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Frisii and Chauci, N. of the Luppia, and w. of the Visurgis. They were divided by Amisia fl. into Bructeri Majores and Bruc-teri Minores.

Bruchi, a people of Iberia, on the confines of Sarmatia.

Brugetia, posted Brugeria, a town of the Volcffi Arecomici, Narbonensis I., bet. Andusia and Tedusia. Brugniere.

Brundisii prom., a headland at the entrance of the harbour of Brundusium. Capo Cavallo.

Bruxdusium (Brindisium), a port of Cala­bria, on the Adriatic, bet. Speluncee and Baletium. Of date prior to 700 B.c. A colonia 24G B.c. Srindisi.

Brusilian-a, a town of Numidia, bet. Siguss (7) and Thacia (7).

Brutid^, a phratria of Attica.

Bruttium, a region of Italy, occupying the " toe-of the boot," bounded N. by Lucania, at Laus fl., and Crathis fl., and elsewhere by the sea. Settled by a body of slaves, fugitives, as the name imported, from Lu­cania. Calabria Ultra.

Bruttius sinus, a bay of the Tyrrhenian sea, at Metaurum. Golfo di Gioja.

Bruxos, Phrygia, i. q. Druzon.

Brvanium, a town of Pelagonia, Feeonia, on Erigonus fl., above Alcomense.

Bryazon (Olachas), I. a r. of Bithynia, falling into Astacenus sin. Its water was reputed to choke perjurers. II. a town of Bithynia, on Bryazon fl., bet. Calchedon and Nicomedia.

Brychon fl., I. a stream of Magnesia, Thes-saly, rising iti Pelion m. and falling into Pagasseus sin. II. a r. of Pallene, Mace­donia.

Bryclice, an inland district of Cilicia Cam-pestris.

Brygi (Brygii, Phrygi), a tribe of Dassaretae, IHyria, on the confines of Macedonia.

Brygias (Brygium, Brucida), capital of the Brygi, Illyria, E. of Lychnitis palus, on the Via Egnatia, bet. Lychnidus (13) and Scirtiana (4). Presba.

Bryllium, a town of Bithynia, near Ciug.

Bryse*, a town of Laconia, under Taygetus M., s.w. of Amyclaj.

Brystacia, a town of the CEnotri, Bruttium, 6 m. w. from Crimisa. Umbriatico,

Bryzox (Bruzus, Dryzon),a town of Phrygia M., bet. Ipsus and Sozopolis.

Buana (Semiramoceria), a town of Thospitis, Armenia, on Arsissa lac., s. above Arte-mita.

Bubacene, a district of Bactria, on Oxus fl.

Bubalia (Budalia), a town of Pannonia

Inferior, near Sirmium. The birth-place of the emperor Decius.

Bubasticus fl., a cut from the Tanitic branch of the Nile at Phacusa, to Pelu-sium, terminating in Pelusiacum Ostium. Constructed by Pharaoh Neco. Bubastus (Bubastis, Pe-biseth), a city of Lower Egypt, on the Bubastic branch of

the Nile, s.w. of Tanis. Named from the

worship of Bubasht (Diana). The burial-place of the Sacred Cats. Tel-Basta. Bubinda fl., a r. of Hibernia, E. separating

the Usluntii from the Eblani. Boyne. Bubon, postea Sophianopolis, a town of

Lycia, near Cibyra. Bubulcorum oppidum, a maritime town of

Galilea Inferior, bet. Ptolemais and Ccesar-

ea. Bubulds fl., a r. of Datia, rising w. of

Zarmizegethusa and falling into Tibiscus fl.

towards the junction of Savus fl. Buca, a port of the Frentani, S.e. of Sagrus

fl. Penna. Bucciana ins. (Bucinna), anisl. of Sardinia,

E. below Hermaea ins. La Vacca. Bucco, a town of the Volcse Tectosages,

Narbonensis I., bet. Hunganverro w. and

Tolosa E. Bucephala, a town of India i. Gangem, on

the Hydaspes, below the junction of the

Acesines and Hydraotes. Founded by

Alexander, in memory of his horse. Moul-

tan; Mung? Bucephalus, I. a pr. of Argolis, near Ha-

liusa. Machorma. II. a harbour of Co-

rinthia, on Saronicus sin., N. of Pirtens

portus. Buch^etium (Bucheta, Bucenta), a town of

Molossis, Epirus, on Acherusia palus. San.

Giovanni. Buci Lapis, a town of Cilicia Prefecture, in

Cappadocia. Bucina ins., an isl. of Sicily, one of the

jEgates ins., N. of jEgusa, E. of Hiera. Bucinobantes, a tribe of Chatti, Germania,

under Taunus m. N. Bucolicum ostium, one of the artificial

mouths of the Nile. Bucolion, a town of Arcadia, near Ores-

theium. Built by Bucolion. Bucra prom., a pr. of Sicily, s. below Came-

rina. C. di Scalami. Budea (Budeum), a town of Magnesia,

Thessaly. Budini (Bodeni), a people of Sarmatia, about

Budinus m. Podolia ? Budinum m., a m. of Sarmatia, E. towards

the N. source of the Borysthenes ? Budorgis, i. q. Budorigum. Budorigum (Budorgis), a town of the

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