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Catalaunum, 'their capital, i. e. Durocata-

launi. Catali, a people of Histria, s. of the Subo-

crini. Catana (Catina), a maritime city of Sicily,

E. Built by a Chalcidian colony 753 B.C.

A colonia. The birth-place of Charondas.

Here was a temple of Ceres which only

women were permitted to enter. Catania. Catangion sin., a bay of Bithynia, on Bos­porus Thracius, N. of Oxyrrhoum prom. Catanit.e (Catauii), a people of Arabia

Felix, under Zames m., s. Tribe of Sent

Kahtan. Cataonia, a prefecture of Cappadocia, bet.

Amanus m. and Anti-taurus. Aladeuli. Catara, capital of the Catarsei, Arabia,

E.n.e. of Gerra. Katura. Cataractorium, a town of the Brigantes,

Brit., s.w. of Vinovia. Calterick. Catarjsi, a people of Arabia Felix, on Per-

sicus sin., about Catara. Catari, a people of Pannonia. Catarrhactes fl., I. a r. of Crete, rising in

Inatus m., and falling into Libycum m.,

20 m. w. from Hierapytna. Sudsuro.

II. of Pamphylia, running from Pisidicus lacus into the sea at Attalia. Duden.

III. (Marsyas), of Phrygia M., running from Aulocrene lac. into Mseander fl., near Celsenae. IV. Major, the great cataract of the Nile, N.w. of Tasitia. V. Minor, the lesser cataract, N. of Phils.

Catarzene, a district of Armenia, towards Moschici m.

Catavellauni, a people of Flavia Csesari-ensis, bet. the Iceni and Trinobantes, E., the Dobuni and Cornavii w., the Trino­bantes and Dobuni s., and the Cori-tani N.

Catazeti, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, on the Tanais.

Catenates (Clautinatii), a people of Vinde-licia, on Licus fl., bet. the Danube and Ambra fl.

Catennenses, Pisidia, i. q. Etennenses.

Cath.ei, a town of India, on Hydraotes fl., N.w. of the Malli.

Cathena m., a m. of Lucania, near Psestum. Monte Capaccio.

Cathramotit^e, Arabia;. Vide Chathra-motitae.

Cathraps fl., Carmania, i. q. Salsus.

Catoni, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, on the Tanais.

Catopterius ("looking downwards") m., a summit of Parnassus, near Anemo-rium.

Catorissicm, a town of the Uceni, Vien-

nensis, bet. Cularo N. and Melosecium E. Petit-Chat.

Catraleucum, a town of the Bracari, Tar-raconensis, on Avus fl., L., towards its source.

Catrea, a town of Crete, founded by Ca-treus the Arcadian.

Catti (Chatti), a people of Germania Magna, s. of the Cherusci. Hesse; Fulda: Fran-conia N., Sfc.

Cattigara, a port of an isl. (Borneo) of India e. Gangem, s. of Cocoranagora. Succadang.

Catualiiim, a town of the Taxandri, Ger­mania II., N.w. of Teudurum.

Catuiaca, a town of the Memini, Narbo-nensis, E. of Apta Julia.

Caturiges, I. a people of Alpes Maritime, at first on Druentia fl., towards its source, w. of Vapincum, but afterwards largely extending themselves into Viennensis and Narbonensis. II. (Catorimagus), their capital, bet. Dea Vocontiorum and Ebro-dunum. Charges. III. a town of the Remi, Belgica II., bet. Ariola N.w. and Nasium. Bar le Due.

Catviaca, Vocontiorum, i. q. Ad Fines. (Oppedete.)

Catyeuchlani, Brit., i. q. Catavellauni.

Cauca, a town of the Vaccsei, Tarraco-nensis, s. of Pallantia. Coca.

Cauchabeni (" sons of the stars"), a tribe of Chaldseans in Arabia, N.e., on the Eu­phrates. Tribe of Beni Cauchab.

Caucad^:, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, on Lagus fl.

Caucana portus, a port of Sicily, s., bet. Hermynius fl. and Bucra prom.

Caucasia portse (Caspise, Sarmatae), defiles of Caucasus, the chief pass from Sarmatia Asiat. into Iberia, N. of Harmozia. Talar-Topa.

Caucashjm mare, i. q. Euxinus.

Caucasus m., m. of Asia, bet. the Euxine and the Caspian.

Caucasus indicus, a name given to the N.e. extension of Parapomisus m. by the soldiers of Alexander.

Cauci campi, the plain bet. Pasitigris fl., towards its mouth and the Tigris.

Caucoenses, a tribe of Agathyrsi, Dacia, on Parata fl., N. of the Jassii.

Caucon fl., a r. of Achaia, rising in Scollis m., and falling into the Teutheas fl. near Teuthea.

Caucones, a tribe of Pelasgi, the early oc­cupants of Elis, and the portion of Achaia about Caucon fl., a colony of whom mi­grated to Asia Minor, about Parthenius fi. Extinct in Strabo's time.

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