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Gsratus, I. the early name of Gnossus. II. a r. of Crete, running by Gnossus into the sea at Heracleium. Cartero. C-.ere, I. a Siculian city of Etruria, on Csere-tanus fl., 4 m. from the sea, W.n.w. of Rome. It was taken by the Tyrrheni (who named it Agylla) and became one of their twelve Etrurian cities. The capital of Mezentius. A colonia and municipium. Extinct in Strabo's time. Cer Veterc. II. a town of the Vettones, Lusitania, on Cuda fl., near its source.

C-eresii, a tribe of Tungri, Germania II., on Sura fl.

C^retan-us fl., a r. of Etruria, falling into the sea below Caere. Vaccina.

C^sada, a town of Tarraconensis, bet. Com-plutum and Bilbilis.

C.«sar augusta, prius Salduba, a city of the Edetani, Tarraconensis, on the Iberus, at the confluence of the Gallicus, below Allobon. Colonized with the Emeriti of the 4th, 6th, and 10th Legions. Saragossa, Zaragosa.

Cjesarea, I. ins., prius Angia, an isl. of Lugdunensis II., S.e. of Sarnia ins. Jersey. II. prius Paneas (Banias), a city of Galilsea Superior, N.e. of Dan. Surnamed Phiiippi by Philip, son of Herod. III. prius Jol, capital of Mauritania Caesar., on the coast, bet. Tipasa and Gunugio (12). Renamed by Juba. A colonia of Claudius. Vacur. IV. prius Turris Stratonis, a city of Sa­maria, on the coast, s.w. of Megiddo. Renovated and renamed by Herod. The birth-place of Eusebius. A colonia (Priina Flavia). Kaisarieh. V. Bithyniae, i. q. Helgas. VI. Cappadocise, i. q. Mazaca. VII. Cilicise, i. q. Anazarba. VIII. Lydise, i. q. Hiero Csesarea.

C^esariaxa (Csesarina), I. a town of Lu-cania,onTanager fl., to wards its source, bet. Marcelliana (14) and Nerulum (28), on Via Aquilia. Casal Nuovo. II. of the Amantini, Pannonia, bet. Osones and Mogetiana.

Cesarobriga, a town of the Vettones, Lusitan., on the Tagus.

Cesarodunum, postca Turones, capital of the Turones, Lugdunensis HI., on the Rhone, L.,bet. RobricaandTasciaca. Tours.

C-ksaromagus, I. postea Bcllovaci, capital of the Bellovaci, Belgica II., bet. Curmi-liaca N.w. and Litanobriga S.e. Beauvais. II. a town of the Trinobantes, Brit., bet. Canonium and Durolitum. Widford, near Colchester.

C^esena, surnamed Curva, a town of Gallia Cispadana, on Sapis fl., R., bet. Forum Popilii (G) and Compiturn (6). Cesena.

C-*:sia silva, a forest of Germania Magna, on the Luppia. Hdserwald.

C^esi.« littus, the coast of Corsica N,, bet. Attium prom, and Tilox prom.

C^esius fl., a r. of Asia, separating Albania from Sarmatia Asiatics, and falling into the Caspian.

Cmtk ins., an isl. on the N. coast of Crete, over against Cydonia. San Teodoro.

CiETOBRix, a town of Lusitania, 3 m. "w. from Salacia.

Cagulat^:, a people of Arabia, under Climax m., contiguous to the Elamitse. Tribe of Beni Kholan.

Cahaletus, a town of the Sellitae, Thrace, on Hsemus m., bet. Soatrze and Anchialus.

Caicandrus ins., an isl. of Persia, off Ha.

Caicinus fl., a r. of Bruttium, falling into Siculuui mare, 10 m. w. from Herculeum prom. The boundary of the territories of Locria and Rhegium. On its Locrian side the Cicadse were always chirping; on the other bank always mute. The death-place of Euthymus. Amendolea.

Caicus fl., a r. of Mysia, rising in Temnus m. and falling into Elaeaticus sin., 3 m. s. of Eleea. Aksou or Bakirchay.

Caieta, a town of the Ausones, Latium, at Caietanum prom., s. of Formise. A Lace­daemonian settlement. Named from the nurse of jEneas buried there, or rather from the Spartan word Icaiata " cavern" Gaeta.

Caietanum prom., a pr. of Latium, at the N. entrance of Formianus sin. The burial-place of ^Eneas' nurse.

Caietanus sinus, i. q. Formianus.

Cainas fl., a r. of India i. Gangcm, rising in Vindius m. and (formerly) ialling into the Ganges below its junction with Sitto-cacis fl. Kan.

Caisa, a town of Amordocia, Babylonia, s.w. of Orrhoe.

Calabaxtia, a maritime village of Lycia, G m. from Perdicise.

Calabria, the country of the Calabri, a tribe of Japyges, settled in the E. of Japygia, extending along the Adriatic from Turris Aureliana to Portus Tarentinus. Terra di Lecce.

Calachene (Calacina), a district of Adia-bene, Assyria, on the Tigris, N. of Aturia.

Calacta, a maritime town of Sicily, N. bet. Chydas fl. and Alaesa. Named from its beautiful coast scenery. Near Caronia. Calada fl., a r. of Zeugitana, falling into

the Mediterranean at Tunis. Cal^gi a, a town of the Calucones, Germania,

S.e. of Melibocum. Wittemberg ? Calagum, a town of the Meldi, Lugdunensis

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