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Remi, bet. Ad Fines w. and Noviomagus E. Reims.

Dcrolevum, a town of the Cantii, Brit., bet. Durobrivae and Durovernum (19). Favcrsham.

Durolifons, a town of the Tceni, N.w. of Camboricura. Godmanchester.

DtJROUTOM, a town of the Trinobantes, Brit., bet. Csesaromagus (1G) and Lon-dinium (15). Romford.

Duronia, I. a r. of Samnium, falling into Trinius fl. below Duronia. Durone. II. a town of the Pentri, Samniam, on Du-ronia fl., N.e. of jEsernia. Civita Vec-chia.

Duroxios fl., a r. of Aquitania II., falling into the Garumna, R., towards its mouth.

DnRONUM, a town of the Nervii, Belgica II., bet. Quarteus lacus N. and Verbinum s.

Durotincum, a town of the Medulli, Vien-nensis, bet. Mellosecium w. and Stabatio S.e.

Durotriges (Celtics, Dur-treig, "sea-tribe "), a people occupying the s. coast of Britannia I., bet. the Damnonii w., the Regni E., and the Belgse N. Dorsetshire.

Dcroverncm (Durobernia, Duroaverus, Darvernum), a town of the Cantii, Brit., bet. Durobrivse (25) and Durolevum. Canterbury.

Dcrtia, a town of the Tencteri, Germania, on the Rhine, over against Agrippina Co-Ionia.

Durus fl., I. Assyria, i. q. Gordus. II. a r. of Hibemia W., separating the Gangani from the Velibori.

Dus.E Ad olympum, a town of Bithynia, under Olympus m., bet. Demetrium and Bithynium (30).

Dusare m., m. of Arabia Felix. Sacred to Dusares (Dionysius).

Dyardanes fl., Indiee, i. q. (Edanes.

Dyas fl., a r. of Mauritania Tingit., falling into the Atlantic bet. Casa fl. and Ad Mer-curias.

Dyme, prius Palla and Stratos, I. one of the twelve cities of Achaia, on Corinthiacus sin., 45 m. N.w. of Olenus. Settled by Caucones. A colonia. The burial-place of Sostratos, the friend of Hercules. II. a town of Thrace, on Hebrus fl., bet. Tra-janopolis (13) and Cypsela (12), on the Egnatia Via.

Dyp^a, a town of Arcadia, on Helisson fl.

Dyras fl., a stream of Maliensis, Thessaly, falling into Maliacus sin. 21 m. s. of Sperchius n. Feigned to have first sprung from the ground to save Hercules from the burning pyre.

Dyrin m., i. q. Atlas Major. • .

Dyrrhachium, the peninsula on which Epidamnus Illyr. was built, and which gave its later name to that city.

Dyrzila, Pisidia, i. q. Darsa.

Dysorus (Hypsizorus) m., m. of Pseonia, N. of Prasias palus.

Dyspontium, a town of Pisatis, Elis, N.w. of Olympia. The inhabitants were trans­ferred to Epidamnus and Apollonia.

Dystus, a town of Euboea, on the w. coast, s. of Eretria. Disto.

E. r;v::'::':

Basis, a town of Gedrosia, N.E. of Ora.

Eba, a town of Etruria, N. of Albinia fl. Monte Po.

Ebal m., a m. of Ephraim, N. of Sichem, over against Gerizim m. Famous for the Ratification of the Covenant.

Ebellinum, a town of the Vascones, Tarra-conensis, bet. Calagurris Nasica s.w. and Calagurris Fibularensis E.s.e.

Eblaia, a town of Albania Asiatics.

Eblana (Bal-a-cleigh, " town built on hur­dles," Ashcled, Deblana, Dub-linn, " Black Pool "), capital of the Eblani, Hibemia, at the mouth of Libanius fl. Dublin.

Eblani (Blanii), a people of Hibemia E., bet. the Usluntii N. and the Chauci s. Meath and Dublin.

EBLiL.ti m., m. of Arabia Felix, terminating in Asaborum prom. Aval.

Erode, a town of Arabia Petrsea, S.e. of Fons Emischabales.

Ebodurmm, a town of Vindelicia.

Ebora, I. a port of the Artabri, Callcecia, in the Atlantic, s. of Novium. A municipium. Evora. II. a town of the Celtici, Lusi-tania, bet. Olisipo w.N.w. and Augusta Emerita E.n.e. A colonia (Libera)itas Julia). Evora. III. of the Edetani, Tar-raconensis, w.s.w. of Biscargis. IV. sur-named Cerealis, of the Turtuli, Beetica, bet. Mentesa N.k. and jEgabrum s.w.

Eboracum, capital of the Brigantes, Brit., on Abus fl., Ii., bet. Isumum and Derven-tio, A municipium and colonia. The death-place of Septimius Severus and Con-stantius Chlorus. The station of the Legio Sexta Victrix. York.

Ebriapa, a town of Sarmatia Asiatics, on Gerrus fl., towards its source.

Ebro portus, a port of Venetia, bet. Fossa Claudia (18) and Heduacus Minor (6). Chiozza.

Ebhomagus, a town of the Voles Tectosages,

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