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Caligara, a port of the Sinae. Calinapaxa, a town of India i. Gangem,

2 m. from the Ganges, 167 m. below

Rhodopha. Canottge. Calinda, Carias, i. q. Calymna. Caling^, a maritime people of India i.

Gangem, bet. Tyndis fl. and Ganges fl. Calingii, a people of Arabia Felix, S.e. of

Zames m. Tribe of Beni Kaled. Calingum, capital of the Calingae, India, on

Tyndis fl. Cullo. II. prom., a pr. of the

Calinga?, India. Gordewar. Caliordi, a people of Taurica Chersonesus. Caliti, a people of Africa, towards the

Nubs. Call/eci (Callaici, Gallseci), a people of

Tarraconensis, bet. Cantabricum mare N.,

Durius fl. s., the Atlantic w., and the

Asturcs E. Entre Minho e Minho, Tras

os Mantes, Gallicia, and portions of As-

iuria and Leon. Callam-eon prom. (Calliuacron), a pr. of

Marmarica, 5 m. w. of Laodamantius

portus. Callas fl., a r. of Euboea, falling into the

.Sgean at Histisea. Callatis (Callatia, Cerastia), a town of the

Crobyzi, Moasia, ou the Euxine, bet. Tomi

(30) and Tetrisia, A mixed Milesian and

Megarensian people. Calleva (Calcua), capital of the Atrebatii,

Britan., bet. Venta Belgarum and Ad

Pontes. Silchester. Calli.e, a people of Arcadia, towards Me-

thydrium. Calliane (Calliena), a port of India i.

Gangem, bet. Simylla and Harmagara.

Surat. Calliarus, an inland town of the Locri

Epicnemedii, extinct in Strabo's time. Callibetus, a town of Lydia, near Maeander

fl., N. of Tripolis. Noted for its confec-

tionary. Es/ci Kaleh. Callica, a town of Bithynia, near Nicome-

dia. Callic^ni, a tribe of Dassarete, Illyria, on

the s.w. shore of Lychnitis palus. Callichorus fl., I. a stream of Eleusis,

Attica, at which the female votaries as­sembled. II. of Bithynia, falling into the

Euxine, E. of Sandaraca. Callicone collis, a hill of Troas, near Troja

Vetus, on Simois fl., whence Mars ani­mated the Trojans. Callicula m. (Eribanus), a ridge of m. in

Italy, separating Campania from Samnium. Callidromus m., the highest summit of

^Eta m., near Thermopylse. Callif.e, a town of the Pentri, Samnium,

5 m. S.e. of Allifse. Catvisi.

Calligeris, a town of Ariaca, India, bet.

Baetana and Hippocura. Calliani. Calligicum prom., Indise, i. q. Cory. Callimache, a port of Caria, 7 m. from

Daedala. Callinicum, Mesopotamia, i. q. Nicepho-

rium. Callipeuce saltus, a pass of Olympus m.,

towards Libethra. Pieria. Callipid^e, a people of Sarmatia, E. on both

sides the Borysthenes, towards its mouth. Callipolis, " beautiful city," I. JEtalix,

i. q. Callium. II. of Bithynia, on Cras-

pedites sin. A colony from Maegara-

Nisea, circa 700 B.c. III. of Caria, on

Ceramicus sin. Gallipoli. IV. of Cilicia

Campestris, s.w. of Cucusus. V. of the

Sallentini, Japygia, onTarentinus sin., N.w.

of Leuca. Founded by a Lacedaemonian

colonia under Leucippus. Gallipoli. VI.

of Sicily, above Argenum prom. VII. of

Thracia Chersonesus, 5 m. N.e. from

^Egos Potamos. Traditionally founded by

Callias, the Athenian. Gallipoli. Callipos fl., a r. of Lusitania, falling into

the Mediterranean s. of Cetobriga. Caldao;

Sadao. Callipo, a town of the Lusitani, on Callipo

fl., N.e. of Ebura. Callirrhoe, " fine fountain," a town of

Mesopotamia, i. q. Edessa. II. (Lasa), of

Persea, near the Dead Sea, s.w. of Hesli-

bon. Callis, a town of Pentapolis Cyrenaicse,

bet. Barca and Caanopolis. Calliste, an early name of Thera ins. Callistratia (Marsilla), a port of Paphla-

gonia, 3 m. E. from Carambis. Callithera, a town of Bisaltia, Macedonia,

N.w. of Ossa. Likovan. Callium (Callise, Callipolis), a town of

jEtolia, towards Heraclea Trachynia. Calloniana (Caulouia), a town of Sicily,

on Himera Magna fl., L., bet. Corconiana

(12) and Enna. Callmusa prom., a pr. of Cyprus, w. of

Soloe. Callydium (Clanudda), a fortress of Lydia,

35 m. from Philadelphia. Calne, Calno, Canneh, i. q. Ctesiphon,

Babylonite. Caloe, a village of Lydia, near Hypsepa.

Caliveh Khan. Calogr.ea, a fortress of Bithynia, at one of

the passes of Olympus m. Calohmen, " fair haven," a port on the s.

coast of Crete, w. of Leon prom. Calo-

Hmonia. Calon-stoma. Danubii, i. q. Pulchrum Os-

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