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IV., bet. Jatinum N.w. and Kobe s.w.

Chaitty. Calagurris (Calagorina), surnamed Na-

sica, I. capital of the Vascones, Tarraco-

nensis, on the Iberus, R., above Grsecurris.

A colonia (Julia). Memorable for the

famine it underwent in the Sertorian war.

The birth-place of Quintilian. Calahorra.

II. of the Vescitani, Tarraconensis, bet.

Jacca N. and Osca s. Surnamed Fibula-

rensis from the Fibulse manufactured there.

Loarra. III. a town of the Volcse Tecto-

sages, Narbonensis, on the Garumna, bet.

Vernasole and Lugdunum. Calama, I. a town of the Ichthyophagi,

Gedros., bet. Cissa and Bagisara. Calamat.

II. of Mauritania Caesariensis, on Mulucha fl., towards its mouth. Calaat el Wad ?

III. of Numidia, on Rubricatus fl., R.,

above Tagaste. Gelma. Calam.s, a village of Messenia, w. of

Lymnse. Calamata. Calamatius m., a m. of Lucanla, near

Psestum. Monte Capaccio. Calami, a port of Samos, over against Pa-

nionium. Calamissus, a town of the Locri Ozolae,

near Olpse. Calamitir. Calamcs, a port of Phoenicia, on Risen fl.,

3 m. s. from Sicaminos. Calam ydes, a town on the s. coast of Crete,

bet. Lissus and Tarrha. Calami. Calanthia, a village of Cilicia Trachea, 12

m. N.e. from Sebaste. Calarna (Turris Calarnea), a fortress of

Chalcidice, Macedonia, on Strymon fl.,

N.w. of Acanthus. Calasarna, a town of Bruttium, near the

source of Crimisa fl. Campana. Calathai (Khaulothsei), a people of Ara­bia, s.w. of the mouth of the Euphrates.

Tribe qfSeni Khaled. Calathana, a town of Dolopia, Thessaly,

S.e. of Theuma. Calathe ins. (Galata), an isl. of Africa, off

Tabraca. Galita. Calathios m., a m. of Messenia, near

Gerenia, in which was a remarkable cavern.

Kalathi. Calathua, capital of the Calathaei, Arabia,

w. of Jucara. Calatia (Galatia), I. a town of Campania,

on Via Appia, bet. Capua (6) and Ad Novas

(3), W.N.w. of Caudium. A colonia of

Sylla and again of Julius Caesar. Galazze.

II. potius Caiatia, of the Pentri, Samnium,

s. of Compulteria. Cajazzo. Calauria ins., an isl. of Argolis, in Saroni-

cus sin., over against Pogon portus. Ex­changed by Latonawith Neptune for Delos.

The death-place of Demosthenes. Isle del Coriairet.

Calbis fl., i. q. Chaus.

Calbium prom., a pr. of the Unelli, Lngdu-nensis, over against Sena ins. Cape Ra-.

Calcaria, I. a town of the Brigantes, s. of Eboracum (9). Tadcaster. II. of the Anatili, Narbonensis, on Astromela stag-num, N.w. of Solarium. Calissane.

Calceus herculis, a town of Numidia, bet. Ad Duo Flumina and Aquae Herculis.

Calchedon (Procerastes, Colpusa), a city of Bithynia, at the s. extremity of Bosporus Thracius. Enlarged by a colony from Megara Nissea 732 B.c. Noted for its brass manufactures, whence the name. Kadikeui.

Cale, a demus of Attica. II. (Portus Cale, Portus Portus), a port of the Bracari, Tar­raconensis, at the mouth, R., of Durius fl., 35 m. s.w. from Bracara Augusta. It gave name to Portugal. Oporto (The Port). III. of Mysia, towards Pergamum. IV. of the Parisii, Lugdunensis IV., on Matrona fl., bet. Jatinum and Lutetia. V. surnamed Parembole, of the Byzeres, Pon-tus, at the mouth of Calos fl.

Calecome, a town of Chalybonitis, Syria, bet. Bathnae and Chalcis.

Caledonia, the Latin form of Cael-doeh, " land of the Gael."

Caledonii, a people of Britannia Barbara, extending across the island s.w. to N.e., from Lelannonius sin. to Vara ./Estuar.

Calela, a town of Apulia, s.w. of Larinum. Casa Calenda.

Calenda, a town of the Vaceaei, Tarraco­nensis, N.e. of Siptemanca.

Cai.enderis, a town of ArgoUs, on Pagon portus.

Calentum, a town of the Turtuli, Bsetica, N.w. of Lacomurgi.

CXtES (Calex), I. a r. of Bithynia, rising in Hypius m. and falling into the Euxine at Cales. II. a town of the Ausones, and afterwards of the Sidicini, Campania, on Via Latina, bet. Teanum (4) and Casilinum (7). A colonia, 333 B.c., and municipium. The emporium of the Falernian wine. Calvi. III. an emporium of Bithynia, on the Euxine, at the mouth of Cales fl., 15 m. from Elfea.

Calesia, a town of the Diduni, Gennania, bet. Setidava and Lcucaristus. Kalisch.

Calethe, a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica, bet. Asindum w.x.w. and Carteia.

Calf.ti, a people of Lugdunensis II., on the coast, bet. the Sequana and the Phrudis fil. Pays de Caujc.

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