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capital of the cognominal island, on the w.

coast. Hevrceo- Castro,

Cytixium, a town of Doris, the chief of the Dorica Tetrapoh's, w. of Parnassus, on the confines of Locri Ozolee.

Cytonium (Certonium), a maritime town of ^Eolis Asiatica, s. of Carine. Kidonia.

Cytorum, a Greek town of Paphlagonia, on the coast, 26 m. E. from Amastris, whither its inhabitants were removed by Queen Amastris. Kidros.

Cytorus m., a m. of Paphlagonia, over­looking Cytorum. It was noted for its fine boxwood.

Cyziccs, a city of Mysia, on an island in Propontis, E. of .flisepus fl. Built by Cyzicus, son of Apollo, the chief of a Pelasgic colony from Thessaly. Perma­nently settled by Milesians ; connected by a bridge with the continent by Alexander. Under Rome, a free city. Memorable for its siege by Mithridates. The birth-place of Agathocles, Neanthes, &c. Atraki.

Cyzistra (Cosistra), a town of Cilicia Pref., Cappadocia.


Dabana, a town of Mesopotamia, bet. Car-rse and Calinicum, near the source of Be-liasfl.

Dabenegora, a port of the Caludaei, Arabia Felix, s. of Asaborum prom. Daba ,• Dobba.

Dabekath, a town of Zebulun, under Tabor m. Dalira.

Dabljj, a town of Bithynia, bet. Tottseum (28) and Dadaslana (40).

Dablan, a town of Chahtea, on the Euphra­tes, L., bet. Donantiha and Aserga.

Dabrona fl., a r. of Hibernia s., 10 m. from Bargus fl. Lee.

Dacharemoiz.e, a people of Arabia Felix, N. of Marithie montes. Dar-al-Khara-matah.

Dachareni, a people of Arabia Felix, K. of Macoraba. Tribe of Dii'y Daher.

Dachinabades, " south land," the coast of India i. Gangem, s. of Larice pens. Dec-can.

Dacia, a country of Europe, bounded N. by Sarmatia Europaaa, at Tyras fl., s. by Jloesia, at the Danube, w. by Pannonia, at the Tibiscus, E. by the Euxine. The country of the Daci, priui Uaoi. It was distributed into Aljicnsis under Carpatus m., Mediterranea (central Dacia), and Ripensis, the x. portion. Transylvania. Wallachia, Moldavia (Bessarabia).

Dacibyza, a town of Bithynia, on Astace-

nus sin., N. bet. Nicomedia and Lybissa.

Ghebze. Dacoca, a town of the Garamtei, Assyria,

S.s.e. of Arbela. Dacora (Daora), I. a town of Cilicene,

Cappadocia, near Ceesarea-Mazaca. II.

(Thiar), of Osrhoene, Mesopotamia, bet.

Apamea and Anthemusias. Dactonium, a town of the Lucenses, Tar-

raconensis, on Silis ft., R., below Forum

Cigurrorum. Dactylesma, a village of Arcadia, s. of

Manise. The scene of one of Orestes'

phrensies. Dadancana, a village of Bithynia, bet.

Prusias ad Hypium and Bithynium. Dad ara, a town of Arabia, on the Euphrates,

bet. Dura and Merrhan. Dadastana, a town of Bithynia, bet. Dablse

(40) and Juliopolis (26). The death-place

of Jovian. Dadena, a port of the Caludsei, Arabia, N.

of Dabanegora. The abode of Dedan,

grandson of Cush. Daden. Dades prom., a pr. of Cyprus, E. of Citium.

C. Chiti. Dadybra, a town of Paphlagonia, near the

source of Amnias fl. D^eantius campus, the district about Dseas,

in Phrygia. D^edala, a town of Caria, on Glaucius sin.,

at the mouth of Ninus fl., 0| m. from

Callimache. Named from Dcedalus, who

was bitten to death here by a serpent. D.EDALiDj!, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

Cecropis. D^dahum, prius Omphale, a fortress of

Sicily, s. bet. Agrigentum (18) and Pbintse.

The citadel of Phalaris. D^monum ins., an isl. of Arabia Felix, in

the Red Sea, s.E. of Berenice. D.ETiCHjE, a people of India e. Gangem,

bet. Hyphasis and Hesudrus ffl. Dagduana, atownof Arsissa,Mesopotamia,

on Arsissa pal. w. Dedvan. Dagolassus (Megalassus), a town of Cap­padocia, bet. Zara (20) and Nicopolis (24). Dagona (Dogana), a town of Armenia

Minor, bet. Sebastia Comassa (15) and

Dagolassus (25). Dagosira, a port of Gedrosia, on Paragon

sin., bet. Pasida and Samydace. Dah.e, I. a people of Hyrcania, about Hyr-

cauia. II. (Dii, Machaerophori), of Thrace,

about Rhodope m. Daix fl., a r. of Scythia i. Imanm, falling

into the Caspian E. of Rymmus fl. Daik :

I'ral. Dala. fl., a r. oi' Gaul, falli:i; into the

Rhodanus, E. of Lemanus lac. Dala.

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