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Carcici, a town of the Commoni, Narbonen-sis, on the coast, bet. Portus Zao w. and Citharista E.

Carcathiocerta, the early capital of So-phene, Armenia, near the source of the Tigris. Extinct in Ptolemy's time.

Carcba, capital of the Garamjei, Assyria, on the Tigris, N. of Antiochia.

Carch£do, the Greek form of the Phoe­nician Karth-hadtha, "new town," Car­thage.

Carchemish, the Scriptural name of Cir-cesium, Mesopotamia.

Carc!ne (Carcinitis), a town of the Hylce, Sarmat., at the mouth of Carcines fl.

CARCiN'ESfl. (Hypacaris), I. ar. of Bruttium, >•. of Scylacaeum prom. Corace. II. a town on Carcines fl., near its mouth.

Carcinites sin., a bay of the Euxine, at the mouth of Carcines fl. G. of Perekop.

Carcome, a maritime town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Chinalaph fl. and Carepula.

Cakcorum regio, a district of India i. Gan-gem, on Colchicus sin.

Carcurium, a town of the Turtuli, Bseturia, X.e. of Cotinae.

Cardalena, the coast of Arabia Felix, on Duatus sin. Nahel.

Cardamene ins., an isl. of Arabia Felix, on the Red Sea, s.w. of Pudnu. Habur.

Cardamylk, I. a port of Chios ins., N.e. of Pelinasus m. Kardamili. II. of Messenia, on Messeniacus sin., E. below Abia. Scardamoula,

Cardia, " heart-shape" (posted Hexami-lion), a port of Thracia Cherson., near Lysimachia. A mixed colony of Clazo-menians and Milesians. The birth-place of Hieronymus the historian. The ma­jority of its population were transferred to Lysimachia.

Cardu, a town of Mannarica, bet. Gounia and Jucundiae.

Carduchi, i. q. Gordycei.

Carei, a people of India i. Gangem, s., about Colchicus sin.

Careia, a town of Etruria, on Lams fl., bet. Ad VI. (9) and Ad IX. (9), on Via Claudia. Golera.

Carkne, a town of yEoh's Asiatica, w. of Peparene. Chlrin-Keui.

Car£ni, a maritime people of Britannia Barbara, in its extreme N.e. angle, w. of the Cornavi. Sutherlandshire, N.

Carenses, a maritime people of Sardinia, E. of the Balari.

Carentini, apud Plin., i. q. Caraceni.

Carexhnum, a town of the Caraceni, on Sagrus fl., R. Citta di

Carendsca, a town of the Mediomatrices,

Belgica I., on the Mosella, bet. Ricciacum N.n.e., and Divodurum s.

Carepula, a maritime town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Carcome and Cartenna.

Caresa ins., one of the Lichades ins., Lo-cris.

Caresexe reg., the district abont Caresus in Troas.

Caresus (Carsese), a town of Troas, on Caresus fl.

Caresus fl., a r. of Troas, rising near Mal-lus, and falling into .^Esepus fl. at Ca­resus.

Cargiana, a town of Dacia, 15 m. from Optatiana. North of Czasz Regen.

Cahia, a country of Asia Minor, bounded N. by Lydia and Ionia, at Mssander fl., s. by the Mediterranean, w. by Ionium mare, E. by Phrygia and Lycia. The people, a mixed Phoenician, Lelegian, and Ionian race (traditionally named from. Car, brother of Lydus), were noted for their skill in war and navigation. Mun-tesha.

Cariata, a town of Bactriana. The resi­dence of Callisthenes.

Cariatha, Arabiae. Vide Carriata.

Caricon, a town of Africa, towards Lbnis fl.

Carima, a town of the Tectosages, in Ga­la tia.

Carine, a town of Media Cambadeue, bet. Corma and Zagri portae.

Carini, Germanise, i. q. Varini.

Cariones, a people of Sarmatia E., on the Danube, L.

Caripeta, Arabite, i. q. Carriata.

Caripr^a, a town of Parthia, near the source of Socanaa fl.

Car!rin (" shelter"), the Phoenician name of Carahs, in Sardinia.

Caris fl., a r. of Gaul, rising among the Bituriges Cubi, and falling into the Lager w. of Csesarodunum. Cher.

Carissa, I. a town of the Trocmi, Galatia, bet. Etonea and Amasia. II. of the Tur-tetani, Bsetica, bet. Nebrissa N.e. and Colobona s.s.w.

Caristi (Carieti), a tribe of Cantabri, Tar-raconensis, bet. the Iberus s., the sea N., the Autrigones w., and the Varduli E. Part of Biscay.

Caristtjm, the early capital of the Statielli, Liguria, s. of Aquae Statiellfie. Cartoso.

Caritni, a tribe of Alemanni, Germ., bet. the Rhine and Niter fl., s. of Intuergi.

Carius m., a m. of Lydia, overlooking Tor-rhebus.

Carlina, an inland town of Venetia.

Carmac^e, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, towards Mieotis palus.

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