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Homer. Noted for its fine cavalry, and for the resina Colophoniana.

Colophoxiorum portus, the N. harbour of Torone in Sithonia, Macedonia.

Color.ina, a town of Auranitis, Baby]., on the Euphrates, bet. Achajacala and Olabus.

Colossi, postea Chonae, a city of Phrygia Mag., N.e. of Laodicea, bet. Mseander fl. and Lycus fl. Noted for its wool trade. Destroyed by an earthquake in the time of Nero ; restored, somewhat more w,, under the name of Chonse, by one of the Byzan­tine emperors. The birth-place of Nicetas, the historian, of Epaphras, the disciple of St. Paul, and the bearer hither of his Epistle to the Colossians, aud of Onesimus. Konas.

Colpusa, the early name of Calchedon in Bithvnia.

Colsa, a town of the Mardi, Armen., x.w. of Moranda. Kors.

Colthene, a district of Armenia, on Lych-nitis lac,

Colubraria ins. (Ophiusse), islets of Tarra-conensis, x.w. of Ebususins. Columbretes,

Columbaria ins., an isl. of Etruria, near JIva ins. Palmarola.

Columbarium prom., a pr. of Sardinia, N.e. below Arcti prom. C. di Sarda.

Columex, a town of the Latini, Latium, near Labicum.

Columxa, I. (Statua Regina), a pillar (around v.-hich grew a town), set up s. of Scylla prom, in Bruttium, to mark the narrowest pointof Fretum Siculum. La Catona. II. a place in Etruria, bet. Telamon port, and Ambro fl., where a body of Gauls, retreat­ing from the battle of Telamo, were de­stroyed by Paulus ^milius. Colonna. j

Columnarum fretum, i. q. Hcrculis Fre- i turn; so named from the Columns of j Hercules. j

Colussa, Paphlagonia, the early name of | Aboniteichos.

Colyergia prom., a pr. of Argolis, on Her-mionicus sin., at Hermione.

Colypes, a demus of Attica, of the tribe - ^geis.

Colythus, a suburban demus of Athens. The birth-place of Plato; the abode of i yEschines and of Timon the misanthrope. | The children here were noted for a pecu­liarly precocious speech.

Comagene, a town of the Boii, Noricum, bet. Piratortum (8) and Asturis.

Comana, I. (Cruse), a city, tirst of Cataonia, Cappadocia, and afterwards of Armenia, on Sarus fi., towards its source, bet. Mazaca (04) and Circusus (02). Named from the ! hair of Orestes, deposited here by him in [

the temple of Ma (Bellona). A colonia.

Al Bostan. II. surnamed Pontica, a town

of Pontus, on Iris fl., towards its source,

30 m. w. of Zela. Komanak. Comari, a port of India i. Gangem, E. Con-

niacombri. Comaria (Comar) prom., the s. extremity

of India i. Gangem, over against Taprobane

ins. C. Comorin. Comarus portus, a haven of Molossis, Epi-

rus, bet. Glykis portus and Nicopolis.

Near Canali.

Comba, a town of Lycia, towards Araxa. Combaristum, a town of the Andecavi,

Lugdunensis III., bet. Sipia x.w. and

Juliomagus S,e.

Combrea, a town of Chalcidice, Macedonia. Combretoxium, a town of the Cenimagni,

Brit., on Sturius fl., R., bet. Sitomagus

(22) and Colonia. Woodbridge. Combusta ins., I. an isl. of Arabia Felix, on

the Red Sea, s.w. of Cardamene ins. II. a

town of the Volcae Tectosages, Narbonensis

I., bet. Sulsulse N. and Ruscino. Combustica, a town of the Mcesi, Moes.

Sup., bet. Ratiaria and Timacus Min. Comedarum m., m. of Asia, separating

Bactria and Sogdiana. Comedava, a town of the Ratacenses, Dac.,

N.w. of Ramidava.

Comenasis fl., a r. of India i. Gangem, fall­ing into the Ganges x. of Agoranes fl,

Caramnassa; or (Mannert) Sagra. Comiciana, a town of Sicily, under Maro m.,

s. bet. Agrigentum and Ancyra. Cominium, a town of the Volsci, N.e. of

Atina, near the source of Fibrenus fl. S.

Maria del Campo. Cominium (Centum), a town of the Pentri,

Samnium, N.w. of Telesia. Ceretu. Comisene, the N.e. district of Parthia. Comisimhela, a town of Osrhoene, on Belias

fl., bet. Avireth and Alagma. Commagene, a district of Syria, bounded x.

by Cappadocia at Taurus m., s. by Cyr-

rhistica, E. by the Eujthrates, w. by Syria

Prop1. Commania, the early name of Cestrine in

Epirus. Commixica (Commica), i. q. Lugdunum

Conveiiaruin. Commoris, a fortress of the Eleutherocilices,

Cilicia Trachea, in Amanus m. Commoni, a maritime tribe of Salyes, Nar­bonensis, s. of the Sueltri, E. of Massilia. Como, a town of Pentapolis, Cyrenaicse, bet.

Hadrianopolis and Arsinoe. Compasis, a town of Thebais, bet. Aphro-

ditis and Diospolis, E. of Apollinopolis


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