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Diduni, Germania, E. of the source of the

Albia. Ratibor ? Budoris, a town of the Teucteri, Germania,

on the Rhine, bet. Colonia Agrippina and

Bonna. Dusseldorf. Budorus, I. a r. of Ellopia, Euboea, running

into the ^Egean, E. of Artemisium prom.,

near Cerinthus. II. a fortress of Salamis,

nearly opposite Megara. Monastery of

the Phaneromeni. Budroa ins., an isl. on the N. coast of Crete,

towards Drepanum prom. Budua, a town of the Vettones, Lusitania,

W.n.w. of Augusta Emerita. Buduxi, a town of Numidia, bet. Signs and

Visalta. Buglata, a town of Numidia, bet. Ad Ger-

mani and Ad Mercurium. Bulicas, Arabia, i. q. Ocelis. Bulis, a town of Phocis, 1 m. N. from My-

chos portus. BoiLA, I. surnamed Minsa, i. q. Carthago.

II. surnamed Regia, a royal city of Numi­dia, s. of Tabraca. Badscha. Bulleum, i. q. Burrium. Bumadus (Bumellus) fl., a r. of Adiabene,

Assyria, falling into the Lycus below Gau-

gamela. Chazir-Zott; Bohrus. Bcmasini, a people of Taprobane, on the

w. coast, about Prasodes sin. Bcnima, a town of the Tymphsei, Epirus,

bet. Trampya and Dodona. Founded by

Ulysses. Bonitium, a town of the Viruni, Germania,

onSuevusfl.,s.E.ofLaciburgium. Rostock. Bunomds, the early name of Pella, Mace­donia. Bufhagium, a town of Arcadia, near the

source of Buphagus fl., 5 m. S.B. from

Melsenese. BupHAGtra fl., a r. of Arcadia, falling into

Alpheus fl. near Buphagium. Buphia, a town of Achaia, towards Sicyon. Buphrds fl., a r. of Messenia, rising in

.Sgialeus m., and falling into the sea N. of

Coryphasium prom. Brisomeri. Buporthmus prom., a pr. of Argolis, over

against Aperopia ins. Buprasium, a town of Epea, Elis, s. of

Larissa. Extinct in Strabo's time. Bura, one of the twelve cities of Achaia, on

Buraicus fl., s.E. of Cerynia; near the site

of an earlier cognominal city, destroyed by

an earthquake. Buraicus fl., a r. of Achaia, rising in Lampe

m., and falling into Corinthiacus sin. below

Bura. On its banks was an oracle of

Hercules, consulted by dice-throwing.

Calavrita. Burca fl., Sarmat., i. q. Achseus.

Bcrchana ins., one of the Electrides ins.,

off the mouth of Amisia fl. Borcum. Burdigala, capital of the Bituriges Vivisci,

Aquitania II., on the Garumna, L., towards

its mouth. The birth-place of Ausonius.

Bordeaux. Burdipta, a town of the Odrysse, Thrace,

on Hebrus fl., bet. Subzupara and Ha-

drianopolis. Burdextium, a town of the Cselatse, Thrace,

on Harpessus fl., bet. Rhamse and Da-

phaba. Burgena, a town of Pannonia Inf., on the

Danube, bet. Rittium (15) and Taurunum

(10). Near Tassa S.

BuRGiNATiuM.atownof the Quaderni, Ger­mania II., on the Rhine, at the confluence

of the Vahalis. Schankenschantz. Burgundiones, a tribe of Vindili, German.,

bet. Viadrus fl. and Vistula fl., N. of the

Omani. The progenitors of the Gaulish

Burgundians. Buridava, postea Taba, capital of the Buri-

deenses, Dac., on Aluta fl., R., bet. Castra

Trajani and Pons Aluti (13). Bcrideenses, a tribe of Agathyrsi, Datia,

about the sources of Marissus fl. Buhii, a tribe of Lygii, Germania, about

Asciburgius m.

Bcrnum (Bumium), a town of Illyria. Bcrrium (Bulleum), a town of the Silures,

Brit., on Isca fl., N. of Isca Silurum (9).

Usk. Bursao (Bursada), a town of the Pelendones,

Tarraconensis, towards Deobriga. Borja. Burtudizus, a town of the Odrysae, Thrace,

on Teams fl.,bet. Ostudizum and Bergula. Burunca, a town of the Ubii, Germania I.,

on the Rhine, above Durnomagus. Bbsentus (Barentinus) fl., a r. of Bruttium,

falling into the Crathis at Consentia.

Busiento. Busitis (Buzites), a district of Arabia Des.

Named from Buz, second son of Nahor. Busiris, a city of Lower Egypt, on the

Busiritic branch of the Nile, below Leon-

topolis. Built by Busiris. Sacred to Isis.

Al/oussir. Busiriticum ostium NiLi, the name of

Phatmeticum Ostium, towards Busiris. Buteia (Butada;), a demus of Attica, of the

tribe jEneis. Named after Buta^us. Bcthemanei, Arabia, i. q. Themanei. Bcthrotum, a town of Thesprotia, Epirus,

at Posidium prom., 20 m. from Phoenice.

Founded by Helenus, son of Priam. A

colonia. Butrinto. Buthrotcs fl., a r. of Bruttium, falling into

Locrensis sinus, 2 m. M. from liocri.


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