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Cabura, Arachos, i. q. Ortospana. Caburro, a town of the Vagienni, Liguria.

Cavor, near Bagnolo. Cabusiacum, a town of the Remi, Belgica

II., bet. Verbinum N. and Ninitacum s. Cabyle, a town of the Crobyzi, Thrace, w.

of Anchialus. Cachales fl., a r. of Phocis, running by

Tithorea into the Cephisus. Kako-Rheuma. Cacidari, the early name of the Arimaspi. Cacob^e, a people of India i. Gangem, under

Emodi m., E. of the Aminachae. Cacuthis fl., a r. of India e. Gangem, fall­ing into the Ganges. Gumty. Cacyparis fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into the

sea, s. of Longum prom. Cassibile. Cacyrum, a town of Sicily, s. of Gela.

Cassaro. Cadara, a town of the Borgodi, Arabia, on

Persicus sin., s.E. of Catara. Godo. Cadar-e, rectius Catarae, a tribe of Agraei,

Arabia, on Persicus sin., N. of the Rhadaraaei. Cadi, a town of the Abbaites, Phrygia Epic-

tetus, on Peucella fl., s.w. from Synnaus.

Noted for its scammony. Kedous, Cadianum, a town of the Cenomanni, Vene-

tia, bet. Verona (10) and Ad Aureos (10),

on Via .'Emilia. Caldiero. Cadistus m., a w. summit of Berecynthus

m., above Polyrrhenia. M. Grabtisa. Cadheia, the early name of Thebes in

Boeotia, after Cadmus. Cadmeis, a name of Boeotia, from Cadmus. Cadmus, I. a r. of Phrygia M., falling into

Lycus fl. near Laodicea. II. a ridge of

Taurus, in Lycia, extending to Laodicea.

Baba Dagh.

Cadrait.e, Arabia, i. q. Cedrei. Cabrusi (Cetrosa), a town of the Gandarii,

Arachosia, N.w. of Tazora. Built by

Alexander. Cadupi, a people of Ethiopia, on the Nile,

R., near the great cataract. Cadurci, I. a people of Aquitania I., bet. the

Petrocorii and Nitiobriges w. and the Ru-

teniE. Department of Lot. II. their cap.,

i. q. Divona. Cadusii (Gete), a people of Med. Atropa-

tene, on the Caspian, s. of Caspiane. Me­morable for their long warfare with the

Medes. Guilan ? Cadyxa, a town of Tyanitis, Cappadocia,

s.w. of Castabala. Nigde. Cadyta (Cadytis), i. q. Jerusalem ? Gath ? C^eci^e ins., two islets of Argolis, off Spiraeum

prom. C-ecinum, a town of Bruttium, on Caecinus

fl., R., near its mouth. Satriano. C.ecinos fl., a r. of Bruttium, falling into

Scylleticus sin. s. of Scylletium. Ancinale.

C^ecubus ager, the country about Amyclse,

Latium, celebrated for its wine. C^edessa (Kedes), a city of refuge of Naph-

thali, Galilee Sup., towards Tyre. C-edia, a town of the Sidicini, Campania,

near Sinuessa. C-editi^e taberx.e, a post-house on Via

Appia, in Campania, near Csedia. C-editius campu s, thedistrict around Caedia,

Campania. C^edium, a town of the Nertereani, Germ.,

s. of Pheugarum. Csdrus fl., a r. of Sardinia, falling into the

sea at Fanum Carisii. C*ela, the coast of Eubcea, bet. Gereestus

prom, and Chalcis.

C^el^ea ins., an isl. of the Omanitte, Arabia. Cbladus fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling

into the Atlantic below Bracara Augusta. Cml.e, the funeral suburb of Athens. The

birth-place of Cymon and Thucydides. C^klat^e, I. Majores, a tribe of Odrysae,

Thrace, under Hasmus m. II. Minores, a

tribe of Odrysae, under Rhodope m. Cslianum, a town of Lucania, on Bradanus

fl., bet. Opinum (32) and Heraclea (25).

Cirigliano. C^ena, I. a town of Acabene, Mesopotamia,

on the Tigris, at the confluence of the

Caprus. Senn. II. of Pontus, i. q. jEnus.

III. of Tyanitis, Cappadocia, bet. Tyana

(13) and Podandua (12). C^ene, a town of Lower Egypt, on the Nile,

L., bet. Iseum and Tacona. Cenina, a town of Sabinium, on the Anio,

near Antemnae. Colonized by Romulus.

Monticelli. C^enon, a port of Cyrenaica, bet. Euschaenus

and Apis. C^enonchorion, a fortress of Pontus, on

Lycus fl., 5 geog. m. from Cabira. The

treasure-fortress of Mithridates. C^enopolis, I. a town (Vagharschapat) of

Cotacene Armen., N.e. of Armauria. Ar-

dtmed Khagbag. II. of Laconia, i. q.

Taenarum. III. of Cyrenaica, bet. Ptole-

mais (32) and Cyrene"(33). IV. of The-

bais, on the Nile, R., bet. Bopos and

Coptos. C-enus fl., a r. of Narbonensis, falling into

the sea E. of Maritima Avaticorum. Arc. C.enyra, a town of Thasos ins. E., over

against Samothrace. C^enys prom.,apr. of Bruttium, over against

Pelorus prom. Punta del Pez:o: Coda

del Volpe. C^epiana, a maritime town of the Celtici,

Lusitan. w. of Caetobrix. C^epioxis turris, a lighthouse at the N.w»

extremity of Tartessus ins.

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