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Daulis (Daulia, Daulium), a town of Pho-cis, 3J m. w. from Panopeus. . The scene of the story of Philomele and Procne. Daulia.

Dauni, a people of Apulia, a mixed race of Illyrian Japygea and Osci, occupying the upper portion of the region above the Peu-ceti, from whom they were separated by a line drawn from Aufidus fl. to Silvium. Named from their king, Daunus, identified by tradition as the father-in-law of Dio-med.

Dautonia, a town of the Oseriatae, Pan-nonia, bet. Piretse and Siscia.

Davaba (Davada), a town of Scythia i. Imaum, E. of Asbabota.

Davara, a town of Cappadocia, in Taurus m., fi geog. m. from Irenopolis. Dalak.

Davianum, a town of the Vocontii, Vieunen-sis, E.s.e. of Cambonum.

Daxata, a town of Serica.

Daximonitis, a district of Pontus, on Iris fl., below Comana.

Dea vocontioritm, capital of the Vocontii, Gallia Viennensis, on Druna fi., R., bet. Lucus Augusti (12) and Augusta Tricasti-norum (23). Luc, near Vaugelas.

Deba, a town of Mesopotamia, on the Tigris, R., s.E. of Nisibis. Eski-Moiul.

Deb^s: (Dedebae, nicknamed by the Greeks Cinasdocolpitae), a people of Arabia Felix, on Bsetius fl. Tribe of Zebeyde.

Debeltus, a town of the Selletse, Thrace, on the Euxine, bet. Anchialus and Apol-lonia.

Debir, privs Kirjath-Sepher, Kiriath-San-nai, I. a sacerdotal city of Juda, bet. Duma N.e. and Beerseba s.w. II. a town of Gad, E. of the Jordan. III. of Benjamin.

Deboma, a town of the Eordeti, Illyria, on Apsus fl., N.w. of Ilion. Dobrin.

Deboras, surnamed Inferior, a town of the Penestse, on Drilo fl., below Deborus Superior. Dibre. II. Superior, of the Penestae, on Drilo Niger fl., below Uscana. Dibre.

Debotes fl., a r. of Sardinia, falling into the sea towards Bitia. Iscagessa.

Deuris, a town of the Garamantes, Africa.

Decants (Cantaei), a maritime tribe of Caledonii, E., about Vara ^£st. and Tuaesis JBst. On Crtimarty Frith.

Decapolis, Bethsan, a district of Judea, principally E. of the Jordan, x. of Ammo-nitis. Named from its ten confederate cities.

Decastadium, a town of Brattium, bet. Peripolium and Leucopetra prom., on Via Trajana. Castitio.

Dkceleia, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

Hippothoontis, bet. Cephissia and Oropus, (15). It was the Deceleians who indicated Helena's hiding-place to the Tyndaridse. Varibobi.

Decem pagi, a town of the Mediomatrices, Belgica I., on Saravus fl., bet. Ad Duode-cim and Pons Saravi. Dieuze.

Decetia (Degena), a town of the ^Edui, Lugdunensis I., on an island of the Liger, bet. Nivernum, N.w., and Aquae Nisenoe, s.E. Decise.

Deciana, a town of the Indigetes, Tarraco-nensis, N.E. of Juncaria.

Deciates (Liguri Transalpini), I. a mari­time tribe of Salyes, Narbonensis, about Antipolis, E. of the Oxybii. II. their capital, i. q. Antipolis.

Decium, a town of the Varduli, Tarraconen-sis, S.e. of Deva.

Decennovidm, a canal of Latium, running from Forum Appii southwards, parallel with Via Appia.

Dectunines, a people of Alpes Maritimae.

Decuma, a town of the Turtuli, Baetica, on the Bsetis, L., above Corbula.

Dedan, a district of Arabia Petraea, s.E. of Idumsea. The seat of the children of Dedan, son of Jokshan. Vide Daden.

Deglane, a town of Albania, on Alazonius fl., 6 geog. m. N. from Nega.

Dehavites, a people of Persia.

Deibiccle, a port of Margiana, on the con­fines of Parthia, E. of Apabarcticene.

Deipnas, a town of Thessaly, near Larissa, where Apollo was entertained on his re­turn from Tempe.

Deirades, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Leontis.

Delas fl., Assyrios, i. q. Gorgus.

Delbia, a name of Derbe, Lycaonia, from--the juniper it produced.

Delgovitia, a town of the Brigantes, Brit., bet. Derventio (13) and Prsetorium (25). Near Skipton, N.

Delium, I. a port of Boeotia, 5 m. N.e. from Tanagra, on the Euripus. Noted for the battle between the Athenians and Boeo­tians, in which Alcibiades saved the life of Socrates. Dramisi. II. (Edeliutn), a town of Laconia, on Argolicus sin., with an oracle of Apollo.

Dklos (Astcria, Ortygia, Cynthia), an isl. of the yEgean, the centre of the Cyclades, bet. Rhenea and Myconus. It arose from the sea, as a resting-place for Latona. Here was celebrated the quinquennial fes­tival of the Greeks, called Delia. The birthplace of Apollo and Diana, whence the island was deemed so sacred that no burials were permitted in it. Sdille or

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