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Dalanda (Ladana), a town of Armenia Minor, on the Euphrates.

Dalasis, a maritime district of Cilicia, to­wards Charanice.

Daldes (Daldia), a town of Lydia, near Maeonia. The birth-place of Artemidorus. Ghiuldiz.

Dalion fl., a r. of Triphylia, Elis, falling into Alpheus fi. N. of Typana.

Dalisandus, a town ol Cappadocia, near Cydnus fl.

Daliternt, the early name of the Veragri, from Dala fl.

Dalmanutha, a town of Galilee, on Gen-nesareth lacus.

Dalmat/k, a people of Illyria, extending along the coast of the Adriatic from Titius fl. to Barhana fl., and to a considerable distance inland.

Dalminium (Delmium), capital of the Dal-matse, Illyria, towards Andetrium.

Damania, a town of Tarraconensis, on Turia fl., L., below Lobetum.

Damascus (Damasek, Darmasek), a city of Syria, and at one time its capital, 176 m. s.w. from Palmyra. Contemporary with Abraham. The scene of St. Paul's first preaching the Gospel. Damascus; De~ meshk; Es Sham.

Damasi m., m. of India e. Gangem, bet. Darius fl. and Doanas fl.

Damasia, a town of the Vindelici, Rhaetia, on Licus fl.

Damastium, a town of the Perisadii, Illyria. Noted for its silver mines.

Damna, I. the largest of Orcades ins., N.e. of Ocetis. II. a town of Serica, on CEchardes fl.

Damnia, a port of the Omanitae, Arabiae, s. of Acilla. Dagma.

Damnii, a people of Valentia, Britan., ex­tending across the island s.w. to N.e. from s. of Vidogara sin. to N. of Bodotria vEstuar.

Damnonii (Dumnonii), a people occupying the w. portion of Britannia I., from w. of Vexalla ^Estuar. N . and from E. of Isaca fl. s. Devonshire and Cornwall.

Damxonium prom., i. q. Ocrinum.

Dan, I. a tribe of Israel, bounded N. by Ephraim at Geser, s. by Juda at Beth- i semes, w. by the Mediterranean, and E. by j Benjamin, w. of Bethhoron. II. prittx Laish, capital of Dan, bet. Csesarea Panics E. and Rehob. The chief locality of Jcro- i beam's idolatry. The N. boundary of the | Israelites. Tel el Kady. \

Daxa, I. Cappadoria, i. q. Tyana. II. a port of Taprobane, s. bet. Cytaeum prom, and OrniEum prom. Tanoal. j

Danai, the Pelasgi of Argos, so naming them­selves from Danaus.

Danala, a village of Galatia, where the conference bet. Lucullus and Pompey was held.

Danapris fl., i. q. Borysthenes. - ;

Danaster fl., i. q. Tyras.

Dandace, a port of Taurica Chersonesus, w. above Eupatoria.

Dandagula, capital of the Calingse, Indise, on Manada fl. Calingaputam.

Dandari (Dandaridae), a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, contiguous to the Sindi.

Dandarica, a district of Sarmatia Asiatica, on Vardanes fl., R., towards its mouth.

Danduti, a tribe of Chatti, Germania, on Adrana fl., R., below the Batti.

Daneum portus, jEgypti, i. q. Arsinoe-Cleopatris.

Danthalet.e (Denseletae), a tribe of Dar-dani, Thrace, N. of the Medi, bet. Strymon fl. and the Bessi, under Haemus m., and in Moesia, under Scomius m.

Danubius fl., a r. of Europe, rising in Abnoba m. and falling, after a course of 1770 m., into the Buxine by several mouths (6 according to Pliny, 7 according to Strabo). From its mouth to its junc­tion with Savus fl., its early name was Ister. Danube; Donau.

Danum, a town of the Brigantes, Britan., bet. Legeolium and Agelocum. Doncaster.

Daorsi, a tribe of Dalmatae, Illyria, con­tiguous to the Ardiaei.

Daphaba, a town of the Ceelate, Thrace, on Harpessus fl., bet. Burdextium and Nice.

Daphne, I. a town of Lower Egypt, on Bubasticus fl., 1C m. s.w. from Pelusium. II. a fortress of Lycia. III. a village of Syria, 5 m. s. from Antioch. Noted for its royal pleasure-gardens. It communi­cated the surname Epidaphne to Antioch. IV. the port of Trapezus.

Daphnitis ins., an isl. of the Colobi, in the Red Sea, opposite Sabae. Dollaca.

Dai-hnus, I. a port of ^Ethiopia, on Ery-thraeum mare, w. of Elephas fl. II. warm baths of Ionia, in the territory of Cla-zomenae. III. a town of the Locri Opun-tii, on Opuntius sin., 2J m. E. from Cne-mis. Extinct in Strabo's time.

Daphnusis palus, a lake of Bithynia, formed by Hypius fl. below Prusias. L. Ef-nanlir.

Dara, I. a r. of Carmania, falling into Per-sicus sin. bet. Bacrada fl. and Ila, opposite Sogdiana ins. It separates the Camelo-bosci from Rudiane. Daratiin. II. a town of Mygdouia, Mesopotamia, x. of

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