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Cyparissius sinus, a gulf of Ionium mare, extending 36 m. on either side from Cypa-rissia. G. d'Arcadhia.

Cyparissus, " full of cypresses," a town of Phocis, on Parnassus m., bet. Delphi and Lebadia. Panics.

Cypasis, a town of Chersonesus Thracia, on Melas sin., s. of Cardia.

Cyphanta, a town of Laconia, N.w. of Zarax, 1£ m. from the sea. In ruins in Pausanias' time. Kyphanto.

Cyphara (Cypsera), a fortress of Dolopia, Thessaly, on the frontier of Phthiotis, on Phoenix fl., below Phalacthia. Kyphara.

Cyphus, I. a m. of Perrhsebia, Thessaly, one of the < )lympus range, overlooking the cognominal town. II. a town of Perrhae-bia, Thessaly, towards Ascuris palus.

Cypri-e ins., three islets of Lyeia, in the Lycium mare, towards Phaselis. Trinesia.

Cyprii, a demus of Attica.

Cyprus ins., " cypress-growing" (Sphecia, Cerastis, Cryptus), an isl. of the Mediter­ranean, equidistant bet. Phoenicia and Cilicia. The third in extent of the seven great islands of the Mediterranean. In length 140 m., in greatest breadth 50. Colonized from Phoenicia, Greece, Crete, and Egypt. Cyprus: Kibris.

Cyfsaria, a maritime town of Syrtica Regio, bet. Casae and Presidium.

Cyfsila, I. a town of Arcadia, N.w. of Me­galopolis. Founded by Cypsilus. II. of the Apsynthii, Thrace, on Egnatia Via, bet. Trajanopolis (29) and Siracella (30). Ipsala,

Cyftasia (Cloptasa), Paphlagonia, i. q. Gurzubanthon.

Cyrba, an early name of Hierapytna, in Crete.

Cyre fl., a stream of Cyrenaica, near Cyrene, probably giving name to the district.

Cyrenaica, a district of Africa, bounded N. by the Mediterranean, s. by Libya, E. by Marmarica, at Chersonesus Magna, andw. by Africa Propria, at Philsenorum Arie, Made a Roman province circa 90 B.c., in conjunction with Crete. Barca.

Cyr£n£, capital of Cyrenaica, 10 m. inland, s.w. from its port, Apollonia. Built CliO B.c. by a Lacedaemonian colony from Thera ins., under Battus, from whom the Cyre-nians were also called Battiadse. The seat of the Aristippian or Cyrenaic sect. The district was noted for its fine horses. Kay-ran; Kyreune; Knrin.

Cyreschata (Cyropolis), a town of Sog-diana, N.e. of Maracanda. Built by Cyrus; destroyed by Alexander, but restored.

Cyreti.e, a town of Perriwebia, Thessaly, on

Titaresius fl., below Oloossoon. Tcherit-


^e, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Acamantis.

Cyrnus, a town of Euboea, near Carystus.

Cyropolis, I. a port of the Cadusii, Media, on the Caspian, N. of Amardus fl. Reschd. II. a town of Persis Proper, w. of Pasar-gada. III. of Sogdiana, i. q. Cyreschata.

Cyrrhesttca, I. a district of Emathia, Ma­cedonia, about Cyrrhus. II. of Syria, bet. the plain of Antioch w., the Euphrates E., Commagene N., and Chalybonitis s.

Cyrrhus, I. capital of Cyrrhestica, Mace­donia, 16 m. N.w. from Pella. Paleeo-Castro. II. of Cyrrhestica, Syrise, bet. Chanunia and Gindarus, N.e. of Antiochia. The birth-place of Avidius Cassius.

Cyrthaneus portus, vide Scythranius.

Cyrtii, a people of Persia, towards the Mardi.

Cyrtone, a town of Boeotia, 2| m. x.w. from Holmones, on Ptoon m.

Cyrus fl. I. (Agradatas), a r. of Asia, rising N. of Pasargacla and falling into Bagradas fl. E. of Apostana. II. (Corus, Cyrnus), of Asia, rising in Paryadrus m. below Artanissa, and, after separating Iberia and Albania from Armenia Major, falling into the Caspian by twelve mouths below Sanina. Kur. III. of Media, falling into the Caspian at Charax.

Cyssus (Casystes), the s. port of Erytlme, Ionia. Tchesmeh.

Cyt.t.a (Cuta), I. capital of Colchis, near Phasis fl., R., below Surapona. The city of Medea. II. a maritime town of Tau-rica Chersonesus, s. bet. Cimmerium and Acra.

Cyt.eum, I. the N.e. extremity of Tapro-bane. II. a town on the N. coast of Crete, s.w. of Dium prom. Near Poli-castro.

Cyterium, a town of Bruttium, near Con-sentia. Cerisano.

Cythera, I. prius Porphyris, an isl. of La­conia, in the ^Egean, 5 m. s.w. from Malea prom. Here Venus rose from the sea. Cerigo. II. its capital, on the S.e. coast, Ij m. from the sea.

Cytheron (Cytherus), a demus of Attica, of the tribe Pandionis. One of the twelve divisions of Cecrops.

Cytherus fl., a r. of Elis, falling into Al-pheus fl., E. near Heraclea. Lintza.

Cythnus, I. one of the Cyclades, bet. Ceos and Seriphus. Noted for its cheese. The scene of the Pseudo-Nero's adventures. Devastated by AmpUyirion. Theriiua. II. a m. of Delos. Monte Cintio. III.

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