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Cisserussa ins., an isl. of Rhodes, towards Cnidug.

Cissi, a maritime village of Mauritania Csesar., w. of Rusucurrum.

Cissia, the central district of Susiana Ely-mais, about Seleucia. With Herodotus and Ptolemy an appellation of Susiana itself.

Cissides prom., a pr. of Lycia, 10 m. from Lagusa.

Crssii m., m. of Sarmatia Asiatica.

Cissds, a town of Atnphaxitis, Macedonia, near Thessalonica. The birth-place of Cisseus. Cisme. II. the port of Erythra, Ionia.

Cistern.e, a town of the Macse, Africa Proper, on Syrtis Major, w. of Trieron prom.

Cisthexe, a port of ^olis Asiatica, w. of Pyrrha prom. Near it were copper mines. Deserted in Strabo's time.

Cistoboci, a people of Dacia, bet. the Tyras and the Parata ffl., N". of the Harpii.

Cistovia, a town of Germania Magna, near Albis fl., E. of Csenocnum.

Cistramum, a fortress of Cilicia Campestris, near Anazarba. m., a chain of m. separating Boeotia from Megaris and Attica, a w. con­tinuation of Parnes m. Sacred to Jupiter Cithaeronius and to Bacchus. The scene of the death of Actseon and of Pen-theus, and of the exposure of QEdipus. Elatea.

Citu arasta, I. a pr. of the Commoni, Nar-bonensis, bet. Taurentum and Olbia. Cap Ccpet, II. a town on the cognominal prom. Cioiat, near Ceireste.

Citharizum, a town of Sophene, Armenia, on the s. arm of the Euphrates.

Citium, I. a city of Cyprus s., at a cog-nominal prom. Founded by Belus. From its name the Scriptural designation of the Gentiles, Chittim, is supposed to have been derived. The death-place of Cimon the Athenian. The birth-place of Zeno and of Apollonias, Chiti.

Cium, a town of Moesia Inferior, oa the Danube, bet. Bereum and Carsum.

ClL's fl., I. i. q. Ascanius Bithynise. II.i. q. Ocscus. III. a city of Bithynia, on Cianus sin., at the mouth of Ascanius fl., R. The port of Nicrea. A Milesian colony. De­stroyed by Philip, son of Demetrius ; re­built by Prusias, and called for a time Prusias ad Mare. Kio.

Cladeus fl., a r. of Elis, rising near Thrau-stus and failing into Alpheus fl., E. of Olympia. Slauro-Kepliali.

Ci.ampetia, a maritime town of Bruttium,

bet. Cerillae (40) and Tempsa (10), on Via Aquilia. Amantia.

Clanis fl. (Glanis), an early name of the Liris. II. a r. of Etruria, rising near Arretium and falling into the Tiber N.e. of Vulsinii. Chiana.

Clanius fl., Campanise, i. q. Liternus.

Clanum, a town of the Senones, Lugdimen-sis IV., bet. Agenticum w. and Augusto-bona E.n.e.

Clarenna, a town of Germania Magna, on Niter fl., R., below Grinario.

Clarius fl., a r. of Cyprus.

Claros, a village of Ionia, on the coast, bet. Colophon and Ephesus. The seat of the oracle of Apollo Clarius, where Mopsus de­feated Calchas. Zille.

Clastidium, a town of the Ananes, Liguria, E. of Iria. The locality of the defeat of Viridomarus by Claudius Marcellus. The principal depot of Hannibal's army while encamped on Trebia fl. Casteggio.

Claterna, a town of Gallia Cispadana^ bet. Bononia (15) and Forum Cornelii (13), on Via Emilia Lepida. Quaderna.

Clauda ins. (Claudus), I. an isl. on the s. coast of Crete, 25 m. s. from Phoenix por-tus. Gafdanisi, II. its town. Gafda.

Claudanum, tide Pons Servilii.

Claudias (Claudiopolis, Arclaudia), a town of Laviniasene, Cappadocia, on Euphrates fl., below Melita.

Claddiomerium, a town of the Artabri, Tarraconensis, E. of Artabrum prom.

Claudiopolis, I. a later name of Bithynium, Bithynia. II. Cappadocia, i. q. Heraclea. III. a town of Cilicia Trachea, on Caly-cadnus fl., above Philadelphia. Founded by Claudius. Mrrut. IV. a town of the Trocmi, Galatia, on Halys fl., x.w. of Carissa.

Claudis, a town of Numidia, s.s.E. of Cirta.

Claudius m., m. of Pannonia, towards Mcesia. Bacherberg.

Claudonium, a town of Noricum, near Tregisamum.

Clausentum, a town of the Regni, Brit., s.w. of Venta Belgarum. Bittern Farm, 1 m. x.E.from Southampton.

Clausdla fl., a r. of the Labeates, Illyria, falling into Barbana fl. below Scodra, and forming with it Oriuns fl. Drivasti.

Clautinatii, Vindelicise, i. q. Catenates.

Clavenna, a town of the Orobii, Gallia Transpadana, bet. Tarvesedum (15) and Summus lacus (10). Chiavenna.

Clazomen^e, one of the twelve cities of Ionia, at the s.w. extremity of Hermius sin., below Chytrium. Built by a colony of Cleonseans and Phliasians on a penin-

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