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Dryopes also on the s. shores of the

Euxine. Dryopis regio, the district around Ambra-

cia, settled by Dryopes from CEta m. Dryoscephal.e (Triscephalse), a defile of

Bo3otia, in Cithaeron m., on the confines of

Attica, s.K. of Platoea. Drys, a maritime town of the Cicones,

Thrace, E. of Serrhium prom. Built by

Iphicrates the Athenian. Dbyusa, a name of Samos. Duatus sinus, a gulf of the Red Sea, in

Arabia Felix, s. of Orsa m. Bahr al

Madeha. Dubii, a town of Umbria, bet. Nuceria (8)

and Prolaqueum (8), on Via Flaminia. Dubios, a district of Otene, Armenia, E. of

Artaxata. Tuin.

Dubis fl., a r. of Maxima Sequanorum, fall­ing into the Arar above Cabillonum.

Dour. Dubr.e (Dubris), postea Derfrio, Doris, Do-

voria, a maritime town of the Cantii E.,

bet. Dola and Lemanus portus. Dover. Dudum, Ganara, a town of Libya. Dueltus lacus, a lake of the Odrysge, Thrace. Dulgibini (Dulgumnii), a tribe of Cherusci,

Get-mania, on the confines of the Angri-

varii, E. of Visurgis fl. Dulichium (Doliche) ins., chief of the Echi-

nades ins., about 2 m. from Cephallenia,

submerged by an earthquake. Duma (Dumsetha, Dumath), I. a town of

Juda, Judsea, bet. Hehron N.e. and Debir,

s.w. II. of the Saraceni, Arabia Petrsea,

N.e. of Bacas Chamiri. The abode of

Dumah, sixth son of Ishmael. Daumat al

Ghendal. Dumna ins., one of the Orcades ins., Brit.

Hay. Duhnissus, a town of the Treveri, Ger-

mania I., bet. Belginum w. and Bingium


Dumnonii, Brit., i. q. Damnonii. Dumnum, a town of the Vangiones, Ger-

mania I., s. of Bingium. Near Strom-

berg. Dunga, a town of Ariaca, India, bet. Goaris

fl. (7) and Benda fl. Pernalla. Dunium, Brit., i. q. Maridunium. Dunum, Celtice, high, I. a town of the

Moesi, Moesia Inferior, on the Danube,

bet. Securisca and Ad Novas. II. of the

Usdise, Hibernia, 8m.w. fromEblana. III.

sinus, an estuary of Britain E., bet. Vedra

fl. and Gabrantvicorum portus. Robin

Hood's Say. Duodea, a town of Chalcidice, Macedonia,

bet. Thessalonica (13) and Heraclea (14),

on the Egnatia Via.

Dur, an sestuary of Hibernia w. Galway Bay.

Dura, a plain of Babylonia, the locality of the idolatry of the golden image of Nabu-chodonasar. II. (Durma), a town of Apolloniatis, Assyria, on the Tigris, bet. Peloriarca and Carcha. Dor. III. (Eu-ropus, Thelda), of Tingene, Mesopotamia, on the Euphrates, bet. Asicha and Mer-rban. Built by the Macedonians.

Dukanius fl., I. a r. of Aquitania, falling into the Garumna, R., near its mouth. Dordogne. II. a r. of the Jazyges Meta-nastae, falling into the Danube. Tyma.

Duretia, a town of the Veneti, Lugdu-nensis III., N.w. of Condivicnum.

Duria major fl., I. a r. of the Salassi, Gallia Transpadana, rising in Alpes Graise, w. of Arebrigium, and falling into Padus fl. at or near Industria. Doria Ballia. II. Minor, of Gallia Transpadana, rising in Matrona m. and falling into Padus fl. below Augusta Taurinorum. Doria Ri-paria.

Durius (Dorvatius), I. ar. of Britain, falling into the Atlantic below Ad Durium. Dart. II. of Spain, rising in Caunus m.s.E. of Nu-mantia, and, after separating Tarraconen-sis from Lusitania, falling into the Atlantic at Cale, bet. Avus fl. N. and Langobriga s. Its sands were reputed to contain gold. Duero (Sp.) ; Douro (Portug.).

Durnacus, i. q. Turnacum.

Dcrnium, a town of the Cavii, Illyria, E. of Lissus.

Durnomagus, I. a town of the Coritani, Brit., N.e. of Lindum. II. of the Ubii, Gerraania I., on the Rhine, above Nove-sium.

Durnovaria, a town of the Durotriges, Brit., E. of Maridunium. Dorchester.

DuROBRiv.,E (Durobrabis, Durobrisin, Rofus-ceaster), I. a town of the Cantii, Brit., bet. Vagniacse (9) and Durovernum (25). Rochester. II. of the Catavellauni, Brit., bet. Causenna (30) and Durolipons (35).

Durocasses, a town of the Carnutes, Lug-dunensis IV., bet. Condate Eburovic. and Diodurum. Dreux.

Durocatalauni, capital of the Catalauni, Belgica II., on the Matrona, R., bet. Ba-silia N. and Arciaca s.

Durocobriv^e, a town of the Catavellauni, Brit., bet. Magiovintum (17) and Verolar-nium (12). Near Dunitable s.

Durocornovium (Corinium Dobunorum, Corin Ceaster), a town of the Dobuni, Brit., on Corinus fl., towards its source, Cirencester.

Durocortorum, postea Remi, capital of the

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