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Icarus ins., over against Cantharium prom. (10). C. Phanari. III. a town of Icarus ins., near the cognom. prom. The resi­dence, for a time, of Euripides. Dracuixa, a town of Germania Mag., on the Danube, above the junction of Ilar-gus fl. Dranc^e, Oxydrancse, a people of Sogdiana,

contiguous to the Drybattte. Orange, the principal port of Drangiana, w. of Aria lacus.

Drangiana (Zarangia), a country of Asia, bounded x. by Aria, s. by Gedrosia, at Etymandrus fl., w. by Parthia and Car-mania, E. by Arachosia, at Etymandrus fl. Zaraka.

Drafsaca (Darapsa), a town of Bactriana, towards Maracodra. Built by Alexander,

Drat.e (Dagrse), a town of Tyanitis, Cap-padocia.

Draudacum, a fortress of the Penestae, Illyrise, bet. Uscana and /Eneum.

Dravus fl. (Drabus, Draus), a r. of Pan-nonia, rising E. of Vipitenum, and falling into the Danube at Teutoburgium. Draave.

Drecanum prom., a pr. of Cos, on the N. coast, 224 m. w. from Cos oppid.

Drepane (postea Helenopolis, a town of Bithynia, on Propontis, E. of Proenetus. Renamed by Constantine, in honour of his mother Helena. Ersek.

Drepaxum (" scythe-h'ke"), I. the early name of Corcyra ins. II. prom., a pr. of Achaia, over against Rhium prom., de­riving its name from the fable of Saturn's scythe. I>repano. III. of Crete, x., at the w. extremity of Amphimallius sin. Drepano. IV. of Cyrenaica, w., below Berenice. V. of Thebais, on the Red Kea, at the entrance to Heroopolites sin. VI. of Cyprus, on the w. coast, be­yond Paphos. C. Trapano. VII. a mari­time town of Sicily, w., bet. Eryx and ^Egithallus. Trapani.

Drepsa, capital of the Drepsiani BactrianEe, bet. the Oxus and the Jaxartes. Wasch-gerd.

Drepsian*!, a people of Bactria, s.w. of Vandabanda.

Dresia, a town of Phrygia Magna, on Ohrimus fl., towards Peltse.

Dril^e, a people of Pontus, in the m. above Trapezus, who ultimately became fused with the Sanni and adopted their name.

Drillophillitve, a people of India i. Gan^em, under Uxentus m. s., on the right bank of Mana fl,

Drilon fi., a r. of Illyria, formed by the junction of two rivers, the Drilon Albus, rising in Bertischus m., and the Drilon

Niger, rising in CaUicaeni m., near Bantia;

these, meeting at Gabuleus, fall together

into the Adriatic below Lissus. Drino. Drimati, a people of Arabia Felix, about

Corodamum prom. About Bunder Dju-

raim. Drinus fl., a r, of Europe, rising in Bebii

m. S.e. of Bersumnum, and, after separat­ing Illyria from Moesia, falling into Savus

fl. Drina.

Drios m., a m. of Nasos ins. The birth­place of Bacchus. Drippa, a town of the Apsynthii, Thrace,

on the Egnatia Via, bet. Cypsela (12) and

Siracella (14). Dripsinum, a town of the Euganei, in the

hills above Vicetia. Tressino. Dridm m., a summit of Garganus m., 12 m.

N. of Matinum, on which were chapels of

Calchas and Podalirius. Drizium, a fortress of Cappadocia, towards


Droi, a people of Thrace, on Strytnon fl. Drosaca (Rosacha), a town of Serica. Drubetis (Druphegis), a town of the Sal-

denses, Dacia, N.e. of Pons Trajani. Cra-jova. Druentxa fl., a r. of Gaul, rising in Ve-

salus m. and falling into the Rhone at

Avenio. Durance. Druna fl., a r. of Gaul, falling into the

Rhone, L., at Batiana. Drome. Drusi trop^a, a town of Germania, on

Visurgis fl., E. of Pheugarum. The death-place of Drusus. Drusillaxa, a town of Zeugitana, bet.

Signese and Thacia. Drusomagus, a town of the Catenates,

Vindelicia, on Licus fl., near its confluence

with the Danube. Memmingen. Druzipara, a town of the Odrysee, Thrace,

bet. Bergula and Turullus. Karishtan. Drybactjs, a people of Sogdiana, contiguous

to the Candari. Drybices, a people of Media Choromitrene,

on the Caspian, bet. Amardus fl. and the

AnariacEe. Drym^a, prius Naubolus, a town of Phocis,

2£ m. from Tithronium. Destroyed by

Xerxes. Ogvlnitza. Drymus, I. a village of Attica, near Panac-

tum. II. a place in Ellopia, Eubcea, on

Callas fl., near Histiaea. Drymusa ins., an isl. of Ionia, in Hermius

sin., over against Chytrium. hola Inglese. Dryopes, a tribe of Thracians, the early

settlers of the N. portion of Phocis. under

CEta m., colonies of whom migrated to Epirus, about Ambracia, to Euboea, Asia Minor, and to Peloponnesus. There were

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