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Cydni, a people of Pannonia, on Arrabo fl. Cydnus fl., a r. of Cilicia Campestris, rising in Taurus m. above Tarsus, and falling into the sea at Khegma lacus. Noted for its excessive coldness, which nearly killed Alexander, and for the pageant of Cleo­patra. Tersoos. Cydonea ins., one of Leucse ins.,

with warm springs. Cydonia, a town of Crete, on the N. coast,

bet. Minoum and Aptera. Jerami. Cydrara, Phrygise, i. q. Laodicea. Cydri.c, a town of the Brygi, Illyria, E. of

Lychnitis palus, near Brygias. Cyinda, a fortress of Cilicia Campestris,

above Anchiale. Cyiza, a maritime town of Gedrosia, bet.

Alambatis prom, and Daranabilla. Cylicranes, a tribe of Malienses, Thessaly,

towards Trachis. Cylitjdrine, a district of India, about the

source of the Ganges.

Cylistarncs fl., a r. of Lucania, falling into Tarentinus sin., s. of Siris fl. Raca-nello.

Cylla (Chelidonia), a town of Phrygia Pa-rorea, bet. Synnada and Antiochia Pisidia, E. of Metropolis. Cyllanus campus, the plain of Phrygia

Parorea, about Cylla. Sitshanli. Cyllene, I. a m., the highest of the range which, extending E. from Erymanthus m., separates Arcadia from Achaia, situate bet. Stymphalus and Pheneus. Sacred to Mer­cury. Zyria. II. the harbour of Elis, on the x. coast, E. of Chekmatus prom., 15 m. from its capital. Named after Cyllenius, the Arcadian. The Pelasgic port of em­barkation for Italy. Lechcna. Cylusxicus sinus, a gulf of the Ionian s.

at Cyllene, Elis. Cymaria, a port of Caria, 8 m. from


Cyme, chief of the twelve cities of ^Eolis Asiatica, on Cumceus (Eleaticus) sin., w. from Myrina, svrnamed Phriconis from Phricium m., in Locris, the previous seat of its ^Eolian colonizers. Originally a Pelasgic city, and named from the amazon Curne. The residence of Homer's ances­tors, and of the father of Hesiod. The birth-place of Ephorus, the Nestorian. Sanderly. II. a town of Euboea, near Chalcis, the seat of the colonizers of the Italian Cumse.

Cymixe, Dolopise, i. q. Cthnene. Cynm^th A, a town of Arcadia, under Aroanms m., N.w. of Clitor. Its inhabitants were noted for their profiiifticy and barbarism. Calarrita.

Cynetes (Cynesii, Cuntei), the people of the

Cunens, Lnsitania. Cyneticum littus, the coast of Narbonen-

sis, towards the Pyrenees. Cynia palcs, a salt lake of Acarnania, on the s. coast, bet. Melite pal. and Una pal., 7J m. long by 2 broad. Probably an early mouth of Achelous fl. Lago d'Antolico. Cynopolis, I. a town of Heptanomis, on an island in the Nile, opposite Co. II. of Lower Egypt, on the Sebennytic branch of the Nile, 5 geog. m. w. from Thmuis. Named from the circumstance that dogs were worshipped there. Busir ? Cynortium m., a m. of Argolis, near Epi-

daurus., " dog's head," I. a place in Boeotia, bet. Leuctra and Thebes. II. a hill of Pelasgiotis, Thessaly, near Sco-tnssa. The scene of the defeat of Philip of Macedon by Flaminius, 197 B.c. cynossema, I. " dog's tomb," a place near Calydon, jEtolia, where Atalanta's dog, killed by the boar, was buried. II. & pr. of Attica, the E. termination of Pentelicus m. towards Marathon. III. (Onagnathos), a pr. of Caria, at the s. entrance of Doridis sin. C. Aloupo, or Volpe. IV. a town of Chersonesus Thracia, on the Hellespont. Named from the metamorphosis and death here of Hecuba. Noted for the victory of the Athenian fleet under Thrasybulus and Thrasyllus over the Peloponnesiau allies. Kelidil-bahar. Cynosthrium prom., a pr, of Pamphylia,

bet. Cestrus fl. and Eurymedon fl. Cynosura, " dog's tail," prom., a headland of Attica, in Saronicus sin., the w. ex­tremity of Pentelicus m. Cape Cmala. Cynthus m., a m. of Delos, giving their sur­name to Apollo and Diana. Cynuria, a district of Arcadia, on the con­fines of Argolis. Cynosuria, an ancient district of Mega-


CYNUs,the portof OpusLocrid.,74 m. x.w. from the capital. The burial-place of Pyrrha. Lflanitis.

Cyparisseis fl., a r. of Messenia, rising in vEgaleus m., L., falling into Cyparissus sin. near Cyparissia. Arcadhia. CYPARissiA,I.a town of Laconia, on Laconi-cus sin., s. of AcriEe, close to Asopus. Rtipino : Kampino ,• Castel Kyparissi. II. of Messenia, on Cyparissius sin., w. of Messine. Arcadhia. III. a name of Samos.

Cyparissium prom., a headland of Messe­nia, the s. extremity of Cyparissius sin. C. Konello, or C, Apidaglia.

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