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Chaox m., a m. of Argolis, overlooking


Chaonia, a district of Epirus (at one time an independent state), on the confines of Illyria, extending along the coast to Ces-trine, and inland to a considerable but un­certain distance. Named after Chaonus, who married Andromache after the death of Pyrrhus I. Settled by Pelasgi.

Characa, capital of the Characitani, Tarra-conensis, s.s.w. of Segobriga.

Characarba, a town of Bactriana, on the Oxus, near the confluence of the Ochus. Maru Amu.

Characene, I, a district of Cilicia, N. of Seleucia. II. of Susiana Elymais, on Per-sicus sin. Kars.

Characitani, a tribe of Celtiberi, Tar-raconensis, on Sucro fl,, towards its source.

Characoma, a town of Laconia, on Eurotas fl., bet. Sparta and Pellane. Peribolia.

Characometes fons, hot springs at Charax, Lydia.

Charades, a people of Gedrosia, on the borders of Carmania.

Charadra, a town of Phocis, on Charadrus fl., 2i m. N.w. from Lilaea. Destroyed by Xerxes. Mariolates,

Charadrus fl., I. a r. of Achaia, falling into Corinthiacus sin. s.w. of Rhium. II. of Argolis, falling into Argolicus sin. near Temenium. Planitza, III. of Attica, ris­ing in Lycabsllus m., and falling into the ^Egean below Phegus. Kenusio. IV. of Messenia, running into Leucas fl. s.w. of Andania. V. of Molossis, Epirus, rising towards Passaro, and falling into Ambra-

•cius sin. N.e. of Nicopolis. Lourtcha* VI. of Phocis, falling into Cephisius fl. near Charadra. VII. a fortress of Cilicia Trachea, under Andriclus m., 12^ m. S.e. from Aragus prom. Karadran. VIII. a town of Molossis, Epirus, on Charadrus fl., N.w. of Ambracus. Rogous. j Charax, I. a fortress of /Etulane, Armenia Minor. II. of Bithynia, on Astacenus sin., near Nicomedia. III. of the Cadusii, Med., on the Caspian, N, of Cyropolis. IV. of Corsica, w. above Circidius fl. V. of Egypt, on Barathra palus. Built by Chabrias. "VI. of Lydia, in the immediate vicinity of Tralles. VII. of Media Ragiana, w. of Caspise Portse. Kesker. VIII. of Per- rhscbia, Thessaly, on Peneus fl., L., at the

•entrance of Tempe. IX, (Alexandri), of Phrygia, near CelajnEe, on the site of an

•encampment of Alexander. X. a town of the Psylli, Africa P., on Syrtis Maj., bet. .Zur and Ad Speluncas. A mercantile

establishment of the Carthaginians. Mis­named by Ptolemy Pharax. Eneura.

XI. capital of Susiana, Characenc, on the Tigris, towards its mouth. Built by Alex­ander, and named Alexandria; restored by Antioclms, and called Antiochia and Charax, from its strong position ; and after­wards enlarged by Spasines, an Arabian chief and called Spasines. Jali Agasp.

XII. (Castrum Gurzubitense), a maritime

fortress of Taurica Chersonesus, N.e. of

Criumetopon prom. Alupka. Charbanus m., m. of Asia, separating

Media from Susiana. Charcha, a town of Mesopotamia, towards

Besabde. Charecla, a town of Pentapolis Cyrenaicse,

E. of Berenice. Chargata, I. a district of Arabia, N. of

the Catanitee. Kardje. II. a town on

the Red Sea, opposite Jeracheeorum ins.

Kardje. Charidemum prom., a pr. of Bsetica, bet.

Magnus Portus N. and Massienus sin.

N.e. Catto de Gata. Charieis fl., vide Charisius. Charimal.e, a people of Pontus, under

Moschici m.

Charm/ei, Arabise, i. q. Carman regia. Charmothus portus, a port of the Thamy-

deni, on the Red Sea, s. of Chersonesus

Acra. Sharmo. Charinda fl., a r. of Media Magna, falling

into the Caspian on the borders of Hyr-

cania. Charisia, a village of Arcadia, 1J m. N.

from Scias. Built by Charisius, son of

Lycaon. Charisius (Charieis, Charistus, Charus) fl.f

a r. of Colchis, falling into the Euxine, K.

of Phasis fl. Charracarta, a town of Sogdiana, on Poly-

timetus fl., below Bactra. Charudes, a people of Cimbrica Cher­sonesus, N.e. of the Chali. Charybdis, a whirlpool in Siculum Fretum,

N. over against Scylla, having strong tidal

currents. Chastia, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

^Eneis, N.w. of Acharnae. Kastia. Chasuarii (Chattuarii, Attuarii), a tribe of

Ingcevones, on the confines of the Istae-

vones, bet. the Ansibarii N. and the Angri-

varii s. Chateni, a people of Arabia Felix, on Capeus

sin. about Istriana. Chatramis, a district of Arabia Felix, bet.

Persicus sin. and the Blieulei. Chatramotit^e, a people of Arabia Felix,

N. of the Adramitae. Hadramaut.

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