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Balari, a people of Sardinia, bet. the Corsii

and the Cunustani. Balarum, a haven of Bruttium, towards


Balbia, a town of Bruttium. Altomonte. Balbura, a town of Lycia, near Cibyra. Balcea, a town of Mysia. Bali-Kcsri. Baleares ins. (Balearides, Gymnasise, Chae-

arades, Chserades), two isl. of Tarraconen-

sis, N.e. of Pityusse ins. Named from

the skill of the inhabitants with the sling.

Majorca and Minorca. Balepatna, a port of Ariaca, India, s. of

Simylla prom. Terrapur. Baletium (Valetium), a maritime town of

Calabria, bet. Pactius fl. (10) and Lupia

(15). San Pietro Vernotico. Bahsta m., a summit of the Apennines, in

Liguria, N.w. of Letus m. Mt. Balistra. Ballatha, Mesopotamia, i. q. Balnse. Balnecm regis, baths of Etruria, S.e. of

Vulsinii. Bagnara. Balomum, a port of Gedrosia, 50 m. from

Baroa. Balonga, a port of Aurea Chersonesus,

near Thagora. Balsa, a town of the Cuneus, Lusitania,

bet. Cuneum prom, and Esuris (24). A

muuicipium. Tavira. Baltia ins., i. q. Abalus. Balyra fl., a r. of Messenia, falh'ng into the

Pamisus. Named from the lyre of Tha-

myris. Mauro-Zoumena. Balzanum, a town of the Tridentini,

Rhaetia, on Athesis fl., below its confluence

with the Atagis. Bolsano: Botzen. Bambala, a port of India i. Gangem, w.

bet. Cottiara and Comaria prom. (10.)


Bambotus fl., of Libya, i. q. Nia. Bambyce, Syria, a second Greek name of


Bana, Arabia, i. q. Catabana. Banachath, a town of Arabia Deserta,

towards Persicus sin. The seat of the

children of Nahath. Banasa, a town of Mauritania Tingitana,

on Sudus fl., L., 50 m. s. of Lixus. A

colonia of Augustus (Valentia). Mahmora. Banatia, a town of the Caledonii, Brit., w.

of Victoria. Banavasi, a town of Ariaca, Ind., s.w. of

Omenogara. Puna. Bandotiene, a district of India i. Gangem,

on Choaspes fl. Bandritum, a town of the Senones, Lug-

dunensisIV., bet. Autissiodorum s.w. and

Eburobrica N.w. Banian a, a town of the Turtuli, Baetica, N.E.

of Illiturgis.

Baniur.b, a tribe of Gaetuli, in Mauritania

Caesariensis, on Siga fl., towards its source. Banizomenes (i. e. Beni Zomran), a people

of Arabia Felix, on the Red Sea, N. of the

Arsae. The descendants of Zimran, son of

Keturah. Tribe of Beni Qmran. Bannavanta (Bennavenna), a town of the

Catavellauni, Maxima Caesariensis, 17 m.

S.e. from Venonae. Daventry. Bannomanna ins. (Bantomanna), i. q. Rau-

ronia. Bantia, I. capital of the Callicseni, Illyria,

on Genusus fl., bet. Cerax and Deboma.

II. a town of Lucania, 6 m. w.N.w. from

Silfium. The death-place of Marcellus.

Vanza. Bancbari, a people of Arabia Felix, on the

Red Sea, about Charmothus, N.w. of the


Baphyrus fl., Maced., i. q. Helicon. Baptana, capital of Cambadene, Media,

s.w. of Ecbatana. Near Kirmanschah. Bara, I. an aestuary of Britain. Murray

Frith. II. (Pharos), an isl. of Calabria,

over against Brundusium. Baraba. Vide Taraba. Baraca, a maritime town of Albania, N. of

Cyrus fl. Pakovan. Barace, I. an isl. of India, i. q. Baeones.

II. a bay of Indicus Oceanus, at Barace

ins. Gulf of Cambay W. Baracum, a town of Phazania, N.w. of Saba. Baracurra, a port of Cirrhadia, India, s.

of Catabeda fl. Baracus fl., a r. of Taprobane, falling into

Indicus Oceanus at Bacchi urbs. Baramalcum, Arab., i. q. Mariaba. Barange, a town of Hyrcania, N.e. Baraxmalcha, a town of Mesopotamia, on

the Euphrates, s. of Olabus. Baratha (Barate), a town of Lycaonia, bet.

Iconium (50) and Tyana (39). Bore ? Barathra, i. q. Sirbonis palus. Barba, a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica,

N.e. of Teba. Barbalissus, a town of Chalybonitis, on the

Euphrates, bet. Attis and Eragiza. The

residence of the satrap Baleses. Bales. Barb ana fl.,a r. of the Labeates, Illyria, ris-

ingin Scordus m., and, after passing through

Labeatis palus, forming below Scodra,

with Clausula fl., the r. Oriuns. Moracca. Barbaria, i. q. Azania. Barbariana, I. a town of the Turtetani.

Baetica, on the Mediterranean, N. of Calpe

(10). II. of the Berones, Tarraconensis,

near Lumberita. Barbartcini, a maritime people of Sardinia,

bet. the jEsaronenses N. and the Salsi-

tani s.

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