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Bricinni.s, s town of Sicily, s. of Leontini near the source of Pantagias fl.

Brigacini (Trigacini), a tribe of Astures Tarraconensis, about Brigtecium.

Bribj;, a town of the Belgse, Britannia I. 11 m. w. from Venta Belgarum. Brough-ton Farm.

Brig<scium, capital of the Brigacini, on Asturica fl., 40 m. S.e. from Aug. Asturica Near Benevente.

Brigantes (Celtice "plunderers"), I. a people of Britain, occupying the whole of Maxima Csesariensis, with the exception 01 the portion occupied s. of Alaunus fl. by the Otadeni. Durham, Cumberland Westmoreland, Lancashire, and York­shire. II. of Hibernia, s. Waterford and part of Tipperary.

Brigantii, I. a people of Alpes Maritime. Vallee de Brianconnet. II. of Rluetia, on Brigantinus lacus, s.

Brigantinus portus, a bay of the Atlantic, at Flavium. Puerto de la Cortina; The Groyne.

Brigantinus lacus (Acronius), a lake of Rhffitia and Vindelicia, bet. Brigantium E. and Constantia w., formed by the Rhine. Lake of Constance; Bodensee. Brigantium (BrigomagensiumCivitas), capi­tal of the Brigiani, Alpes Maritime, bet. In Alpe N.e. and Rama s. Briancon.

II. (Bregantio), capital of the Brigantii, Rhsetia, of Campodunum, at the E. extremity of Brigantinus lacus. Bregentz.

III. Pannonia, i. q. Bregsetium. Briciani, a tribe of Salyes, Narbonensis,

N.w. of the Nerusci. Vallee de Briancon. Briginnum, postea Brinnonus, a town of

the Volcse Arecomici, Narbonensis I., bet.

Vatrus and Sextatio. Brignon, W. of

Uzez. Brigobanna, a town of the Latobrigi, Vin-

delicia, towards the source of the Rhine.


Brigulcs fl., an early name of the Arar. Brilessus m., a N. ridge of Pentelici m.,

Attica, on Charadrus fl. Turlco- Vouni. Briniates, a tribe of Liguria, above Tigulia.

About Brugnetto. Brisa prom., a pr. of Lesbos ins., on the

s.w. coast, E. of Eressus. Brioveva (Briodurum), a town of the

Unelli, Lugdunensis II. St. Lo. Brisoana fl. (Brizana), ar. of Persis Proper,

falling into Persicus sin., 50 m. N.w. from

Rhogonis fl. Britablum (Brutobria), a town of the

Vaccsei, Tarraconensis, N.e. of Segobia. Britannia, Celtice " land of painted men,"

vide Albion.

Britannicus oceanus, the sea on the s.

coast of Britain. British Channel. Britolagi, a tribe of Getse, Dacia, bet. the

Tyras fl. and Parata fl. Briula (Biula, Priula), 8 town of Lydia,

near Nysa.

Briva isara, a town of the Veliocasses, Lugdunensis II., on the Isara, bet. Petro-mantalum w.N.w. and Lutetia S.e. Brivas, a town of the Arverni, Aquitanu I., on the Elava, S.e. of Augustonemetum. Brioude.

Brivates portus, a port of the Namnetes, Lugdunensis III., bet. the mouth of the Liger and the Herius. Britain, near Croisic.

Brivodurcm, a town of the Senones, Lug­dunensis IV., on the Liger, bet. Belca and Condate.

Brixant.b, i. q. Brigantii. Brixellum, a town of Gallia Cispadana, on Padus fl., 20 m. N.w. from Regium Lepi-dom. A colonia. The death-place of Otho. Bresello.

Brixia fl., a r. of Susiana, falling into Per­sicus sin. Noted for the quantities of mud it deposited.

Brixia, capital of the Cenomanni, Gallia Transpadana, on Gortia fl., L., bet. Tetellus (10) and Ad Flexum (11), on Via jEmilia. An Etruscan city. A colonia and nvoni-cipium. Brescia.

Brizaca, a town of Armenia Major. Brizana fl., Persis, i. q. Brisoana. Brocomagus, a town of the Tribocci, Ger-mania I., N.e. of Tres Tabernse. Brumat. Brodentia, a town of the Marcomanni,

Germania, E. of Reginum. Brodontii, a people of Viennensis, N. of the

Uceni. About Ml. Brodon. Brocavum, a town of the Brigantes, Brit.,

S.e. of Voreda. Brougham. Bromagds, a town of the Ambrones, Maxima Sequanorum, bet. Minodunum N. and Viviscus s.

Bromiscus, a town of Chalcidice, Macedonia, on Strymonicus sin., at the mouth of Bolbe fl., bet. ApoUonia (11) and Argilus (10).

Brovonac.e, a town of the Brigantes, Brit., on Ituna fl., 13 m. S.e. from Voreda. Kirty There. Srox.e, a town of Venetia, near Forum

Julii. Brischis. Jruchi, a people of Colchis, in Caucasus, N.

of the Abasgi. 3RUCIDA, vide Brygias. Jrucla, a town of the Burideenses, Dacia, 12 m. N. from Apulum, on Mariscus fl. RUCTERi, a people of Germania, s. of the

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