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of Crimisa. A settlement of Philoctetes.

Giro; Casaluona ? Chokes, a mixed tribe of Japyges and ^Eno-

tri, contiguous to the Leutarni. Chor,«nis arx, a fortress of Sogdiana, s.E.

of Alexandria Oxiana. Chorasmii, a people of Sogdiana, on both

sides the Oxus, towards its mouth. Uu-a-

razm-iya. Chorazan, a town of Galilee, 2 m. N.w.

from Capernaum. Chordyle, a port of Colchis, bet. Athense

and Arcadis fl. Choreva, a town of Zeugitana, on Bagradas

fl., R., S.e. of Musti. Gloukieh. Choroana, a district of Parthia, occupying

its s.w. angle. Chorodna (Corea), a town of Persis Proper,

s.w. of Persepolis. Choromitrene, a district of Media Magna,

bet. Amardus fl. and Parthia, E. of Jaso-

nius m, Chorsa (Chadus), a town of Siracene, on

Harpasus fl., R., towards its source. Ka-

rut. Chorsabia, a town of jEtulana, Armenia


Chorzene (Chorzanene), a district of Ar­menia Interior, on the borders of Armenia

Minor, w. of Astianene. Kfiosan; Khord-

sen. Chosol, a town of the Macse, Africa Proper,

on Syrtis Major, s. bet. Dissio and


Chremetes fl., Libyse, i. q. Nia. Chrendi, a people of Hyrcania, s. Chretes fl., Libyse, i. q. Subur. Chretina, a maritime town of the Lusitani,

W.n.w. of Olisipo. Cintra. Chronus fl., a r. of Sarmatia E., falling

into Codanus sin. E. of the Vistula. Pre-

gfl. Chrysa, I. an isl. on the s. coast of Crete,

over against Hierapytna. Gaidroniti. II.

a Syro-Phcenician town of jEolis Asiatica,

bet. Astyra (2^) and Thebe (6}). The

town of Chryseis. III. surnamed Dia, of

Troas, on the coast, s. of Alexandria. Chrysaorium, a village of Caria, bet. Eu-

nomus and Stratonicea. With a temple of

Jupiter Chrysaorius, in which were held

the assemblies of the Carian states. Chrysas fl., a r. of Sicily, rising N. of As-

sorus and falling into Symsethus fl. above

Murgantia. Dittaino. Chryse, " golden," I. a district of India e.

Gangcm E. Deemed an island. Ava. II.

a name of Thasos ins. III. an isl. of

Lemnos ins., which, according to Pausa-

nias, was submerged by an earthquake,

another island, called Hiera, rising in it3

place. The retreat of Philoctetes, who wa9

here bitten by the serpent. Chrysoana fl., a r. of Aurea Chersonesus,

falling into Indicus Oc. opposite Salinse

ins. Tanasserim. Chrysoballdm, a village of Tyanitis, Cap-

padocia, near Podandus. Chrysoceras, I. the harbour of Byzantium.

Named from its rich draughts of fish. The

Golden Horn. II. a pr. of Thrace, near

Byzantium. Chrysondio, a town of Phoebatis, Illyria, w.

of Geranium. Chrysopolis, I. a later name of AmpHpolis,

Thrace. II. the E. port of Calchedon,

Bithynia, opposite Byzantium. Scutari.

III. of Gallia Cisalpina, a designation of

Parma. Chrysohrhoas fl., " golden," I. a r. of

Argolis, running into Saronicus sin. below

Troezeue. II. of Phrygia Magna, falling

into Meander fl. below Hierapolis. Its

water was of a strongly petrifying quality.

III. of Syria, composed of Abaua, Phar-

phar, and numerous other streams, which,

after watering Damascus, loses itself in a

morass about 15 m. from the city. JKar-

radi. Chrysus osticm, the third mouth from the

Tv. of the Indus.

Chthonia, an early name of Crete. Chullu, Africa, vide Cullu. Chulobetene, a district of Armenia Major.

Named from Chul, s. of Aram. Chtjni, a people of Sarmatia E., bet. the

Rheucanali and the Amadoci, K. of the

Borystbenes. Chus, the Scriptural name, according to some

writers, of Ethiopia; according to others,

of Arabia. Chydas fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into the

Tyrrhenian sea at Aluntium. Chytona (Ghytana), a town of Cestrine, at

the junction of Cestrinus and Thyamis ffl.

A colony from Clazomene. Palao Venctio. Chytrium (Chytrus), I. a town of Cyprus,

bet. Cerynia and Salamis. Noted for its

honey. Chytri. II. a town of Ionia, on.

Hermius sin. s.w., above Clazomenie.

Tcharptm. Ciabrus (Cebrus, Ciambrus), I. a r. of

Mcesia, rising in Scomius m. and falling

into the Danube at Ciabrus. Zebris. II.

a town of the Moesi, Moesia Inferior, on

the Danube, bet. Modiaiia andCamistrum,

at the mouth, R., of Ciabrus. Zebris. Ciaca, a town of Melitene, Cappadocia,

bet. Arangse (9) and Melitene (1HJ. A

colonia (Ala Prima Augusta).

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