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Nisibis. Named by Anastasius, Anasta-siopolis. Dara-Kardin ?

Darad^:, a people of Libya Interior, about the mouth of Daradus fl. The Foulahs.

Daradax fl. (Dardes), a r. of Syria, falling into the Euphrates bet. Barbalissus and Eragiza. It separates Cywhestica from Syria Proper.

Daradr.e, a people of Scythia e. Imaum, S.e. of the Byltse.

Daradus fl. (Dara), a r. of Libya Interior, falling into the Atlantic. Senegal.

Daile, a people of Libya Interior. Darah.

Daragamonis fl., a r. of Bactria, falling into Oxus fl. E. of Bactrus fl.

Daranabilla, a port of Gedrosia, bet. Alambatis prom, and Dendrobosa.

Darand.e, a people of Drangiana, on the borders of Aria.

Daranissa, a district of Armenia Interior, N. of Chorzene. Daranaghi.

Daraxon, a town of the Trocmi, Galatia, bet. Mogaron and Zela.

Darantasia (Forum Claudii), capital of the Medulli, Alpes Penninae, on Isara fl., R., bet. Oblimum and Axima. Moutiers en Tarentaise,

Darapsa, i. q. Drapsaca.

Dardani, a tribe of Pelasgi, from Moesia or Pseonia, who, under Dardanus their chief,

: son of Jupiter and Electra, colonized first Samothrace and then Dardania, in Asia Minor, circa 150G B.c., allying themselves with their brethren the Teucri. Remark­able, amid great barbarism in other respects, for their delight in music.

Dardania, I. the portion of Moesia Superior on the confines of Macedonia, settled by the Dardani. II. the district of Troas, in Asia Minor, colonized by the Dardani, ex­tending along the coast from Rhodius fl. to Rhceteum prom., and inland to the territo­ries of Zeleia, Assus, and Antandros.

Dardanium (Dardanis) prom., a pr. of Dar­dania Asiatica, s. of Abydus. Kepoburun-Puntadei; Barbari.

Dardanus, I, the capital of Dardania Asiatica, at the foot of Ida m. II. a town of Dardania Asiatica, at Dardanium prom., 7^ m. s. from Abydus.

Dardi, an Illyrian tribe, whom, with the Monades, Diomed found in occupation of a portion of Daunia Apulia, about Trica, and whom he destroyed.

Dareium, a town of Parthia-Arpavarcticene, N. of Tabas. Dehi-Muhammed.

Darentiaca, a town of the Tricastini, Vien-nensis, on Druna fl., R., above Augusta Tricastinorum.

Da,rgidus fl., Bactrice, i. q. Bactrus.

Dargomanes fl., a r. of Bactriana, rising in

Parapomisus m. and falling into the Ochus. Darini, a people of Hibernia, E. bet. the

Robogdii N. and the Usluntii s. Down,

Armagh, and Antrim. Dariorigum (Darioritum), capital of the

Yeneti, Lugdunensis, 14 geog. m. from

Portus Namnetum. Veime; Vannes;

locally, Wenet. Daritis, a district of Media Magna, vr. of

the Vadasi. Darnis (Zarine), one of the five chief towns

of Pentapolis, Cyrenaicse, bet. Azilis and

Aphrodisias. Derne. Daroma, a toparchy of Judaea, N. of Ge-

raritica. Daron, a town of the Memnones, Meroe, E.

of Meroe. Darr « (Kedarrae), a people of Arabia Felix,

on the Red Sea, bet. the Sideni and the

Banubari. About El Khedheyre. There

was a tribe of the same name on the S.e.

coast, among the Omanitse. Darsa (Dyrzila, Zorzila), a town of Pisidia,

bet. Cormasa and Lysinoe. Dartoritum, capital of the Veneti, Lugdu­nensis III., \v.n.w. of Duretia. Dascon, a fortress of Sicily, on the coast,

N.e. of Plemmyrium prom. Dascusa, a town of Melitene Prefectura,

Cappadocia. Dascylitis (Dascylos) palus, a lake of

Bithynia, on Rhyndacus fl., R., towards

Dascylium, formed by Odrysses fl. L,

Diaskilo. Dascylium, I. a name of Bithynia and

Mysia, as a Persian Satrapy. II. a city of

Bithynia, on Propontis, bet. Rhyndacus fl.

and Gebes fl. Diaskilo. Dase.e, a town of Arcadia, 1 m. s. from

Macareae. Dasena, a town of Arbelitis, Assyria, bet.

Arbela and Gaugamela. Dasmenda (Dasmena), postea Tzamandus,

a fortress of Cappadocia, on the confines

of Commagene. Dassaretia, the country of the Dassarette,

Illyria, round Lyclmitis palus. Daulas. Dastarcum, a fortress of Cataonia. Datii, a tribe of Ruteni, Aquitania, on the

Garumna, L., bet. Aginnum and Lactora.

About Testet. Datos, a maritime town of the Edones,

Thrace, close to Neapolis, and by Leake

identified with it. Noted for its gold

mines and its fertility. Founded by Calis-

tratus the Athenian. Daucones, a people of Scandia ins. s. Daulia, a town of the Eordeti, Illyria, N.e.

of Asparagium.

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