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near the source of Anapus fl., 15 m. s.w. from Syracuse. Ch. of San Giovanni d Bidini.

Biducesii, I. a maritime people of Lngdu

nensis III., bet. Tetus fl. and the Curioso

lites. II. their capital, postea Bidue. St


Biecrum Ost., the issue of Halmyris lac

into the Euxine, N. of Istros. Bienna (Biennos), a town on the S.e. coas of Crete, E. of Erythraeum prom. Namec after the hero Biennos. Agioi Saranta. Bienon, a town on the w. coast of Crete

bet. Inachorium and Lissus. Biephi, a people of Dacia, on the Tibiscus

N. of the Albocenses. Biessi, a people of Sarmatia, in Carpa-

thus m.

Bifractus m., a m. of the -<£dui, w. o:

Augustodunum, and by some geographers

considered the early site of Bibracte. Mt.


Bigerri, cap. of the Bigerrones, Novem

Populana, N.e. of Iluro. Bigerra, a town of the Bastitani, Tarra-

conens., E. of Laminium. Bogarra, Bigerrones, a people of Novem Popu­lana, bet. the Tarbelli and the Convenae. Bifforre. Bigis (Bis), a town of Drangiana-Anabon,

S.e. of Pharazana.

Bikah vallis (Bucca, Beth-eden), a valley of

Ccele-Syria, bet. Libanus and Anti-laba-

nus. Bokah.

Bilbana (Bilana, Bilsena), Arable, i. q.


Bilbius, I. a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into Salo fl. below Forum Cigurrorum. Bibey. II. a town of the Celtiberi, Tar­raconensis, on Bilbilis fl., at its junction with the Salo, 81 m. w. from Caesar Au­gusta. A colonia (Augusta). The birth­place of Martial. Sattbola. Biliandrum, a town of the Taurisci, Nori-cum, 14 m. S.e. from Tarnasix. Grades. Bilitio, a town of the Mesiates, Gallia

Transpadana, on Ticinus fl. Bellinzona. Bilui-e, Arabiae, i. q. Bliulcei. Billjeus fl., a r. of Asia Minor, rising in Olympus m., near Gratia, Paphlagonia, and falliag into the Euxine at Tium. The early limit of Bithynia and Paphlagonia. Binagara, a town of Pulinda, India, N.w.

of Barygaza, Beckur. Bind a, I. one of the three mouths of Nana-

guna fl., Ind. II. a town of Ethiopia. Bixgium, a town of the Vangiones, Ger-mania I., at the confluence of the Rhine and Nava fl., bet. Vosalia and Moguntia-cum (18). Built by Dnisus. Bingen.



Biora (Biotha), Sardinia, i. q. Bitia.

Birgus fl., i. q. Bargus.

Biriciana, a town of Rhtetia, 7 m. s.w.

from Leiniacum.

Birtha (Byrthum), I. a town of Acabene, Mesopotamia, on the Tigris, s. of Bithiga. II. of Palmyrene, on the Euphrates, bet. Circesium and Zenobia. III. i. q. Seleucia (Apamea) Mesopotamiae. Bis, a town of Parapomisus, on Etymandrus

fl. Bast.

Eisa fl., a stream of Pisatis (Bisatis), Elis, falling into the Alpheus, R., near Cyce-sium. It probably gave name to the dis­trict.

Bisalt.e, a people of Macedonia, bet. Bolbe lac. and the Strymon. The hares of their country were fabled to have two livers. Bisaltes fl., a r. of Bisaltia, Macedonia,

falling into Cercinitis palus. Bisanthe (postea Rhsedestus), a town of the Odrysae, Thrace, on the Propontis, bet. Bedizus and Heraeum. A Samian colony. Rodosti.

Biscahgis, a town of the Ilereaones, Tarra­conensis, on the Iberus, below Octogesa. A colonia. Berrus. B:sicA-LncANA, a town of Zeugitana, bet.

Choreva and Avitta.

Bistones, a maritime people of Thrace, bet. the Sapsei and the Cicones. The name is sometimes applied to the whole of Thrace. Bistonis lac., a salt lake of the Bistones, at the mouths of Compsatus and Travus fl., N.e. of Abdera. Bourikftane. Bit ax A, & town of Aria, on the border of Margiana, N. of Alexandria Arion. Jiad-Jcia.

Bithias, Mesop., i. q. Batnae. Bithiga (Virta), a town of Mygdonia, Mea.,

3 geog. m. N. from Nisibis. Bithra, a town of Babylonia, on the Eu­phrates, L., s. of Neapolis. Bithynia, a country of Asia Minor, bounded N. by the Euxine, s. and S.e. byPhrygia, w. byThracius Bosporus, Propontis, and Mysia, E. by Paphlagonia, at Parthenius fl., and, according to some geographers, at Sanga-rius fl. Peopled from Thrace. Kodavend-kftiar and Kodjaili.

Bithynium (postea Claudiopolis), the early capital of Bithynia under Lyperus m., s. of Tium. Built by king Zipoetes. Named Claudiopolis under Tiberius. The birth­place of Antinous, the favourite of Ha­drian. Under Theodosius, the metropolis of the province Honorias. Destroyed by an earthquake. Boli (i. e. Palis). Bitia, I. (Batia), a town of Cassopeia, in Epirus, N.e. of Elatia. Castri. II. (Biora,

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