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Cexdevia palus, a marsh formed by Bclus fl., Phoenicia, towards its mouth.

Ceneriuh, a town of Messenia, on the coast, near Flatamodes prom.

Cexestum, a town of Corsica, on Sacer fl., L., towards its mouth. Carte.

Ceneta (Cenitense Castrum), a town of the Veneti, Venetia, N. of Opitergium. Ce-neda.

Cenimagni, a tribe of Iceni, Britan., N. of the Trinobantes. Suffolk, Norfolk, and Cambridgeshire.

Cen ion ostium, an estuary of the Damnonii, Brit., at Voliba. Falmouth Harbour.

Cenni, a tribe of Curiones, Germania, on Mzenus fl.

Cexo fortcs, the port of Antium, Latium. Porto d'Anzo.

Cenomanni, I. w'rfe Aulerci Cenomanni. II. a colony of Gaulish Cenomanni, in Gallia Transpadana, on Padus fl., bet. Addua fl. w. and Athesis fl. E.

Centauri, a tribe of Pelasgi-Eordi, settled in and under Ossa m. Such skilled horse-tamers that they were poetically said to be half man and half horse.

Centobriga, i. q. Nertobriga.

Centrites fl., i. q. Nicephorius.

Centrones, a people of Alpes Graise, N. of the Segusini. Tarentaise.

Centronum civitas, Gallise, i. q. Daran-tasia.

Centumcellj; (Trajani portus), a maritime j town of Etruria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Cas­trum Novum (5) and Algae. Noted for its fine harbour, constructed by Trajan. Civita Vecchia.

Centum putea, a town of the Albocenses, Dacia, bet. Bersovia and Acidava, N.w. of Pens Trajani. Near Oraviza. II. wells of Palmyrene Syr., N.w. of Palmyra.

Centuria ins., one of the Fortunatse ins., Africa, N.e. of Canada. Fuerteventura.

Centurinum, a maritime town of Corsica, below Sacrum prom. Centuri.

Centurip.*, a town of Sicily, on Cyamosurus fl., bet. Argyrium and JStna. Cfntorlu.

Ceos ins. (Cea, Cos, Hydrussa), an isl. of the jEgean, 5 m. S.e. of Macris. Once a part of Euboea. Noted for the elegant attire of its women. Zea.

Cepha, a fortress of Gordyene, Armenia, on the Tigris, below its junction with Nym-phseus fl. Hem-Keif.

Cephal^e prom., a pr. of Africa, on Syrtis Major, w. above Macomades. C. Canan or Mesra.

Cephale, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Acamantis.

Cephallenia ins., prius Samos, an isl. of

Acarnania, s. of Leucate prom., 6 m. s.w. of Ithaca ins, 120 m. in circuit and 60 m. long. Named after Cephalus, the friend of Amphytrion. Cephalonia.

Cephallonesus ins., an isl. of Sarmatia E., in Carcinites sin.

Cephalojdium (Cephaltedium), a maritime town of Sicily, N. bet. Alsesa and Himera. Cefalu.

Cephissa, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Erectheis, on Cephissus fl., at the s. foot of Brilessus m., G m. from Athens. The favourite retreat of Herodes Atticus. Ke-phisia.

Cephisus fl., "roaring," surnamed Atticus, I. a r. of Attica, rising at Trinemei and falling into Saronicus sin. at Phalcrum portus. Podhonista. II. sitrnamed Eleu-sinius, of Attica, rising in Cithseron m. and falling into Saronicus sin. below Eleusis. III. of Phocis, rising in Parnassus, near Lilsea, from a spring said to roar, at mid­day, like a bull, and falling into Copais lacus at Orchomenus. Mauro Nero.

Cephissus palus, i. q. Copais.

Cepi, a town of Sarmatia Asiatica, near Cimmerius Bosporus. A Milesian settle­ment.

Cepresicum prom., Lusitaniae, the early name of Sacrum prom.

Cerait^e, a town of Crete, N.w. of Hiera-pytna.

Ceramicus sinus, a bay of Carium mare, E. bet. Termerium prom, and Triopium prom. L. Stanco or Boudroun.

Ceramus, a fortress of Caria, on Ceramicus sin. N. Keranto.

Ceran* (Ceranorum forum), a town of Catacecaumene, Lydia, on the borders of Phrygia, w. of Blaundus.

Ceras-e, a town of Lydia, on Hermus fl., opposite Bagse. Sirghie.

Cerasus, a town of the Mosynceci, Pontus, 9 m. from Coralla prom. A colony from Sinope. Here the 10,000 were encamped for ten days, and hence the cherry-tree was imported into Italy by Lucullus. Ske-fle.

Ceratvs, a hill of Attica, w. of Eleusis. The boundary between Attica and Megaris.

Ceraunii m., the S.e. termination of Cau­casus m., on the Caspian, bet. Sarmatia Asiatica and Albania.

Cerausius m., a w. summit of Lycseus m., in Arcadia, on the confines of Messenia.

Cerax, a town of Phcebatis, Illyria, on Genusus fl., bet. Geranium and Bantia. Koridje.

Cerbalus fl., a r. of Apnlia, falling into the Adriatic at or near Sipontum. Above its

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