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CHO, a maritime village of Marmarica, bet. Zygrse and Zagylis.

Chidibdbla, a town of Zeugitana, on Ba-gradas fl., R., bet. Atticellse and Choreva.

Chiliocomon, I. a district of Assyria, N.e. of Arapachitis. Arphad. II. of Pontus, on Iris fl., L., bet. Amasiaand Phazemon. III. of Phrygia Epict., near Dorylteum.

Chimjera, I. a summit of Olympus inLycia, near Phaselis, which, emitting a constant flame without smoke or stone, gave rise to the fable of Chimaera. II. a maritime town of Chaonia, under Acroeeraunii m., bet. Palaeste and Panormus. Kimaro.

Chuiarrus fl., a r. of Argolis, running bet. Lerna and Argos into Argolicus sinus.

Chimerium prom., a pr. of Thesprotia, bet. Sybola portus and Toryne, opposite Paxos ins. C. Saracinico.

Chixalaph fl., a r. of Mauritania Caesar., rising in Cinnaba m., and falling into the Mediterranean s. of Apollinis prom. Shfllib.

Chinneroth (Chinnereth, Cinneroth), i. q. Tiberias.

Chios, I. ins. (vEthalia, Macris, Pityusa), an isl. of Ionia, bet. Erythrse and Psyra ins. Successively occupied by Leleges and Ca-rians, Pelasgi from Thessaly, and Abantes (or lonians) from Euboea. In circuit 125 m. The birth-place of Ion, Theopompus, Theocritus, Metrodorus, and Scymnus. Noted for the beauty of its women, and for its wine, the finest in all Greece. Scio, C/tio. II. its capital, on the E. coast, opposite Erythrse. Chio.

Chitabanit.f,, a people of Arabia Felix, contiguous to the Anchitae. Beni Salem.

Chirippe, a town of Amordocia, Babyl., on Pallacopas canalis, w. of Altha.

Chisidus, a town of Zeugitana, on Bagradas fl., L., bet. Turns and Membrissa.

Chitone, a demus of Attica.

Chizarus, a town of Pontus, at the s. ex­tremity of Stephane lac.

Chliara, warm-baths of Lydia, w. of Sipy-lus m.

Chliat, a town of Armenia, near Arzes.

Cnomis (Chnubis), the local name of Contra-Latopolis, Egypti.

Choana, I. a town of Bactriana, on Oxus fl. II. (Chavon), of the Sidices, Media, near Bagistana. Here were gardens planted by Semiramis.

Choarene, I. a district of Arachosia, under BKitius m. II. of Media Magna, on tlie borders of Parthia, bet. Jasonius m. and Caspius m.

Choas fl., the early name of Achelous fl., ^Etolise.

Choaspf.s fl., I. (Zuastus, Guraeus) a r. of Paropamisus, India, falling into the Indus s. of Cophes fl. Attok. II. (EuUeus, the Ulai of Scripture) of Susiana, rising in Zagrus m. N. of Zagri portae. For some distance its course is subterranean; then, rising N. of Susa, it falls into the Tigris by a cut called Pasitigris, below its junction with the Euphrates. Its water, peculiarly sweet, was sacred to the use of the Persian kings. Kerrah.

Choathras m., i. q. Zagrus.

CaoA.te.jE, a people of Sarmatia Asiatics.

Choatres fl., Parthiae, i. q. Zioberis.

Choba (Chobat), a maritime town of Mau­ritania Caesariensis, 38 m. w. from Igil-gilis. Budscha; Boudgie.

Ciiobar (Chebar), one of the canals between the Euphrates and the Tigris, w. of the Maarsares. Named from its constructor, Gobares.

Chobota, a town of Albania, S.e. of Albanian pylse. Kuba.

Chobos fl., I. a r. of Ecretice, Colch., falling into the Euxinc 27 m. s. from Singames fl. Schijani; Kelenhel. II. a town of Col­chis, on Chobus fl., at its junction with Charisius fl.

Chodda, a town of Gedrosia, on Pomanus fl.

Choznides, a tribe of Perierbidi, Sarmatia, on the Tanais.

Chosrades ins., "rocky," i. q. Baleares. II. two islets in the Tarentinus sin., over against Tarentum. San Pietro e San Paolo.

Choes fl. (Coas, Enaspla), a r. of Parapomi-sus, falling into the Cophen, L. Semil.

Chcst.e, a town of Anthemusia, Macedonia.

Cholargus (Cholargeis), a tribe of Attica, of the tribe Acamantis.

Cholbesina, a town of Sogdiana, s. of Maruca.

Choi.le, a town of Palmyrene, bet. Palmyra N.e. and Thapsacus.

Chollid.e, a demus of Attica, of the tribe ./Egeis or Leontis.

Cholmadara, a town of Commagcne, on the Euphrates, bet. Heba and Samosata.

Cholua (Coloris), a town of Colchis, ou the confines of Armenia, S.e. of Azota.

Choma, I. a place of Arcadia, under Boreum m. The boundary between Tegea and Megalopolis. II. a defile in the N.e. m. of Phrygia, towards Lycaonia. III. a town of Lycia, on Adesa fl.

Chomara, capital of the Chomari, Margia-na, on Ochus fl., s. of Alicodra.

Chomari (Chomi), a people of Margiana, s.w. of the Salateree.

Chone, capital of the Choues, Bruttium, N.

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