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by Estiaeotis and Phthiotis, s. by ^Eniania and Maliensis, w. by Aperantia (into which at one time it extended), E. by Phthiotis. Thamako ; Grituiano; Agra-pha,

Doluca (Doliche), a town of Cyrrhestica, w. of Zeugma.

Dolucens, a town of the Morini, Belgica II., bet. Gessoriacum and Pontes.

Dom.e ins., an isl. of Gedrosia, towards Saranga. Tschilnay.

Domaxa, a town of Armenia Minor, bet. Solonenica (18) and Satala (18). The station of the Equites Sagittarii Domanse.

Domanitis, a district of Paphlagonia, N,e. of Blaene reg.

Domitiopolis, a town of Cilicia Trachea, on Arymagdus fl.

Donatiana, a town of the Hercuniatge, Pannonia, near the Danube, bet. Ad Novas and Ad Labores.

Donantilia, a town of Chaldgea, bet. Cy-bate and Dablan.

Donusa. Vide Gonusa.

Donysa ins., an isl, of the JEge&n, one of the Sporades, bet, Naxos and los. Un­der the Romans a place of banishment. Famous for its green marble. Raclia.

Dora (Dorus, Dor), a maritime town of Phoenicia, bet. Calama N. and Ccesarea Palestina s. (9). Tortura.

Dora foxs, a town of the Dame, Arabia Felix, N.w. of Abissa. Dahra.

Doras, a town of Sicyonia.

Dorbeta, a town of Sophene, Armenia, N. of Amida.

Dorexi, ArabUe, i. q. Zoreni.

Doues, a tribe of Pelasgi, who, driven from Estieeotis, Thessaly, by the Macedni, emi­grated under Dorus, son of Helien, to the country called after them Doris, expelling thence or subjugating the Dryopes, its original population. Circa 1104 B.c., in league with their guests the Heraclidae, they invaded Peloponnesus, where they established Lacedtemon and other states.

Doric a tetrapolis, i. q. Doris Asiat.

Doricana, a town of Dacia, near Ulpia-num.

Doridis sin., a bay of Carium mare, bet. Triopium prom, and Cynossema prom. G. di Syme.

Dorioxes, a town of the Moesi, Moes. Inf., on Utus fl., R., bet. Storgosia and Melta.

Doris (prius Dryopis, jEpalius), I. a coun­try of Griecia e. Peloponnesum, bounded N. by Thessaly, s. by Locri Ozolee, w. by jEtolia, E. by Phocis. Lidoriki. II. (Ca-rius, Triopium), a peninsula of Caria, bet. Ceramicus sin., and Doridis sin.

Doriscus, I. a plain of the Cicones in Thrace, along Hebrus fl., where Xerxes reviewed his army. II. a fortress of Thrace, on Hebrus fl., below Dyme, over­looking the cognominal plain. Built by Darius.

Dorista, a town of Babylonia, bet. Seleucia and Abara.

Dorium, postea Oluris, a town of Mes-senia, bet. Electra and the sea. The place where the Muses deprived Tharayris of his sight.

Dorius fl., a r. of India e. Gangem, rising in Damasi m., and falling into Indicum mare, by several mouths, at the w. en­trance of Sarabicus sin. Pegu.

Dorostorum, a town of the Getse, Moesia, on the Danube, bet. Sagadava and Tegu-licium. The station of the Eleventh Le­gion. Sllistria ; Sistria.

Dorticum, a town of the Moesi, Moesia Sup., on Timacus fl., bet. Ad Aquas and Bononia.

Dorum urbs, a town of the Ordovices, Brit., towards the source of Sabrina fl., E. of Maglona.

Dorvatius fl., Brit., i. q. Durius.

Doryleum, a town of Phrygia Epict,, on Thymbris fl., R., towards its junction with Sangarins fl., S.e. of Cydissus. It had warm baths. Eski Sher.

Dosarexi, i. q. Zoreni.

Dosaron fl., a r. of the Callings, India, falling into the sea w. of Callinga.

Dosci, Sarmatite Asiat., i. q. Psessii.

Dotham, a town of Samaria, 12 m. N. from Samaria. The place where Joseph was sold by his brethren.

Dotium, a town of Pelasgiotis, Thessaly, in Dotius campus, at the N.e. extremity of Baebeis palus. Djechani.

Dotius campus, a district of Pelasgiotis, Thessaly, bet. Ossa m. and the N.e. shore of Baebeis palus. The primitive seat of the jEnianes.

Doulonpolis, a name of Acanthus, in Cni-dus.

Drabesctts, a town of the Edones, Thrace, 12 m. N.w. of Philippi. Drama.

Draco, I. a r. of Bithynia, falling into Pro-pontis w. of Astacenus sin., after a pecu­liarly meandering course. Dtl. II. of Campaniae, i. q. Sarnus. III. a m. of Lydia, bet. Temnus m. and Tmolus m. Kizzel-djeh ; Mousseh Dagh.

Dracontis ins., an isl. of Africa, off Hippo,


Draconum, I. a m. of Icarus ins., where, according to the local tradition, Bacchus was born. II. prom., the E. extremity of

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