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Cauconia, the early name of Elis. Cauconii, a people of Caria, about Cau-

nus. Cavcuna portus, a haven of Sicily, w. of

Motychanus fl.

Caudellum, a town of the Vulgientes, Narbonensis, on Druentia fl., s. of Apta Julia.

Caudinje furc.e vel Furcul..e, a defile of Samnium, near Caudium. The locality of the disgrace of the Roman army. Val d'Arpaia,

Caudini, a tribe of the Pentri, Samnium, on the borders of Campania, s. of Vultur-ims fl.

Caudium, capital of the Caudini, Samnium, bet. Ad Novas (9) and Beneventum (11). Paolisi, or Ccrvinara.

Caulares fl., a r. of Phrygia M., fall-

ing into the Mseander fl. N. of C'ibyra.

Zu. \

Cauloitia (Aulon), a city of Bruttium, on ;

Locrensis sin., at the mouth of Sagrus fl., i

L., bet. Cocynthum prom, and Subsicivum. \

An Achaean settlement. Destroyed by

Dionysius. Castro Veiere. \

Caulum, a village of Campania, near Capua. ;

Noted for its wine. Caitlo. \

Caumata, a town of Carmania Deserta, |

bet. Arcioba and Aridarum. Cauxus, a maritime city of Caria, 4 m. s. from Pisilis, the people of which were re-puteu autochthonous. Kaiyuez. Cauphiaca, a town of Persia Prop., w. of


Cauiia, a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica, on the Beetis, at the separation of its mouths. Caurium, a town of the Vettones, Lusi-

tanii:, w. of Rusticana. Coria. Causenx.e, a town of the Coritani, Brit.,

bet. Lindum (2f») and Durobrivre. Cavares (Cavari), a people of Viennensis, bet. the Rhodanus, the Druentia, and the Isara. Departments of Vaucluse and Drome, w. Cavaturines, a people of Liguria, towards

Gevma. About Creverina. Caviclum, a maritime town of the Bas-tuli, Bsetica, bet. Maenoba w. and Salam- I bina E. Cavii, a people of Illyria, bet. the Labeates

and the Parthini.

Cavioxes, Germaiiia, i. q. C!iaibones. Cavstra pedtox, a village of Phrygia

Mag., bet. Ipsus and Julia. Caystrus, I. a r. of Ionia, rising in Tmolus in., towards Sardes, and falling into Ionium mare below Ephesus. Kutchuk Mendere. II. (Clisfrus, Cestrus), a town of Cilich

Trachea, on Calycadmus'fl., towards its w. source.

Cazeca, a port of Taurica Chersonesus s. Ceba, a town of the Vagienni, Liguria, on Tanarus fl., R.t E. of Augusta Vagienno-rum. Noted for its cheese. Ceva, Cebrexe, I. ar. of Troas, falling into Simois fl., near Cebrene, Kazdagh-tchai. II. a town of Troas, on the Simois, near its source. Named from the charioteer of Hector. Its inhabitants were transferred to Alexandria. Kutchulan-Tepe. Cecadrus ins., an isl. of Carmania, in Pcr-sicus sin., bet. Sagdiana ins. and Catrea ins.

Cecilia, a town of Cyrrhestica, Syria, on the Euphrates, bet. Manurrhoa and Euro-pus, 4 m. S.e. from Zeugma. Cecilionicum, a town of the Vettones, Lusitania, bet. Ad Lippos N.x.w. and Libora S.e.

Cecropia (Cropia), I. a demus of Attica, of the tribe Leontis, N. of Phlya. Named after Cecrops. II. a name of Athens. Cecropid.e, the name of the Athenians under Cecrops, and until the time of Erectheus.

Cecropis, a tribe or ward of Attica. Cecryphal.ea ins. (Cecryphalos), an isl. of Argolis, in Saronicus sin., over against Epidaurus.

Cedareni, Arabia?, i. q. Cedrei. Cedi or Cedae, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

Erectheis. Cedoni.e, a town of the Burideenses, Dacia,

bet. Acidava and Stenarum (12). Cedrei (Cedareni, Gedranitre, Dame), a people of Arabia Felix, s. of Arabia Pe-traea, bet. the Nabathsei and the sea. The descendants of Kedar. In the Ifedja~. Cedreus fl., a r. of Sardinia, falling into the

sea N. of Saprus fl. Galtelli. Cedrius m., a summit of Ida in Crete. 3ft.


Ceiriad^e, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Hippothoontis, N. of Amphitrope. Ke-ratia.

Celadus fl., I. a r. of Arcadia, rising in Thesoa Regio and falling into the Alpheus. II. of Tarraconensis, bet. the Durius and Minius. Celado.

Cel^exje, I. a Phoenician town of --Eolis Asiatica, on Heptaporus fl., x.E. of Adra-myttium. II. capital of Plirygia Magna, at the source of Marsyas fl.f S.e. of Apa-mea Cibotus, whither its inhabitants were transferred by Antiochus Soter. The loca­lity of the legend of Midas. Cele.^e, a town of Phlius, Argolis, £ m. N.w. from its capital, where a festival in

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