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Buthurus, a town of Numidia, near the

source of Bagradas fl. Buticus lacus, a lake of Lower Egypt, al Butus, formed by the Saitic and Sebennytic branches of the Nile.

Butrium, an Umbrian town of Gallia Cispad., bet. Ravenna (11) and Augusta (11). Bulrio ? Sant' Alberta ? Butua (Buthoe), a town of the Enchelees, on the Adriatic, bet. Rhizon (15) and Olcinium (90). Founded by Cadmus. Boudoua.

Butuntum, a town of Peucetia, on Via Eg-natia, bet. Rubi (II) and Barium (11). Bitonto.

Butus, a town of Lower Egypt, on Buticus lac., bet. Sais and Sebennyticum Ost. Noted for an oracle of Latona. Kom-Kasir.

Buxentum (Pyxus, "full of box-trees"), I. a r. of Lucania, falling into the sea N.w. of Blanda. Busento. II. a pr. of Lucania, at Buxentum. Capo degli Infreschi. III. a town of Lucania, at the mouth of Buxen­tum fl. Founded by Micythus, king of Rhegium, circa 471 B.c. A colonia 196 B.c. Near Policastro.

Buzara m., m. of Mauritania Csesariensis, a w. continuation of Audus m. Tittery.

Bybassia chersonesus, the termination of Doris Chersonesus, Caria, above Cnidus.

Bybassius sin., a bay of Schoenus sin. s., at the commencement of Bybassia Cherso­nesus. G. Lithotronda.

Byblos, I. Egypt, i. q. Aphroditopolis. II. postea Zebelet, a town of Phosnicia, towards the coast, bet. Berytus and Tripolis. Sacred to Thammuz (Adonis). Dsjebal, Esbile.

Byce lac. (Buges, Sapra), a morass of Sar-matia E., formed by Palus Mseotis, at the entrance of Coretus sin. Guiloe" More.

Byces fl., a r. of Sarmatia Europ., falling into Byce lac.

Byl/e, a town of Pontus, s. of Trapezus, Noted for its silver mines, whence the modern name. Gumish-Nameh.

Bylazora, a town of the Agrianes, Pceonia, on Pontus fl., below JEstrxum. Velesa.

Byllini, a people of Illyria N.

Byllis, a town of the Taulantii in Illyria, on ^Eas fl., R., above Nymphseum, S.e. of Apollonia. A colonia (col. Bylh'densis). Gradista.

Bylt-e, a people of Scythia i. Imaum, on Indus fl., R., towards its source.

Byrin m., m, of Africa, on both sides of Ampsaga fl.

Byrsi (Brysi, Brassi), a tribe of jEmathi, Macedonia, about Scydra.

Bysn^ei, a tribe of Bebryces, in Bithynia.

Byzacena (Byzacium), the s. division of

Africa Propria, extending along the coast from Horrea to Meninx ins.

Byzacia (Mamma), capital of Byzacene, on Syrtis Minor, N.e. of Tritonis pal. Beghui.

Byzantes, the people of Byzacena, Africa.

Byzantium, I. prius Lygos, a city of the Odrysee, Thrace, on Thracius Bosporus, at the entrance of the Propontis. Founded by a colony from Megara-Nissea, under Byzas, 715 B.c. ; enlarged by immigrants from Lacedffimon, Miletus, and Athens; and made by Constantine the capital of the Eastern Empire, and named first Nea Roma, and then Constantinopolis. Stam-boul (" the city"), Constantinople. II. surnamed Toparon, a port of Ariaca, India, on Barygazenus sinus.

Byzeres, a people of Pontus, on the coast, bet. Achabis fl. and Acampsis fl.


Cabadene, a district of Carmania Deserta,

on the confines of Drangiana. Cabalaca, Alban, i. q. Chabala. Cabalea, a later name of Milyas, Lycia. Cabalei (Lasonii), a Mseonian tribe, who

settled in Milyas, Lycia. Caballicome, a town of Lycaonia, 23 m.

S.k. from Laodicea. Cabalsus, a town of Thebais, bet. Hy-

drEeum Apollinis and Hydrseum Caenon. Cabana, I. a port of Arabia Felix, on Per-

sicus sin.,E. of Cadara. Calba. II. of the

Oritae, Gedros., bet. Cocala and Pagala. Cabandene, the E. portion of Susiana s. Cabali, a people of Cyrenaica, s. of Cyrene. Cabar sasia, a town of Byzacene, near

Hadrumetum. Susa. Cabarnib ins., an early name of Paros ins. Cabasa, a town of Lower Egypt, on the

Saitic branch of the Nile, L., below Sais.

Cabas el Melet.

Cabassus, a town of Cataonia. '-',,.- Cabelees (Solymi), i. q. Cabalei. ~?abellio, capital of the Cavares, Viennensis,

on Druentia fl., S.E. of Avenio. Cavaillon. Caberasa, a town of Media. Cabillonum (Caballlnum, Cabillones), a

town of the ^Edui, Lugdunensis I., on the

Arar, R.,aboveTinurtio. Chalonsmr Saone. Cabira (Diopolis, Sebastopolis, Sebaste), a

city of Pontus, on Lycus fl., R., 15 m.

above Eupatoria, under Paryadres m. The

favourite abode of Mithridates Eupator.

Enlarged by Pompey and by Pythodoris. Iabubathra m.,the southernmost headland

of Arabia Felix, E. of Catabania. Capo

St. Antonio.

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