a town of the Caturiges, Alpes Maritimse, on Druen-tia fl., N.e. of Caturigse. Embrun. II. of Maxima Sequanorum. Yverdun. III. of the Quadi, Germania, N. of Medosla-nium. Near Drosing. Eburovices, vide Aulerci. Eburones, a people of Germania II., on both banks of the Mosa, s. of the Toxi-audri. About Hasselt. Eburum, a town of the Gothini, Germania, on Viadrus fl., L., above Budorgis. Ol-mutz ?

Ebusmi regina, a town of Bactriana, N. of the junction of the Ochus with the Dar-gomanes.

Ebusus (Ebyssos), I. the larger of the Piti-yusse ins., Tarraconensia, N. of Ophiusa. Noted for its pastures, its figs, and its exemption from all vermin except rabbits. Itiza; Yvica. II. (Ebusa), its capital, S.e. A Carthaginian settlement. Ibiza. Ebutiana, a town of the Pentri, Samnium, on Via Numicia, bet. Cluturnum and Al-lifse (9). Ailano.

Ecbatana, I. a city of Adiabene, Assyria, N. of Nineveh. The summer residence of the kings of Parthia. II. (Apobatana, Achmetha, Haghamata), capital of Media, under Orontes m. x., bet. Concabar and Maziniaman, S.e. of Arbela. The summer residence of the kings of Persia. Built by king Arphaxad. Hamadan. III. (Bathu-ra), of Phoenicia, under Carmel m. N.E. The death-place of Carabyses. Caiffa. Eccics fl., a r. of Cyrenaica, falling into

the Mediterranean at Berenice. Eccobriga, a town of the Trocmi, Galatia,

bet. Sarmatia (20) and Adapera (24). Ecdippa, Palestine, i. q. Achzib. Ecechires, a tribe of Bcchires, Pontus,

towards Achabis fl.

Ecetra (Echetra), a town of the Vokci, near Velitrse.

Echedamia, a town of Phocis. • Destroyed

in the Sacred War.

Echedorcs (Chidorus) fl., ar. of Mygdonia,

Macedonia, rising in the mountains of

Grestonia and falling into Thermaicus sin.

at Sindus. Gallico.

Echeia-nausicleia prom., a headland of

Bithynia, on Bosporus Thracius. Echelid.«, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

Erectheis, on Saronicus sin. Echetla, a town of Sicily, midway bet.

Leontini and Camarina. Vizini. Echeutheis, a village of Arcadia, near


Echinaues ins., formerly islands or rocks of various extent, on the s.w. coast of Acar-nania, at the mouth of Achelous fl., subse­quently annexed to the continent by the alluvial deposits of that river. Echinus, I. a town of Acamania, bet. Myrtuntium and Thyreum. Agios Pe-tros. II. of Cyrenaica, bet. Agdan and Arimanthos. III. of the Malienses Pa-ralii, Thessaly, 2J m. from Larissa Cre-maste. Founded by Echion, one of the progeny of the dragon's teeth. Echincm. Echymnia, a town of Acme, Macedonia,

near Acanthus.

Eclanum (jEculanum), a town of the Hir-pini, Samnium, near Calor fl., R., on Via Appia, bet. Beneventum (15) and Sub Romula (21). Grotte di Mirabella. Ecnomos m., a m. of Sicily, on the s. coast, near the mouth of Himera Maj. fl. M. di Licata.

Econia, Thessaly, i. q. ^gonia. Ecregma palus, the mouth of Sirbonis palus,

midway bet. Girrha and Ostracine. Ecretice, a district of Colchis, on the con-

fines of Sarmatia Asiatica. Egrissi. Ectenes, a tribe of Leleges, Bceotia, prior

to the invasion of Cadmus. Edapteis, a demus of Attica. Edexates, a tribe of Avantici, Alpes Mari-

timse, s. of the Tebavii. Val d. Eynau. Eder (Adar), a village of Judaea, 1 m. from Bethlehem.

capital of Osrhoene, Mesopotamia, on Scirtus fl., near its source, N.w. of Carrha;. Orfa.

Edessa, Emathise, i. q. ^Egae.

Edeta (Liria), capital of the Edetani, Tarra-conensis, w. of Saguntum. Lyria.

Edetani (Sedetani), a tribe of Celtiberi, Turraconensis, bet. the Iberus, about Cresar Augusta, and the Sucro, towards its mouth. Valencia E. and :\., and Arraijon s.

Edissa, Siciliae, i. q. Odyssea.

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