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prom. II. of Etruria, i. q. Vieus


Badiza, Bruttii, i. q. Besidise. Baduhenna lucus, a sacred grove of the

Frisii, Germania, bet. Flevus lac. and the

sea. B.ea m., a m. on the w. coast of Cephallenia,

bet. Pale and Taphos. Named after Bseus,

the steersman of Ulysses. B^ebe, I. a town of Caria. II. of Crete,

near Gortys.

B^eberdon, a town of Cappadocia. B^ecor, a town of Spain. B.ecula, I. a town of the Ausetani, Tarra-

conensis, on Alba fl., L., above Gerunda.

II. of Bsetica, N. of Baniana. B^blo, I. a r. of Bsetica, falling into the At­lantic near Bsesippo. Barbate. II. a port

of Baetica, E. of Bselo fl. A colonia. Ba-


Bjevum, Arabia, i. q. Catabanum. B^ones ins. (Barace), an isl. of Larica,

India, s. of Barygazenus sin. Peram. B.ssippo, a port of the Turtetani, Baetica,

bet. Junonis prom. w. and Bselo E. Vejer, B^etana, a city of Ariaca, India, 50 m. S.e.

from Omenogara. Beder. B^eterr^ (Beteme, Blitarra), sumamed

Septimanorum, a town of the Tectosages,

Narbonensis, bet. Cessero and Narbo, on

Orbris fl., L. A colony of the 7th legion.

Bezieres. B^etic a (Turtitania), a division, by Augustus,

of Hispania Ulterior, separated from Lusi-

tania by Anas fl., and from Tarraconensis

by aline from Portus Magnus, at Murgis s.

to Ilucia N. Named from the Bffitis.

Andalusia, and parts ofAlemtejo, Estre-

madura, and La Mancha. Bjetis (Perkis) fl., prius Tartessus, a r. of

Hispania, Bsetica, rising in Tugiensis saltus,

near Tugia, and falling into the Atlantic by

two mouths, the N.w. at Tartessus, the S.e.

above Gades. Guadalquivir (Arabice,

Wad el Kebir, " great river "). B^etius, I. ar. of Arabia Felix, falling into

the Red Sea, 1 m. N. from Badei. Bar-

dili. II. a m. of Asia, dividing Gedrosia

from Arachosia. Bjetulo fl.,ar. of Tarraconensis, falling into

the Mediterranean w. of Baetulo. Besos.

II. a town of the Lseetani, Tarraconensis,

on Baetulo fl., N.e. of Barcino. Badalona. B^eturia, the N.w. district of Bsetica, bet.

the Anas and Marianus m. Baga, i. q. Vaga. Bagacum (Baganum, Basiacum, Bavacum),

the early capital of the Nervii, Bclgica II., bet. Camaracum (27) and Vodgoriacum

(18). Kmay.

Bagadaonia, a district of s. Cappadocia, under Taurus m.

Eaox, a town of the Massagetse, Sogdiana, N. of Tribactra.

Bagazk, a port of Libya Int., N. of Soloen-tium prom.

Bage, a town of Lydia, on Hermus fl., R., above Attalia.

Bagisara, a port of the Ichthyophagi, Ge­drosia, bet. Calyba and Malana.

Bagistana, a town of Media, S.e. of Ecba-tana. Upon a rock here are figures and cuneiform inscriptions, illustrative of the victories of Darius Hystaspes. Behistun.

Bagistanus m., am. of Media, at Bagistana, sacred to the Bagas (gods of Media).

Bagous m., m. intersecting Aria N.w. and extending into Arachosia S.e. Gaur.

Bagradas fl. (Bagadras, Braca), I. a r. of Africa, rising in Numidia, E. of Justis, and falling into the Mediterranean at Utica. On its banks occurred the adventure of the army of Regulus with the serpent. Medscherda; Brada, II. of Agizymba, Africa, losing itself in the sands. Wad el Mezzeran, III. of Asia, falling into Per-sicus sin., E. of Apostana. The boundary of Persis Prop, and Carmania. Divrud.

Bagravandene, a district of Armenia Major, bet. the Araxes and the Euphrates, w. of Ararat. Bagrevend.

Bagrum, a town of Lycaonia, bet. Tolisto-chorium and Vetestum.

Baharein ins., an isl. of Arabia Felix, S.e. of Gherra.

Bahurim, a city of Benjamin, E. of Jerusa­lem.

Bai^e, I. a town of Cilicia Campestris, on Issicus sin., s. of Issus, 1C m. from Casta-bolum. Bayas. II. baths of Campania, on Puteolinus sin., N. of Misenum. Named from Baius, a companion of Ulysses. Sacred to Venus. Baia.

Bainis fl., Callsecia, i. q. Minius.

Baiocasses, I. (Badiocasses), a tribe of Lexovii, Lugdunensis II., E. of the Unelli. In Le Besidn. II. prius Augustodurus, their capital, i. q. Augustodurum.

Bajobari, i. q. Bojoarii.

Bai.a (Bada, Valla), a town of Pieria, Mace­donia, 7 m. w. from Olympus. Servitza.

Balacr^e, a town of Pentapolis Cyrenaicce, bet. Cyrene and Artamis.

Balagaia, a town of Arabia, on the Eu­phrates, above Belesi.

Balan^a, a town of Cassiotis, Syria, on the Mediterranean, bet. Paltus (8) and Carnus, 74 m. x. from Tripolis.

Balanstra, a town of the Triballi, Mcesia, bet. Translitae and Meldia.

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