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Barbaricum emporium, a town of India i.

Gangem, at the month of the Nile. Debil,

Divl-Sind. Barbarium, I. prom., a pr. of Lusitania, s.

of Magnum prom. Calio de Espichel.

II. sin., the portion of Indicus Oceanus

on the coast of Barbaria (Azania). Gulf

of Zanguebar. Bakbesula, I. (Chrysus), a r. of Bsetica,

falling into the Mediterranean at Barbesula.

Guadiaro. II. a port of Bastica, s. above

Barbarians. Torre Guadiaro. Barbosthenes m., a summit of Menelaium

m., Laconia, at Xarax. Barc.£i (Barchitse), a people of Cyrenaica,

about Barce. Barcani, a people of Parthia, on the borders

of Hyrcania. Barce, I. capital of the Barcsei, Cyrenaica,

s.w. of Cyrene. Enlarged B.C. 560, by • Greeks from Cyrene. Merdsjek. II. prom.

a pr. of Cyrenaica, at Ptolemais. Barc!no (Barchino), capital of the Laletani,

Tarraconensis, on the sea, s. of Prtetorium.

Founded by Hamilcar Barcas, 235 B.c.

A colonia (Faventia). Barcelona. Barda ? a town of Drangiana, on Etyman-

drus fl., R., above Palacenti. Barderate, a town of Liguria, on the Padns,

at the confluence of Duria fl. Verrua. Sardines, Phoenicia, the local name of the

Chrysorrhoas. Bardoara, a town of the Doani, Ind., on

Doanas fl., above Berabe. Bardulum, a maritime town of Apnlia, on

Via Frentana, bet Aufidus fl. (6) and

Aveldius fl. (9). Barletta. Barea, a town of the Bastitani, Tarra­conensis, N.e. of Urci. Barene, a town of Media Magna, bet.

Phraasa and Ecbatana. Bargasa, a town of Caria, on Ceramicus

sin., E. of Ceramus. Founded by Bar-

gasus, s. of Hercules and Barge. Bargulum, a fortress of the Parthini, Illyria. Bargus (Birgus) fl., I. a r. of Hibernia s.,

falling into the Atlantic N. of Dabrona fl.

Barrow. II. of Thrace, falling into the


Bargusi, i. q. Bergusii. Bargylia (Andanus), a town of Caria, on

Jassicus sin., N.e. of Caryanda. Built by

Bellerophon. The birth-place of Protar-

chus the Epicurean. Noted for a statue

of Diana, exempt from moisture. Bargyliacus sin., Caria?, i, q. Jassicus. Bargylus m., a m. of Phoenicia, towards

Area fl. Bariana, a town of Mesopotamia, bet. the

Tigris and the Saocoras.

Baris, I. a town of Calabria, i. q. Veretum.

II. of India, N. of Sagalassus. Isbarteh.

III. a ridge of Taurus, in Armen. Major, E. of Abus m. Varaz.

Barisbe (Bares), Mysire, i. q. Arisbe.

Barium, a maritime town of Peucetia, on Via Egnatia, bet. Butuntum (11) and Turris Julianse (11). A colony from Bte-ra ins. A municipium. Sari.

Barius fl., a r. of India i. Gangem, the s. limit of lamyrica. Peraru.

Bahna, a port of Gedrosia, 70 m. E. of Cophas.

Barnacis, a town of the Celtiberi, Tarra­conensis, bet. Parietinum s.w. and Salti-cum N.

Barnichius fl., i. q. Enipeus, Thessal.

Baromacus, Britannia, i. q. Ceesaromagus.

Barnus, Macedonia, i. q. Arnissa.

Barra, the early capital of the Orobii, Gallia Cisalp., bet. Comum and Bergo-mnm. Extinct in Pliny's time. Barra Vico.

Barrus m., a m.- of the Orobii, at Barra. Monte di Barra.

Barsa ins., an isl. of theCangi, Britannia II., s. of Canganorum prom. Bardsey.

Barsacum, Sarmatia, i. q. Sarbacum.

Barsita, i. q. Barsippa.

Baruss^e ins., isl. of India e. Gangem, parallel w. with Bonas Fortunae ins. In­habited by Anthropophagi.

Barygaza, a port of India e. Gangem, on Barygazenus sin., 7 m. from the mouth of Namadus fl. Baroatsch.

Barygazenus sin., a bay of Indicus Oceanus, at Barygaza. Gulf of Cambay E.

Barzala (Barsalium), a town of Comma-gene, on the Euphrates, 8 geog. m. S.e. from Claudias. Bersel.

Basacotes, i. q. Vasates.

Basagi (Abissagi), a port of the Omanitse, Arabia, s.w. of Corodamum prom. Basscey.

Basanar^e, a people of India e. Gangem, on Doanas and Lanosfl.,x. of Chalcitis regio.

Basanites m., a m. of Egypt, bet. Syene and Berenice. Named from its quarries of touch-stone (basanite). Om Kerrebeh.

Basante (Basiana), a town of Pannonia Inferior, on Savus fl., R., bet. Mursonia and Saldis.

Basaropeda, a district of Armenia Interior,

N., above Theodosiopolis. Bascatis fl., a r. of Sogdiana, falling into

the Jaxartes. Fersan. Bascisi m., m. of Africa, separating Cy­renaica and Marmarica from Libya Int. Basg.edariza (Agiris, Eriza), a fortress of Armenia Minor, S.e. of Satala. Built by Mithridates. Batorey.

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